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Bristol tonight will be a night race.

Is this something you look forward to?

What about this race make you want to watch or not watch?

Tony Stewart has said he is looking for someone to race the remainder of the year for Danica's car so to keep in in the top 35 in points. Mark Martin is among people  who name is being floated around but a sponsor is needed for his races.

August 27, 2011  04:58 AM ET

I am confused.. What car is Kermita's car?

August 27, 2011  08:12 AM ET

Wonder who the Crew Chief will be for the SHR CUP car ... Tony Eury, Jr ... or will le'Kermitla have a new voice in her head to mess her up! ,,,,

Mark and Danica are the same size 5' 2" ....

Thing I am most worry about ;-( .... Smoke keeping his head in the Game, cause of DANICA ,,,,
#39 Newman on the Pole .... #14 Tony Stewart 46 of 46 ... starts 42 tonight ... or What Happen? ...

August 27, 2011  08:16 AM ET

I know .... for a part time driver ....

Kevin Conway, with his Extenze, sponsorship which seem to follow him! ...

from part time ride to ride ....

August 27, 2011  08:25 AM ET

Or would SHR be willing to run a 4th car for full time driver .... say Brian Vickers ...

So if DSP is IN the Race .... she run her le'Frog car ... Vickers runs a 4th car ...

If DSP NOT in the race ... Vickers runs her le'Frog ## ... to keep in the Top35 ... and parks the 4th car ...

August 27, 2011  08:54 AM ET

Guess Tony not a smart Owner ....

I would have said, "Sure I can run a 3rd car for Danica to run 10 races, but I need to put someone else in the car to keep in the team in the Top35 ... GoDaddy, so I need a Sponsor ... Hint, Hint, ...

How about you GoDaddy .... note: was just sold for a reported $2.25 BILLION ...
so I think the money would be there ;)

August 27, 2011  09:19 AM ET

I'm so confused. LOL

August 27, 2011  10:26 AM ET

Round and round we go

August 27, 2011  10:42 AM ET

The sport that I have been following since the 50's has gone strictly business. Nothing can be done, I still enjoy watching. So I can complain but what will it do.

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August 27, 2011  12:39 PM ET

Yes Bristol night Race is something to look forward to....having a few friends over for beer, pizza and finger foods....down in the rec room on my big screen......always better with opinionated friends....LOL

About Tony & Danica's that NW?...if it is, how is Tony involved in that?...the 7 is owned by Jr, Kelley, Mr. H and Eury jr....

August 27, 2011  12:40 PM ET

or are we talking about next year cup race....if so, then MM would be a perfect choice.

August 27, 2011  12:58 PM ET

I guess I'll be flipping from Cowboys, Rangers and NASCAR while I watch MMA online...

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August 27, 2011  01:51 PM ET

or are we talking about next year cup race....if so, then MM would be a perfect choice.

Yeah, but does MM want to race part time and not compete for a championship again? I'm guessing he'd want full time or nothing at all at this point. But then again, I was kinda surprised that he was even looking to drive elsewhere next year and not just hang it up.

If I'm MM, then I might do a part time stint in Danica's Cup car IF I got part ownership in that car and a cut of the merchandising/money that she's going to bring in.

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August 27, 2011  02:35 PM ET

Good News for Andretti ;) ... less than 24 hours after the big announcement regarding Danica's switch, ... GoDaddy announced that they would continue as a sponsor of one of the Andretti Autosport cars in IRL for the next two seasons, 2012, 2013....

GoDaddy also signing up Mario, Michael and Marco Andretti as company spokespeople, which will see all Three of them in TV commercials ...

So next season Marco a Two race winner, will replace Danica a One race winner ....

So does that mean .... IF Danica races at INDY 500 in 2012 ... she be in an Andretti car?

August 27, 2011  02:47 PM ET

Wonder if Kahne will keep his #4 from the Red Bull team .... when he moves to HMS at the end of the year ...

and the #5 will stay the car, but move to SHR-HMS ...

Robby said he not giving Danica the #7 ....

People NEED TO KNOW in Honduras, China ... so we can start making DANICA t-shirts to Sell

August 27, 2011  03:07 PM ET

I guess I'll be flipping from Cowboys, Rangers and NASCAR while I watch MMA online...

I'll be flipping from NASCAR to Brewers ....

and I bet Both will be in commercials at the same time ... Yellow Flag ... between Innings ...


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