I like Bama football

I would like to apologize to the members of Fannation.

Yesterday after I heard that Bobby Petrino had resigned as head coach of the Falcons, I was very angry.  I decided to loose my anger through my blog, and I said things I shouldn't have.  My blog post was taken down as a result.  I wish to apologize for my mistake.

That said, I'm still ticked off about the whole thing.  Petrino had three weeks left in the season.  Just wait three weeks, and then hightail it out of town.  But what he did do, which was phone in his resignation before he had finished even one year on his contract, not that long after he had told Falcons owner Arthur Blank he would stay on for another year, was completely without class.

The people I'm suprised aren't ticked off (or maybe they are, but I haven't heard much from them, so I'm going with my gut) are Louisville fans.  You're coach ditched you, then before he finished one season at his new NFL team, he runs back to college.  I mean, LSU fans are mad at us about Nick Saban, shouldn't Louisville fans be going insane about Bobby Petrino?

Speaking of Nick Saban.  I've heard a lot on the sports talk stations saying that "Petrino pulled a Nick Saban."  Please.  No.  Yes, Nick Saban left his team to go to the pros.  Yes, he shortly returned to the college ranks.  But Nick Saban denied rumors about becoming the new Alabama coach until AFTER the season was over.  He wanted to make sure that his team had finished before he went about his personal buisness.  That had class, you can debate about how much, but at least Saban waited.

Now, since the Falcons are without a coach, they will probably need a new one.  Emmitt Thomas was announced as the Interim Coach today, but who will come after him?  I say we need to focus on who is coming to the Falcons next.

The Falcons job is currently the most lucrative one out there right now (probably due to the fact that it is the only NFL head coaching postition available right now, due to the fact that the"Quit before the season is over" bug isn't very contagious).  I know, I know, you're saying "But the Falcons are HORRIBLE!  Who would want to coach that team?"  My firends, that is the very reason why the Falcons job is so attractive!  You get to take your almost rock bottom team (the Dolphins have set rock-bottom, so I know we're not there yet) and build it up from scratch.  The slate is almost whiped clean, and so the next coach will be able to turn this team into whatever he wants it to bee, with no prior influence.  What coach wouldn't want to do that?  Speaking of, I am personally offering my services as head coach of the Atlanta Falcons to Arthur Blank.  I will take a one year, $50,000 deal.  We'll still be horrible, but you can use the money from paying a huge salary for a coach to pay for huge salaries for better players!

The salary will also bring coaches to look at Atlanta.  But there is also a deterrent.  And his name is Rich McKay.  He's the general manager and president of the Atlanta Falcons.  The guy who didn't do a integrity test on Michael Vick.  He is very difficult for coaches to work with, and not many will enjoy working for him.  Nevertheless, here is my list of possible coaches for the Falcons, with 1 being the most likely at the moment.

  1. Bill Cowher - CBS Sportscaster, former NFL coach - That guy who won a Super Bowl with the Steelers a year or two ago.  He's number one because his name is the one I have heard the most recently.  I would love to see him come here.  He could possibly get the locker room under control, and he could build up a good solid defensive team.  But he'll probably want to keep sportscasting with CBS for a little while, so look for him to drop in the rankings soon.
  2. Mike Singletary - San Fransisco 49'ers assistant coach - He was one of the finalists for the last time this job went around, so look for the Falcons to talk with him again.
  3. Marty Schottenhiemer - Former NFL coach - Marty could defenitly bring the Falcons back quickly, but for the long run, he wont be the coach they're looking for.
  4. Jason Garrett - Dallas Offensive Coordinator

Check back for more soon, with updated reports on the coaching search!


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