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When he was at USC, I thought he was far overrated. Anyone can be born fast, and anyone can break people's ankles if they train hard enough and build up their agility. I never thought that Bush was going to be a game changer in the NFL. The only player who could run sideways and still not get caught was Barry Sanders. Bush is close to his ability, in fact, I think Bush is faster in a straight line, although there is no question that Barry Sanders was the only person ever to play football that could not slow down and move laterally. I'm sorry, thats neither here nor there. Anyway, Bush has proved to me that he is, in fact, as good as advertised. Sure he finally scored his first NFL touchdown last week in a game winning punt return, but he's leading the NFL with 34 receptions. Defenses are so concerned with what he might do that they are forming contingency plans around him, and not focusing on the meat of the Saints team, Drew Brees, Joe Horn, and Deuce Mcallister. Bush is in an ideal situation in New Orleans. As a rookie he is looked at as a savior, a decoy, and as a marketing cash cow. He only gets about 18-20 touches per game. If he was playing in Texas (if they took him #1 in the draft), he'd probably have already gotten injured because of a shoddy offensive line, and the lack of a real running back because Domanek Davis went down previous to the season starting. He would expect more like 28-32 touches per game, and thats too much for a electric running back like Bush.


He is better than advertised. He has literally become the best player on the team, because he makes everyone else better. That's the epidome of "best player" according to conventional wisdom, isn't it? Let me tell you something, I'm down for making bold predictions, and my bold prediction today is that if the Saints make it deep into the playoffs, Bush has a legitmate shot at winning an MVP award. Thats right. MVP, and he's not even the best rookie individual player in the league right now. Rookie of the year should goto Lmo, or LoMo, or whatever else you wanna call Larry Maroney. But Bush could put up modest numbers, yet have such an effect on the opposition that in theory, if the Saints are able to put up a 12-4 or 11-5 record, then make the playoffs and win (what if they win home field and get to play the Superdome? They won't lose there this season...) some games, it could be interesting. The only team that seems to be any good in the NFC is the Bears. Injuries can derail any season. Seattle is coming off a superbowl loss, which historically means they will miss the playoffs come hell or high water. I think the Saints have fate on their side, and the NFL is behind them, perhaps to make a few calls go in their favor later in the season??? Anyway, If the Panthers don't get any better on defense, the Saints might just steal that NFC south and ride into the sunset with their savior on their shoulders.


Bush is going to score 2 more TD's next week and everyone that was giving me crap about drafting him in the 4th round of my fantasy draft is going to feel the wrath. Thank god I have receptions counting for points as well. Remember, Reggie Bush is a legit MVP candidate as long as the Saints can continue their winning ways, which I think they can because Drew Brees was the best free agent pickup in the offseason. Just watch, and enjoy the most exciting player in the NFL right now, the heir apparent to my all time favorite player, Barry Sanders.


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