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We all were mad about Barry and his record.  It was clear he used drugs; it is clear there were many others the past years using also.  His mistake with the grand jury will probally cost him a little freedom.  What about the other hitter who has over 500 HR's and he openly said'I have never used steriods"?

We now hear a 60-80 list is coming out naming many huge stars.  Are they going to kick some out if they are in the HOFame?  What if Cal Jr. is on the list?  Roger has had rumors; now if he is listed; his sure shot at the hall will be in question?

When does the witch hunt for past players stop?  We knew the steelers and raiders and many teams in football cheated with drugs.  We even watched some die from years of use.  We knew that Mark and Sammy were probally juiced but looked the other way because of the year they saved baseball.

We have realized probally 100's cheated in baseball through the years.  We should make serious rules now and monthly testing.  If they test positive; suspend them a year; the second time for life.  This "he said she said" has to stop.

Why now does the league care... because some have died and the heroes have become jerks and not controllable.  I agree it is wrong and something should be enforced.  Is dragging up past issues going to help the future of baseball?  Some of the Hall of Famers have openly said they used steriods.  It seems to me that opening the past and trying to have a wich hunt on past issues; is wrong.  We cannot discipline a player for something we should have enforced many years ago. 

We should look at the past as a failure and make the future right.  Let past heroes be heroes and teach the current players accountability and let kids still dream of playing.  They just need to be taught the right way to earn their way to the top.

We watched Pete get kicked out because of decisions made as a coach not player.  Strawberry was given five chances with drug problems.  Now we want people to believe we care and we want to enforce policies.  It is only because baseball has suffered because of greed of money; suddenly the league is now concerned and making such a mess with former players.

Deal with who test positive now and make sure you make it a serious sentence.  You think Vick would have killed or let the dogs be killed if he knew he would lose millions and be in jail... no.  Make a hard policy and enforce it.  If players see it is consistent and they cannot play the system; if they want to play or be rich.. you will see a change.  We will never make it perfect but there are ways to make it right.

I remember when the country was so concerned over communism.  They kicked people out and many actors were under suspicion.  The entire country was full of witch hunts; many were innocent but lifes were ruined.

I hope we learn from history and be careful who we accuse.  I am all for cleaning up and fair play; there is a right way to find truth and deal with real cheaters.  Hope we dont make a list and assume all are wrong and every athlete labeled before any evidence; a cheater.


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