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Heres a listing of a few things that are bad about sports. Sorry for the east coast bias.  

5 Most Overrated Events in Sports

5) The NCAA Basketball Season

      64 teams make the NCAA Tourney, and most Tourney bids are solidified in the Conference Tournaments. With the exception of the IVY league the regular season counts for nothing because even if you have a terrible regular season you can always make up for it in the Conference Tournament, which most teams make.

4) Bowl Games

    I love Bowl Games. But they're all nothing more than over glorified exhibitions. 31 out of 32 games mean nothing, and theres so many cheap type bowls that its cheapened the whole things. But theyre still fun to watch, eventhough theyre meaningless.

3) Monday Night Football 

     It used to be great, plenty of great games were played on Monday Night and it has probably been the best innovation the NFL has had since the merger. That said it has lost all of its prominance. Now its a game played between one good team and one bad team, or just 2 bad ones. ESPN over covers each game the broadcast team they have it terrible. Sunday Football on NBC is now the best showcase of good NFL football around, and MNF has become a weak game that most people do not care about.

2) The New York Mets, and Omar Minaya

         The Mets will probably be favored to win the NL East this season, but odds are theyll finish 4th. Aside from David Wright there is not one game changing player on this team. Jose Reyes is overrated, and isnt even the best SS in his division (Hanley Ramirez and Rollins are better, and keep and eye on Yunel Escobar in Atlanta). The pitching is old and injury prone. Billy Wagner gets worse each year and Pedro cant pitch deep in to games and fades towards the the end of the season. The entire team is old and Alou and Delgado are well past thier prime. Beltran is inconsistent. But had it not been for bad trades (the Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano sort, also Ambriox Burgos for Bannister) the Mets would be the best team in baseball. Much of the blame can go to thier GM, the most overrated on in Baseball. No he did not trade Kazmir, thats not his fault, but he sent Rob Bell, a good set up man )which is something the Mets didnt have down the stretch) away for nothing. Delgado for Mike Jacobs will benefit the Marlins long term, but Met fans can take solice knowing he did more damage to the Nationals/Expos. He sent Grady Sizemore and Cliff Lee to Cleveland for a half season of Bartolo Colon, and sent a heatly (and still effective) Carl Pavano to the Marlins for a past his prime Cliff Floyd. The Mets are soon to be a last place, possibly 100 loss team.


     Even is NASCAR is to still exist, it should not be considerd a sport. It involves no athletic abilty. Its just driving a car and make left turns in a circle for a few hundred miles. Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt JR are not athletes, theyre people who drive in a circle. Anybody with a liscense can drive a car, it doesnt make you an athlete. ESPN should take the time they devote to NASCAR and focus on real sports that recive far less attention then they deserve (Hockey and Soccer).

5 Fan Bases that we could live without

5) Ohio State Football

        If not for that HBO documentary on the Ohio State-Michigan rivalry Buckeye fans probably would not be listed here. And it's a shame because the Buckeyes run a good clean program under Jim Tressel, who is in my opinion the best coach in football, anywhere. But after an hour of out of sync tunes about how you don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan, that lovely fellow whos the Woody Hayes impersonator, and lame unfunny jokes about the Wolverines I grew to depise Buckeye Nation. I think OSU fans need a lesson, you have a losing record against Michigan! You would need to win every game against them for more than a decade just to even the score. Sure now you have the upper hand, but the Wolverines are gonna catch you and add to thier margin, and when they do I for one won't be sympathetic. Good luck in the BCS Title Game. When it comes to Buckeye fans or Les Miles you're the lesser of 2 evils. 

4) New York Jets

         Let me tell you, my life wont be complete unless I get to hear 16 Sundays worth of the well thought out chant of J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS Congrats Jets fan, you can correctly spell your team's name. And guessing by the maturity Jets fans show on the pedestrian ramp at the Meadowlands, odds are they can't spell too many words bigger than that. But they do have the good sense to file a class action suit against the Patriots over the "Spy-Gate" thing. Can Jets fans spell and define frivolous. But don't worry Jets fans, theres a NFL fan base worse then you, and actually you guys arent even the worst New York Fans.

