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First things first... how about that Ravens game!!!? I think we nearly froze our backends off!! It was the coldest, and windiest day of my life! But despite the cold, the wind, the near heartattack caused by the game, the guy that called Maura and myself "****" when we sat down in our seats, etc, it was still an awesome experience! For those of whom I didn't connect with, I'm sorry and hope you all had as much fun as I did!  

 Now, down to business: Don't forget, this coming Saturday we are having a pre-game "tailgate party" at McFaddens, between the Pats fan club and the Steelers fan club. This even is the day before the two teams go head to head at 4:15. When you get to the bar, tell them you're with the Pats/Steelers party, and you will pay $10 for a wrist band that will get you free draught beer from 3-7, as well as $2 rail drinks. Treat the bartenders well, and they will return the favor... they are a lot of fun! let me know who is going, and if you're bringing people... I just want a basic idea of how many people to expect, and I don't want the steelers fans to outnumber the pats fans!!! Feel free to bring friends, even if they have no football affiliation, but make sure they PRETEND to be pats fans! lol  

Ok, on to the game: Ugh, I'm not going to lie, after all the **** I've been talking up until this point, I'm now starting to get a little nervous... We've had pretty poor showings the last two games in a row, and the Steelers are some big and nasty dudes. Here's the break down of the QB's...   Ok, both teams have now played 12 games. Brady has attempted 430 passes, and has a completion rate of 70% and some change. Big Ben has attempted almost 100 fewer passes, 320, and of those 320 has completed just under 67%.  Ben has been intercepted 11 times, and Brady only 5 all season... and lets talk about Sacks! Ben=35, Brady=16.  However, as we have seen over the last two games, the QB doesn't MAKE the game... we really need to be concerned about stopping the Steeler's from putting too much pressure on Brady. The steeler's defense has guys like Polamalu, who has 42 combined tackles for the year and 2 forced fumbles. And then there is Ike Taylor, who has 53 combined tackles, 1 sack, and 2 interceptions. And Aaron Smith, who only has 27 combined tackles, but also has another 2.5 sacks. We are looking at some big guys, who hit hard, and are RUTHLESS. The team combined has 33 sacks, 8 INTs and a total of 34 TD's while only allowing 17 TDs all year.  While we have had 61 total TD's, we've allowed 26!   I'd be a liar if I said I felt confident about this game.There are just so many things that could go badly! Here is an article explaining what the patriots need to do, specifically, 5 things we need to do to get our act together. We will need to work on all five, and a few more by Sunday if we plan to get the job done.  

Here's a little history... The past two Pats/Steelers match ups have both resulted in ending long winning streaks. On Halloween back in 2004, the Steelers beat the Patriots 34-20, breaking our Record winning streak of 18 consecutive regular season games (but we STILL won the friggin superbowl, thank you very much!) Then, a little less than a year later, we beat the Steelers in september of '05, 23-20, breaking their 16 game streak... ironically, that was they year THEY went to the superbowl...   We haven't played the Steelers since that 2005 regular season game, and ofc, this will be Tomlin's first time playing the Patriots as the head coach of the Steelers. We are 10-1 against teams with first time head coaches over this season and last season. (8 first time coaches last year, and four, counting the steelers, this year). The last time the Steelers traveled to Boston, was the 2002 season opener(and Gillette grand opening)... and we beat them, badly, 30-14. However, since first meeting the steelers in 1970, they own the overall series win, at 13-9.... lets make this 13-10 shall we?!!   Ok, I'm gonna go puke, I'm nervous! Let me know who's coming to the "Tailgate" on Saturday... i mean come on, who can turn down an excuse to get drunk for $10??  I leave  you with this article Mike sent me... it was in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette... the biggest steelers fan rag there is. Read it, and cross your fingers we get to feed Smith a little bit of our humble pie, I'm sure we have some left!  

GO PATRIOTS!!!   Heather Barclay


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