Well, well, well. I don't toot my own horn often, but I DID go 15-1 last week, including calling the Baylor-TCU upset. I didn't think it'd be as exciting a game, but I predicted the outcome nonetheless. However, I'm not forgiving IU any time soon for that pathetic performance against Ball State.


Now, let's take a look at the players to watch from my preview blog as most of them had big games.


Taylor Martinez, Nebraska - 11-22, 166 yards; 19 carries, 135 yards, 3 TDs


It sure seems, after 1 game, that Martinez has matured from last year and is on his way to a big year this year. His TD runs were from 7, 43, and 47 yards, meaning he's seeing the field well. We'll see how he progresses.


Edwin Baker, Michigan State - 15 carries, 91 yards, 0 TDs


Incredibly unimpressive for someone proclaiming himself a 2000 yard rusher. Heck, it's unimpressive for anyone considered a Heisman candidate. He has another week to have a big game against FAU, but he's off to a bad start


Denard Robinson, Michigan - 9-13, 98 yards; 8 carries, 46 yards


Robinson didn't look too explosive and I may have been wrong about the pro-style offense. I thought he'd find success in spite of it, but after 1 week, it doesn't look too much like it. With a game against Notre Dame this week, I'm not sure he'll find the explosion.


DeMarlo Belcher, Indiana - 4 catches, 101 yards, 1 TD


Being in person for this game, I hoped for big things from Belcher. I thought the offense would rely on him through the air and he'd put up big numbers against Ball State. I was dead wrong. The 1 TD came on a 65-yard bomb where Belcher made an athletic grab along the sideline. Other than that, he had 3 balls thrown his way, catching all of them for just 36 yards. Not ok.



Isn't the remote around here somewhere?


Florida Atlantic @ Michigan State - This might be a somewhat interesting game if Edwin Baker had proven to be a player worth watching last week. But he didn't go all "Denard Robinson" on us and I don't think anyone other than Michigan State fans will be watching this one. Michigan State wins easily, 31-14


South Dakota State @ Illinois - Illinois showed they have a couple of big weapons on the outside last week when A.J. Jenkins and Darius Millines had 100+ receiving yards and a TD. However, outside of them, no other wide receiver caught a pass. We'll see if someone else can step up for them, but they win again easily, 31-13.


Toledo @ Ohio State - Ohio State is currently on it's "let's bring in all the Ohio colleges and beat them ruthlessly" part of their schedule. It's not interesting for everyone that isn't an OSU fan as they've won 512 games in a row against in-state opponents. The streak reaches 513 Saturday as they win 38-0.


Eastern Illinois @ Northwestern - Minus Dan Persa, the Wildcats showed me something last week. Their defense made some plays and held BC to just 17 points. With Persa not likely returning, they'll have to make some more plays defensively, but it's just Eastern Illinois for this week. They'll win a little easier, 27-10.


New Mexico State @ Minnesota - I'm not sure if Saturday's showing was how good Minnesota will be or how overrated USC is. I think it's certainly a little of both, but more of the latter than the former. Regardless, going into Trojan country and making it competitive shows that maybe Minnesota isn't as bad as we thought. Minnesota 24-10.


Rice vs. Purdue - One of the two Big Ten road game this week comes from Purdue, but don't expect it to be a competitive one. It appears Marve could be back this week, which would be best case for Purdue as they have a couple more warm up games before they have some tough Big Ten games. This game features a little Marve with a win. 28-13.


Fresno St. @ Nebraska - Consider me a member of the Nebraska and Taylor Martinez bandwagon. I think he can really help them this year and has matured. He had a big game on the ground last week and will do much of the same this week. Nebraska 38-7.


Virginia @ Indiana - I'm not going to pretend that IU is going to turn it around this year. I didn't think they'd be bowl-bound, but they appear to be worse than expected. Defensively, they can't stop a nosebleed. Offensively, they seem to not be aware that they have the best wide receiver in the conference on their team. They are a far way away from turning it around, but on the right direction. Virginia wins 28-17


What time was that game again?


Iowa State vs. Iowa - Rivalry games are always unpredictable. The records are thrown out and nothing in the past matters. All that being said, Iowa is simply better than Iowa State in every way. It won't be a blow out, but it won't be close. If that makes sense. 28-10 Iowa.


Oregon State @ Wisconsin - If this game were in Oregon State, then I still wouldn't be too worried. Russell Wilson gives this team a WHOLE new dynamic that makes them that much dangerous a team. Oregon State is still a solid team, and this won't be a blowout win, but I think Wisconsin controls the game. Wisconsin wins 28-13.


Be there or be square


Notre Dame @ Michigan - While these two teams aren't necessarily top of the line, they are both equally overrated and at about the same level. Michigan's offense against Notre Dame's defense will be a great battle, but it's the other side where the game will be won. I'm not sold on Michigan yet and I think Notre Dame gets a big win. However, if Denard Robinson goes off, I wouldn't be surprised if Michigan pulls this one out. Notre Dame wins 24-17.


Alabama @ Penn State - Easily the game of the week for the Big Ten as College Park hosts the Crimson Tide. Alabama looks solid against Kent State while Penn State looked just as good against ISU. However, it doesn't appear that PSU has the QB situation shored up and against Alabama's tough defense, that'll be their doom. Alabama continues their road to a possible BCS game with a big win in College Park. Alabama 28-13.


Next Best 3


1. Missouri @ Arizona State - Missouri may be a bit overrated after losing Blaine Gabbert. They beat Miami of Ohio by just 9 and Arizona State is a much tougher opponent. I don't think Missouri can score just 17 and escape with a win this weekend. ASU wins 27-17.


2. Arizona @ Oklahoma State - Arizona seems to be high on a lot of people's list. They did return a lot of talent, but they have a tough schedule. This game could go either way as I figure it to be a shootout. Nick Foles put up 400 yards and 5 TDs last week and Oklahoma State's defense gave up 34 points last week. I'm putting Oklahoma State on upset alert. Arizona 48-44.


3. South Carolina @ Georgia - It's a down week for non Big Ten games. South Carolina comes into Georgia this week and I think it'll be a battle. It's hard to imagine Georgia losing twice at home in consecutive weeks, but I don't think they're good enough to win. South Carolina wins a battle 28-24.
September 7, 2011  07:53 PM ET


No it wasn't.

September 7, 2011  09:05 PM ET

No it wasn't.

Toledo FTW!!

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September 8, 2011  10:16 AM ET

Ohio State is currently on it's "let's bring in all the Ohio colleges and beat them ruthlessly" part of their schedule.

HAHAHHA Love it! I'm a Buckeye, and still get bored with these games...

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