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I would like to start off this blog by saying my contributions to giving you all the gift of music that you have not heard of before is... amazing to say the very least. Yes, I am sure you would agree if you stay tuned, because I am givng out some pretty diverse and new music that I am sure none of you have heard before, I can almost guarantee it.

This list of music contains some of the biggest songs that have flew under the radar and nobody ever talks about.

To answer questions already:

No, there is no order to this list.
No, you shouldn't be mean to me.
No, I prefer death threats hand-written, not in a fanmail.

Well, let's get the ball rolling, shall we?!

First off, this song is very close to anyone's heart and anyone that feels that they need to believe in themselves or in anyone else for that matter. I will just get to the song because, like I said, none of you have heard it before, but you will all think it is one of the most amazing songs you ever heard in your life. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:

Wasn't that one a gem in a dirt pile, or what?!

Now, I will move onto a song that moves all of our hearts. It is about... well, I will let the video speak for itself. It was never popular by any means, and the guy who sings the song? Yeah, the name is not recognizable. If you know this song, then I applaud you. It's the ultimate halloween song, but I wouldn't expect you to know it.

Well that one was scary, wasn't it?! Horrifying indeed!

This song is straight up because I like dancing in the dark and you should all try it sometime while you listen to this song that I am positive that you never heard of before!

I know, I know, you are wondering how I came across all of these musical gems, let's just say I have a knack for finding stuff that turns out well in the end for everyone, aye?

Moving on, I think Mickey Mouse deserves a song... no, not by the Mousketeers, I am talking about an ass named Mickey who made poor life decisions. Well, ok, I made that up, bur regardless, this song is about Mickey and I know that you haven't heard it before, but try not to get the lyrics stuck in your head the first time around.

It's dandy, isn't it? Dandy? Now I sound like an idiot... so I guess I must not be trying hard enough.

We are getting very close to the last song on the list, I am sure you are all waiting for it! Even though there is no order, you are just waiting for the last song anyway! This song will keep you occupied for now, and nobody you would know sings it. I think he lived under a box, below the freeway, his name shouldn't even ring any bells.

Ok... so you might have heard that one... HA! Who am I kidding?! It doesn't make sense that you would know that one!

And now... the moment you have all been waiting for, for no reason at all, I would like to introduce to you, the final song in this chapter! This is a terrific song for if you flat out won. I wonder why no sports use it after a certain championship or why it doesn't exist in movies. Plus, the name of the band doesn't match the people that are included in it, which makes absolutely no sense and it is a common reason why you have never heard this song before in your life!

Well, you have heard all these songs here first, admit it! And you liked each and every single one of them! Tell your kids, tell your friends, tell your parents, tell your dog, cat, fish, frog, cow, dinosaur, anybody!

I provided videos with lyrics and the song so you can all learn the words and know these amazingly amazing songs because you all should know them. They are vital to your life and... Well, I've got nothing else, otherwise I would be talking like I am stupid. Not like I have throughout this entire blog.

Thank you, and I would like a round of applause because I command it.

September 1, 2011  11:56 PM ET

I like Dirk's version of we are the champions much better!

September 1, 2011  11:58 PM ET

I like Dirk's version of we are the champions much better!

You mean sports teams already use that song?! I should have known!

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September 2, 2011  12:06 AM ET

September 2, 2011  12:12 AM ET


I thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

September 2, 2011  10:48 AM ET

Impressive choices, Dfan. Have you considered creating an FM radio station devoted to playing hidden gems like these all day, every day?

Maybe you could have two guys crack jokes on the air during the morning commute, then play one of these songs, do a prank call on some unsuspecting listener, then play another of these songs.

I know it's a bit out there, but I think it might prove popular.

September 2, 2011  11:07 AM ET

Hidden musical about Eat It by Weird Al Yankovic(ha-ha)?

September 2, 2011  01:58 PM ET

Great blog. Keep up the witty sarcasm, man.

September 3, 2011  02:44 PM ET

Great blog. Keep up the witty sarcasm, man.

He is dead serious.

September 3, 2011  08:40 PM ET

mj!!! my fav. also i like glee's version of don't stop believing...but i know your thoughts on that show!

now post your address so i can send you a hand written note!

September 4, 2011  12:06 AM ET


September 4, 2011  12:07 AM ET


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