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College football is finally back. The world can now go back to normal. After a summer full of change and scandal it's good to finally see the teams back out on the field playing. I will be giving my week to week thoughts and insight on the season as it unfolds. I will probably do it in a Top 10 format or something along the lines of that. KISS =Keep it Simple Stupid

 Before the season even began it looks like every team will now try to compete with Oregon in the uniform department. Anyone catch those new Maryland uniforms? Soon College football will be a fashion show and the winner of the game will be decided in a uniform fashion walk off.

1. Speaking of Oregon, how about that game vs LSU. Turnovers kill a team. Thomas "Jr" will need to learn to hold onto the ball if Oregon wants to have a chance this season.  LSu once again showed its teeth with a tough SEC defense. Les Miles now feels it doesnt matter who is at QB because the defense will pick up the slack. I am already looking forward to seeing LSU and Alabama's defenses go at it later this year. I still think Les Miles is the luckiest coach in America. Its better for Oregon to lose now and work its way back up in the polls.

2. BAYLOR is going to be fun to watch this year. QB GRIFFIN had an amazing game. The Baylor defense needs some work but the baylor offense will be able to keep them in any game. The rest of the Big-12 (what's left of it) better not sleep on those Bears because TCU found out the hard way what happens when you "expect" to win. Baylor vs Big-12 opponents is going to be interesting. Look forward to seeing their season unfold.

3. Wisconsin will be favored in almost all of their games now thanks to Russell Wilson. His move to Wisconsin gives them not only a solid running game but now a Veteran QB. Wisconsin's run game looked amazing.  They will pound their way up the middle to the first Big-10 Title game.

4. Boise State played well and beat Georgia. All the SEC HOMERS will complain that Georgia is down and its not a real test. A win is a win in my book. Boise State QB MOORE just wins. Boise State's defensive line was a big factor in securing the win. The Stop on 4th and 1 was huge. (side note: loved the uniforms from both sides). Georgia has alot of work to do and Richt's seat will be heating up and on fire this whole season. I can not see Georgia breaking 6 wins this season. 7 will be a stretch. Call me out on it but enjoy the Liberty Bowl Bulldogs.

5. Poor Utah State. They played their hearts out only to lose in the final seconds. Seeing Auburn struggle shows how much they relied on CAM NEWTON. Auburn's season will be just like Florida's 2007 season. Right after a national title they will struggle because everyone wants a piece of them. Great execution to get the Touchdown and onside kick they needed but poor Utah State. I hope this does not derail Utah State's season. Auburn will be lucky to break 7 wins this season.  I see 4 "for sure" wins but to many questions after week 1.

6. Notre Dame is BACK.....NOT!!! After seeing how bad they did to start that game its hard to believe they are BCS contenders. I believe Brian Kelly will get them going and make the most of this season but after week 1 it makes you wonder. Until Notre Dame is 8-0 can we not jump on the "NOTRE DAME is back". They old echoes are not awake yet. Not to look to far ahead but did anyone see Notre Dame's 2012 schedule. Google it and you wonder if it Notre Dame fans will realize its hard to sustain they success they use to have being independant. Join the Big-10 or Big East and get it over with. That is all I will say about conference realignment for now!

7. I think we all now who Alabama's starting QB will be. Saban still has not come out and said it but we all know how it's going to play out. The real test will come next week vs Penn state. Now that game will feature a true "Leader" vs "Legend" coaching match up.

8. Is Spurrier worried? Turning the ball over 4 times in the beginning of the game and getting off to a slow start will bury you in SEC play. Better now that the gamecocks workout the kinks instead of during SEC play. ECU appeared to be ready to pull off the upset but once Spurrier put Garcia in the tide turned. Marcus Lattimore is a powerful Running back and will keep South Carolina in any game. Should be interesting to see how they finish. 9 wins?

9. Miami scandal. Keep an eye on how the team does this year. They are a very talented team with a good coach but the distractions could be to much for them to handle.

10. Oklahoma, Alabama, LSU, Stanford, Nebraska, and Florida State all took care of business. Most of these teams will play each other and help shape the national title picture. I look forward to seeing them put up massive points this season. 

 That is all for now. I am a Gator and give a shout out to the first win for Muschamp but sad that Gator fans did not sell the game out ending the sell out streak at 137 games. No one will ever catch Nebraska's 300+ sell out games or their QB Martinez...Wow he is fast.

Look forward to hearing from you all this season and email me with any thoughts or comments.

What a Great season we are about to have!








September 5, 2011  09:37 PM ET

Week 2 will have some great matches! what match ups do you look forward to most?

Bama @ Penn State
Notre Dame @ Michigan (first night game ever)

September 5, 2011  09:40 PM ET

Also meant to give love to South Florida. USF will be a big factor in the hunt for the BIG EAST title this year!


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