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As you all know, we meet the Ravens in Baltimore this coming Monday night, 12/3.  Since the beginning of the bmore raven's franchise in 1996, we have played them just three times, Monday being the fourth. I can't seem to figure out how many times we have played Baltimore total... I'll keep digging around.   My favorite tidbit: As you all know, we have activated T. Brown for this weeks game... this will be our fourth time against the bmore ravens, and the fourth game that both Teddie and Troy have played in! This will be a little nostalgia for them. I'm very excited to have Brown back, and I have also activated him on my fantasy team as well! Had to pull Clinton Portis to do it, but it looks like they may not play on Sunday, so it wouldn't matter anyway.   The ravens are one of two teams (the other being the Giants) that Tom Brady hasn't ever thrown a TD pass against. God knows, as many records as we are breaking these days, that's just one more to add to the list! This will also be our first time in the M&T stadium, leaving just Arizona and Seattle's stadiums left that we have never played in.   This week, with a win, we will join the Canton Bulldogs (1922 and 1923... entire season), and the Chicago Bears in 1985 as having won the first 12 Games consecutively. The 1922 and 1923 seasons were 12 game seasons, so they technically should be in the same league as the '72 Dolphins I think... but they did have a couple ties each year, and back then those counted as wins, so TECHNICALLY they didn't really sweep the season!   The highest amount of TD's in a single seaons happened in 1984, by Miami, and the record stands to date at 70. HOWEVER, we the mighty record breaking Patriots, are now at 58! We are averaging 5.3 TD's per game, and we have five games left = 26.5 TDs... add that to the 58 TD's we already have and we stand to break the record by 14+ TDs!!   The NFL record for most completed passes in a season is held by Gannon, from Oakland, in 2002...As it stands, Brady has completed 284 passes, for an average of 25.8/game. If he maintains that average, he will hit 413, just missing the record by 5 completions... IF he can step up his average just one completion a game, we can tie it... With 413 completions, he will however, Break my dear Bledsoe's third place NFL record in 1994, with 400 completions.   As we are ALL well aware... Manning currently holds the record for most TD passes for a single season...Brady currently has 39, over the past 11 games, that's an average of 3.5/game... multiply that by the 5 games we have left, and that's the potential of 17 and some change more TD passes... if he keeps traveling on the path he's on, that could bring us to a record breaking 56+ TDs... Considering we have the Jets and 'Phins left, I don't see ANY of these goals posing a problem!!   Ok, I hate math, so I'm exausted now! As I said, as soon as I get the Evite from the dad foundation, I will send that along. I think it's a great idea for anyone wanting to go up to Bmore, but not going into the game.   Talk to you all soon   Heather Barclay GO PATS!!!


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