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The rumors have been hard to find lately. Even the Santana Wars has calmed down. With all of baseball still looking over the 400+ pages that is the Mitchell Report, teams have been quiet. Except of the D-Backs, who made 2 great trades yesterday. First they got another ace to go with Webb in Dan Haren and then they traded their closer for 3 other players, one of them being a very underrated bullpen arm. The news of MLB is "The List" and The D-Backs. Who'd a thunk it?

Mark Prior

Teams Looking For Possible Help In The Form Of Mark Prior- That's the weirdest headline ever. Mark Prior has said to be throwing on flat ground and he could be ready by May. Which is the reason why many teams have talked about him and now 3 new teams are interested in the hurler.The Nats, Yankees, and Mets. I think the Yankees are thinking of maybe getting him as a spot starter and bullpen guy if he would do that. The 2 teams that appear the most serious are the Nats and Mets. Which makes sense. They both need pitching and don't wanna give up much. In the case of the Mets, they aren't getting Johan and they obviously couldn't get Haren. It would also make sense for Mark to stay in the NL. Either way, it'll be interesting how Prior does this year(if he even pitches).

Jason Jennings

Jennings A Wanted Man- I couldn't find a good picture of him with the Astros. Figures, since he was out for most of the year. And when he did pitch, he was horrible. His stats say everything for me:


But even though he was a trainwreck last year, he has 4 teams checking him out. The Rangers, Royals, Rockies, and the Mets again. I could see the Rockies and Mets. He had a very good year in 2006 with the Rockies. Maybe he can find that stuff again with them. I can see the Mets also because once again, they need pitching. But I would rather get Prior because, while Prior is higher risk, he is higher reward if he does work out. The last 2 teams don't make much sense. Both because they're in the AL and Jennings is a NL pitcher. Especially Texas. Imagine him in the AL trying to pitch in that ballpark? His ERA of 6.45 would skyrocket.

Jenkins Has Come Down To 2 Teams- Geoff Jenkins is a pretty solid player. His power has declined drastically but he still has pop and he adds good depth. There was said to be 3 teams (Padres, Phillies, and Rays) for him. Since the Rays signed Cliff Floyd and the Padres got Jim Edmonds, the Phillies seem to have Jenkins locked up. Jenkins isn't as good as Rowand but it's not like the Phillies need more hitting. Jenkins will do.

Joe Nathan To The Cubs Maybe- A little while ago we heard how the Brewers were interested in Nathan. Now the Cubs have said to be very interested in him if he's available. It would take at least 1 big prospect and 2 others. If they do talk, Carlos Marmol would have to be one of the guys the Cubs give up. It would take 3 players since Valverde just got dealt for 3 players and Nathan is a better closer than Valverde. Remember that Nathan is a FA at the end of the 2008 season. The Cubs should just wait because the Twins aren't re-signing him.

Now some quick hits:

Miguel Olivo A Tiger?- With Ivan not getting any younger, the Tigers need a rather young catcher with experience. That's where Olivo comes in. He's not a great hitter but he is great behind the plate( threw out 32.9% of baserunners).

Otsuka Going To Philly?- The Phillies could use another bullpen arm. No one knows how Lidge will do and Gordon looks shot. Otsuka is 36 and his medical reports have caused some problems. But he's had a good career and it won't cost much to get him.

No news really on Santana or Bedard. That's it. Thanks for reading.


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