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Think I will bring up a few gripes and see if anyone agrees. The loss tonight to the Beagles concerns me. Reading just about anything I can find concerning the 'Boys, I  read alot about the name of the game is all about "winning". Tony Romo spouts it all the time......winning is winning regardless of how ugly it is, or in so many words. I admired the way they beat Buffalo, and how they slugged it out with New England, although I did feel they could have won that game. The Lions game was commendable, esp the last 2 minutes or so, and pulled out the win. They should have never had to be in that situation in the first place tho. The Lions game should have been more easier than it turned out to be. Credit the Lions for coming out to play. The game tonight should have been won as well.

Tony Romo couldn't hit the broad side of a barn tonight. I wonder why. Was it his thumb, or was it Jessica?(distraction maybe?) Or both? If the name of the game is "winning", then should egos stand in the way?.Maybe Tony should have rested while Brad Johnson played? Especially after hurting his thumb. As of this writing, I know not when he hurt it or the extent of it. But, it clearly affected his throwing. Granted, they won what they wanted, (1st round bye) but it took Seattle losing to accomplish that, not taking care of their own business, although the defense did try.But, the defense cannot stay on the field all day long either. They had to change other people in other positions.......why is the QB any different? I'm not saying that Brad Johnson would or could have won the game, but he is a Super Bowl winning QB, and he must have something left to be a backup, and I feel he should have been given a chance to win this game. What was there to lose anyway, but the game ?

I have watched the 'Boys since the days of Don Meredith...not sure if I seen Eddie LeBaron play or not, but I do remember the team with Meredith for sure. The 'Boys are and will be my team forever more, regardless of how they win, lose, or draw. I have seen all kinds of wild things, and decisions that are questionable, and games that will live in infamy. But, this year seemed to be special.....15-1 a possibility if they played like I know they can. Now, I am left to wonder if they will be able to beat Carolina, and Washington the next 2 weeks. I know if they continue this trend, they won't beat Green Bay in the conference game should they get there, and if all things fall into place as they look to be. I am looking forward to a Dallas-New England rematch in the Super Bowl, with the 'Boys winning, but they have to be on top of their game, and they can't do that if they continue lowering themselves to the level of the teams they should have easily beat

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