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I posted my thoughts on this matter directly onto the story, but here they are again for posterity. I also posted this on my personal blog page, but it was worthy enough (I think) to post here despite not being the blogger for the Lakers:

This makes me think more and more each day that his "trade demand" was nothing more than a publicity tool to keep the spotlight on LA and keep the media involved since the last NBA Finals was the least watched of the past 10+ years.

I'm sure ol' Stern-O had his hand in this one, too.

Thankfully I'm not an L.A. Lakers fan and didn't have to endure the daily "will he? won't he?" drama propagated by a certain Kobe Bryant. I doubted his sincerity in demanding a trade from the only team he's played for and I still doubt it now despite what comments this article might say. The truth of the matter is simple: Kobe needed and wanted the spotlight and didn't appreciate a younger LeBron stealing it from him. The Cavs were soaring high after their surprise leap to the NBA Finals, and Kobe hasn't managed to escape the hell known as the first round. Tsk, tsk.. Let's create some drama to draw away all the media focus! "I WANT TO BE TRADED!"

My A double S he did.

Do I blame Kobe Bryant for this entirely? No. Certainly not. Jerry Buss has managed to put his spin on it, and I shame them both for their desire to air any actual 'dirty laundry' regarding Bryant's displeasure in the three ring circus called the media. Sure, the Lakers are not playing as Bryant has hoped since he ran Shaq out of town (Laker fans, call it what you want, but this is what happened). Does he have room to complain as their sole superstar and marquee player? Absolutely. Did the Lakers make any major or franchise saving moves? Nope. Sorry. Many call for Mitch Kupchak's head... perhaps they should get it, but not any time soon.

In all honesty, Kobe never wanted a trade. Ever. He merely wanted to make a colossal stink about his lack of leadership, maturity, and unwillingness to make the most of what he has around him. Boo hoo. Man up and admit it was all a sham, Kobe. Maybe you'll get some measure of respect back from all the fans who feel so slighted by your mere whispering of a trade.

Enjoy your lack of help. With your bloated contract, you're not likely to get any more of measurable worth.

Boo hoo.

Say your worst of me, Lakers fans. I have no problem smiling back at you and thinking: "I told you so."


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