3) New York Mets

       From that annoying mascot on down theres nothing to like about Mets fans. From singing Jose Jose Jose Jose JOSE during each Jose Reyes at-bat, to the fact that thier Let's Go Mets chant is obnoxious, to that Grammy worthy fight song, whats there to like? Well Mets fans you can step right up and meet your poorly run, soon to be last place Mets anytime becasue they are as fair weather as fans can be, so there will be plenty of tickets avalible to Shea Stadium/Citi Field. What most mind boggling here is why would any one be a Mets fan anyway? News flash Queens, the winningest team in North American sports is just across town! And unlike your Mets, they arent going to be in last place next year.

2) Philadelphia Eagles

      Nowhere else in America will you find more passionate fans than the Eagles. Then again you wont find any fans nearly as hostile, violent, rude, obnoxious, and above all unknowledgeable. Eagles fans are not just the most annoying to be around, they're by far the dumbest. They think theyre smart, they think they know anything about football, but they dont know S***. But don't try telling them something they dont want to hear, God knows what awaits you if you do. Doesn't matter if you're right or not, they know all. But much like Mets fans you wont hear too much out of them when thier birds are losing, so thier passion depends on if the Eagles are winning or not. And that chant, theres no escaping once your in the Delaware Valley, E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES. Way to go, you can collectively spell the word Eagles, you've all proven that you're as smart as a first grader. But thier lack of maturity shows they have leaps and bounds to go before they're at a 2nd grade level of proficency.

1) Boston Red Sox

         My oh my, how soon you all forget. Remeber before 2004, when it was Aaorn (Bleeping) Boone, Bucky (bleeping) Dent, Buckner, that curse of the Bambino, the Evil Empire, and you had to endure 86 years of futility. You know, the days the Red Sox were loveable loser and the baseball world embraced you becasue you were the likeable underdog the the Yankee juggernaut. Forgot about those didn't you. Now 2 World Series Championships later there's no shutting Red Sox Nation up. And the arrogance Red Sox fans show, as if they're some how better than other baseball fans because they had to wait so long to experience a championship. Don't forget Boston, for 86 years the Sox were a losing franchise and we as a nation had to hear you whine everytime you lost a big game. You know, how it was the curse of the bambino and what ever nonsense came out of your mouths. Because before you won the Series you were the most pessimistic negative fan base out there and acted like there was some external force out to get you. Keep this in mind when you're all pumping your chest about how the Sox won the Series again. My advice, show some humilty, the Yankees have 3 times as many Championships as you, and the Red Sox will never catch them.


People who need to Retire!

Joe Paterno

    Here in the Keystone State he is God's other son. A beloved figure who who both the eastern and westen parts of the state adore. He is one of the great football coaches of all time, but all good things must come to an end and JoePa's tenure in Happy Valley shold end in San Antonio. For as much as I am a fan of Paterno and appriciate all he has done for Penn State, he needs to step aside. In the past 10 years since he should have retired, the Nitany Lions have become a 2nd rate program and have little to show for the past decade. Its time for Joe to Go and allow Penn State to become the prominant college program it once was. The Alamo bowl will be a perfect ending because its his 500th game and a final bowl win.

Brett Favre

    Sure NOW hes Sportsman of the Year and setting all of these carreer record. Plus the Packers are winning. Yes hes a fixture in Green Bay and him retireing is the Wisconsin equivalant to the Pope abdicating,but lets not forget the seasons before this where Favre and all of his interceptions most likely cost Green Bay plenty of wins. Brett Favre is the most overrated athlete in the past 30 years. He folds in every big game, threw a ton of INTs, and was a reason the Packers struggled the past few seasons. Yesm he has a Super Bowl Ring and he can thank Desmond Howard for that, remeber the late INT he threw against Denver to seal thier Super Bowl victory a season later? They have a ready QB backing him up in Aaron Rogers, whos probably better than him, and Im basing this on the Dallas game where Favre played terrible, as he usually does in big games and Rogers played well and got them back in it. If he [Rogers] starts against them in the NFC Championship, the Pack will play 2 weeks later in Arizona. If Favre starts Dallas will win in a route.


     NASCAR, what a joke. Why is this a sport? I mean I always thought to be a professional athlete you needed to be a great athlete, you know in the the top 0.0001 percentile. But all these guys do is make left turns, I can do that. In fact anybody with a drivers liscense can. NASCAR needs to go away and  stop taking up TV time from better programs, because nohting is more boring than watching a buch of guys drive in a circle for 500 miles.


I know this is a rather negative blog, heres a more positive one




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