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Look on the right for part 1.

Part 2 continues . . . . NOW

Mac vs Tommy

Ok Mac might be an A** but he seems to be the best on the show and may have made more money than anyone on the show before

Both are pretty young- and Mac is kinda thin- reports are he is moving to light weight- Dana needs to do a better picking fighters- Mac is going to get buried in lightweight for a bit but might even crack top 10 in middleweight I mean if you need a star that is the weight you need it.

Rogan is talking about the size difference while the ring girl is uh poking at us.

Funnnnny unintentional comedy at it's best there.

Mac is I think the first fighter tonight not to be in his TUF gear.

clinch and body shots and Mac drags down the wrestler- Does Matt not teach takedown defense?

Mac gets a mount and just beats on him Tommy gives up the back and RNC in TWO MINUTES FLAT

GOOD LAWD worst final ever and I don;t think Tommy's getting a contract and Rogan says Mac is gone to lightweight.

DAY UM Tommy looked like it was his first fight as Mac just took him apart.

ok- you NAME is danzig- you are a FIGHTER why do you come out to RAP???


Tommy looks beaten JUST a little bit

presentation of contract

( hey I meant Idjit in a NICE way- I mean I might be close to twice his weight but I don;t want him coming after me.)

Mac is not even breathing hard

Tommy might be about to cry and admits he was a bit shell shocked- If he stays at middleweight it will be interesting to see how they groom him.

Honestly that might be the weakest season fighter wise  by quite a bit.

Kolosci vs Matt
Kolosci speaks truth- Matt would not have beat Mac either- John did show G U T S going back up against him- but in that house you are looking for 1 thing after you lose a second chance and Dana seems to always have a spot for people that bust there butt there.

Swing and a miss and Matt pounces on him- John goes to the Lay and Pray

John stands with matt wrapped aroung his arm- powerbomb!

Rogan calls a tap- but John gets out of it.

Rolls for a bit- standup- back down Matt works the Arm FOREVER and finally get it-

sorry Matt- that took you WAY too long to tap him-

Maaaaacs gonna kill you
Maaaaacs gonna kill you
Maaaaacs gonna kill you

I almost expect him to come out with a towel around his neck.

Huerta vs Guida

K-flo is in the House!

what are we killing time for?

Happy B-Day Clay!

SI cover boy is out- oh did I mention he was on SI? I mean the commentators have YET to mention that he was on the cover of SI.

Oh Huerta was the guy that was on the cover of SI for those of you that saw the issue of SI that Huerta was on.

Every Time Buffer yells it's time- I keep thinking it's VADER tame

of course Vader was never on the Cover of SI- Huerta was in case you didn;t know.

So Long Big John- They'd have to PRY my rear out of that job but good luck to you.

Of course Big john was - ok I'll stop beating that horse-  Joe won;t but I will

Clay takes him down and SI cover boy is bleeding a bit

standup and BIG twisting takedown by Clay

Clay has his back and Huerta is able to scramble to top pos

Clay hits a knee while Huerta is on the ground- John stands them up and gives clay a warning- so the hit to the back of the head might be called too? (see last posting)

Standup and just as I'm reaching to pause so I can type that Clay needs a hair cut BADLY- Joe says it.

Should I be proud or scared that Joe and I think the same thing?

K-flo went to the Randy School of 3rd chairing

and thats a good thing

Good bit of wrestling here as the round ends

10-9 clay and THAT is a 10-9 round by ANY grading scale.

We trade shots and Clay takes him down again- Huerta looks bored for a moment there.

Kinda looking at the crowd before scrambling up

See here is a quick fight recap Clay takes him down EASY- but can;t do much Huerta gets up at will

rinse repeat

NICE punch by Huerta as they seperate

Clay is open mouthed and looks tired- Huerta looks calm and almost bored tossing kicks- this is odd

REAL odd- I mean like test his water odd

Clay with a takedown- no way I'm standing with Huerta

Clay hits his best jab but huerta recovers

Clay takes him down

BIG trade off on the stand and CLAY ROCKS him and pounces-

Move John!

they are both just SWINGING at each other - Clay even goes for the double axhandle (never saw that before)

end round and I'm going 10-8 clay

Big trade off to start the round and clay is getting the short end this time- down they go and Huerta gets the RNC and tap

Huerta is crying like a little bit---add A** that could kick the **** out of 95% of the guys in the Arena!!!

Excellent Job

End show

Ken Flo has a problem- huerta just lept over him and he's just sitting there. That has to hurt- his best chance for a third title loss (er chance) was for Clay to win then beat him to get the auto shot- now Huerta should get first crack at the interm title


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