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Going forward all drivers in the NASCAR cup series must not participate in the skill of racing with Clint Bowyer unless he is four car lengths away and has four clear lanes.

Also by the powers granted by the stock car racing Gods and according to some print and television media Clint Bowyer will always be- the chosen one- who can do no wrong.

So let it be written, so let it be done.

That seems to be the massage I've been seeing in the media, the comments have been very sympathetic towards Clint Bowyer.

The majority of the comments are faulting Montoya even though a blind man could see that Mr. Bowyer tried to force himself into the spot and just wrecked himself.

Not one dam thing to do with Juan Pablo Montoya's driving.

One of the things in NASCAR that really burns me up is the media bias, a media that is full of buddy buddy comments and an obvious (in my opinion) good old boys network.

A media that hesitates to criticize certain drivers but does not think twice about placing blame on drivers they don't like, at times you can see examples of this within a few laps.

It's obvious they don't like to criticize their "buddies" they cover for them, and that's a good thing if "YOU'RE IN PRISON" but if you're on a national stage, on a big time program, maybe you should at least fake it and don't defend your undeserving friends.

I do have to say Mr. Dale Jarrett was very fair and balanced as always.

Here some quotes from the frustrated Bowyer:

He was tight up off the corner and we fought ... the whole run. You just can't race against around the jackass. You never can. Anybody in the sport knows what you're up against when the 42 comes up. He dive-bombs the start and bullies his way up there and before you know it he's in the way and wrecking with somebody and unfortunately I was the victim this week. It's just a shame. We're out here racing for a spot in the Chase. He's racing for nothing..."


And in the spirit of fair and balanced here is Montoya's post race quotes:


"I was there. I think he thought I wasn't there. A few laps before it was ending, I got inside him and he turned like I wasn't there and we touched and he damaged my right front fender. Then the next lap, he got a run on the inside, so I go to run the top and I'm coming out of the top and he just comes out like I'm not there. Call me whatever you want, but if I'm there, I'm there.''

Isn't there a bit of give and take?

"Give and take with 80 laps to go is not that. He could have closed the door and I wasn't there and I would have gone to the bottom but I still had my nose there. I had all the momentum, I was coming 10 mph quicker than him..."


Among others, Juan Pablo Montoya is my favorite driver and many of the fans that read al asifyouknow's Montoya articles knows there isn't one blogger out there who is more critical of the No. 42 team than me.

This time I'll have to say Clint Bowyer did not deserve a break, earlier in the race Juan Pablo was passing him on the inside with plenty of room (room everywhere) and Mr. Bowyer decided to come down on him. Did anyone see that.

I guess if you are a Bowyer fan you turned a blind eye to that.

Look I'm sure Mr.  Bowyer is a great guy but he was wrong, period , end of story.

I will agree with Jimmy Spenser, today on the Racehub program he gave both Montoya and Bowyer the crying towel.

Even though Juan was not at fault here, he did rant about Bowyer on a post race interview, both guys should quit being such cry babies and race.

Enough said.


September 7, 2011  09:59 PM ET

Proving my point : Today on NASCAR NOW they showed only one interview Clint Bowyer and then Ricky Craven came on with the 100 % backing of Bowyer did I know that would happen ? is actually a joke .....I have looked at the incident a 100 times and no matter how you slice it Juan was just running his race and Bowyer .... thinks he is better than what he is...that is his problem ..Maybe Craven can buy him a ride next

September 7, 2011  10:22 PM ET

JPM is a horrible failure in NASCAR. He's only decent at road courses and not even relevant at ovals unless he's causing a wreck.

Maybe he should go back to open wheel racing, and leave the stock car racing to the real drivers.

September 8, 2011  08:32 PM ET

Your quote..."JPM is a horrible failure in NASCAR"...........WOW did you look into the nascar stats in the last 5 years and compare his performance vs the field? ......One think you count my friend, when asifyouknow posts a comment it has solid fact checking behind it....thank you for your comment and get back to me when you can make an informed comment rather than just loose and bias rhetorical..just saying...


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