It's 888 Miles to Chicago...

Hey all, it's a rainy miserable day outside...but it's a perfect day for football!!  I'll be posting a running commentary on the games and goings on here.  My plan and hope is that I'll be with you all day, posting joking, and trading barbs with you all.  My daughter will be watching with me, which means there might be some interruptions...but I should be here all day, doing regular updates!

 So It's Seahawks-Rams...Texans-Cowboys...

 Rams score on their first drive...Holt making Trufant look like an idiot.

Meanwhile, the 'Boys just lost a fumble to the Texans...should be reviewed.  Ah, there's the challenge.  Yeah, get the ball back so Drew can throw a pick.

Let's see if the Hawks can make me look smart and score on their first drive.

Nice...Branch looks good...the bye always is nice to work a newbie in.  Branch made that look easy. 50 fumbles and 80 facemask penalties in the Boys game.  And about 123 shots of TO doing nothing.

Man, the Ref outfits are so ugly.  I would refuse to wear them...they just look awful.  Why would they change the basic look?  Are they selling refs jerseys and needed a new version to market?  I mean, what is the motivation here?

The Hawks and Rams talked, they agreed that they would play no D whatsoever in this game.  Just people running wide open all over the place.  Unless the Hawks decided that D wasn't important this bye week, and just ran all the practices for the O.

Gotta say, it's strange to see the Rams throw to a TE...I don't think Martz knows what a TE's just another blocker to him.

3rd and 7...little D now...nope...bulger to Brice, 1st.  Yuck, this is going to be a high flying game.

So, it's pretty sad when David Carr is your leading rusher, and can't pick up a 3rd and short.  Texans football, it's Fantastic!!

Man, no D whatsoever!  Jackson just walks in for a TD.  Man, did the D forget how to play?  Just looks horrible.  At least hit him...jeez, just ugly.

I love the Texans RB situation...they pass on Bush...Davis is they have a who's who of cut and retread backs.  Let's see, Ron Dayne or Reggie Bush?  Yep, but luckily, Mario Williams is playing out of his miind...oh****...guess not.

Ouch, the Skins are making me look like an idiot for taking the Titans...hey, maybe VY can do something.

TO catches a pass....then catch.  HAHAHAHAAA

Commericial for both's hard watching 2 games, trying to write, and entertain your daughter...this might not go as well as I wanted...

Okay, I've heard the phrase "Nearly intercepted..." on like 5 of Hasselbeck's 10 passes...Sack...ouch.  Not looking good.  Um, did someone want to block that guy?  Jeez...and then false start on the my whole "Holgremn always comes out of a bye ready to go"...yeah, can I pretend that I never said that?

Barnburner of a game...3-0 Texans.  Lots of stuff.

In other news...the Saints also read my predictions and used it as motivation.  I should of never given them bulletin board material like that.

Another D offsides on the Hawks...not good. I think the Bears game is still hanging over them.

I hate broadcasters making crap fantasy football references.  If you don't know anything about it, just shut up.

Does Trufant ever look back for a ball?  Every shot of him when the ball is thrown, it looks as if he's not even aware the ball is in the air.

Did you know that Julius and Thomas Jones are brothers...and that they grew up together?  That was Dick Enberg's big revelation...they grew up together.

Wow the Hawks are just peeing all over themselves.  Get in the game guys, this is just sad.  Stupid penalties, and no tough D...not going to get it done in the NFL.

Hey, Trufant made a play on the ball!!  Bug 3rd down...

SACK...signs of life from the Hawks D.  It's the old Madden thing, when you're playing a buddy, and you're both just scoring like crazy...anytime you can get a stop it's just HUGE...but then the pressure mounts something fierce, cause you HAVE to score on the next drive....that's my feeling on the Hawks right better score, cause the D didn't come to play today.

Glen Earl (who?) just put a good lick on Julius Jones...Bledsoe just heaves the ball, he's not good.  All tied up in roaring good time....and there's the required shot of TO...stop showing him!

And the Hawks 3 and out, and knock Hasselbeck on his****again...I have a feeling the Rams are taking this one.  Hawks are going to need to wake up real soon, or they're going to find themselves down by a lot.

Ouch...the Hawks are 1-6 off byes with Holgremn...I'm firing my research assistant....I mean, I don't care if she's only 1 1/2, if she can't find basic info like this, I just can't keep her on staff.

Yep, this game is done.  Rams driving for the backbreaker right now.  Hate it when a game is over before the half.  Hawks just look terrible.  Can't wait for someone to propose the "Curse of Hutch".

And there it is...TD Holt...just kills the Hawks.  Hawks are done, game over.  This is not a good sign for their Super Bowl defense...

Wow...the Texans really can't run the ball...but when Ron Dayne is in the backfield it's never a good sign.

Okay, Alexander is missed, but seriously, do you think he makes a big difference in either of the last 2 games?  I mean he wouldn't of made a difference in the Bears game, and the D is the problem in this game.  Unless ALexander plays D, I don't see him making a big difference.  The line isn't looking good, and there just isn't a sense of urgency out there.

Okay, big pass to Jackson, and then I love the play by Hasselbeck...quick play to avoid the review.  Why isn't this done more often?  Just smart football.

And then sack to kill the drive.  Signs of life...followed by shitting the bed...

Did anyone else notice that in the Boys game...Ref reviewing the play with crime scene tape in the background?  I'm surprised they didn't like that to TO in some way...

Ah, the Kicker saves the TD...I love when kickers have to make a tackle.

Okay, that pass from Carr hit ever single player on the field...

HEy, hey, look at the Titans coming back...

Carson Palmer, "had a knee last year"...doesn't he always have a knee?  2 of them in fact?

VY TD pass...yeah baby...

I would love to smack Joe Horn as well...that should be a NFL Experience event at the Super Bowl.

Vick is um...pretty damn fast.

Nice, I like gradkowski facemask on Tory james...anytime a QB pulls a facemask on a DB it's a good day.  Every QB in the league is going to be cheering him.

Dan Marino..."Mass Hattlebeck"...good job Dan.

I love it, Roy Williams garunteed 40 points...and Shannon Sharpe seems to love him for, Roy, try winning a game first...just try it.

Wow...promising drive...ends in the worst missed FG of the season...both uprights...thing of beauty!

Gonna have to take a break...the little one is getting a little fussy...

Okay, if he refers to it as a "double doink" 1 more's not that witty or catchy...stop saying that....

Yes TO, you're just sooooo awesome.  And to come against the vaunted Texans secondary...just breathtaking...

How does play action work for the Texans?  They have NO RUN GAME!!!  How are the Cowboys biting on the fake?  Just ignore everything that has to do about running the ball.

McNabb is looking good this year...just letting it fly.

And yes, Travis Fisher...Scott Linehan...that is the very definition of Pass Interference.  If you don't play the ball, and you hold the WR arm down before the ball gets're interfering with the pass...hence the call.

Okay, sorry, little issues here in the daughter was playing with my cell phone this morning...and my wife wanted to take it with her while she went shopping...except it was no where to be found.  And I take the battery out of it when she's playing with it, or else she calls everyone.  So we spent about 30 minutes running all over the house looking for it.  For the record, it was behind the door in the bedroom.

Meanwhile, the Hawks have woken up a bit.  A TD, FG...kickoff fumbled to the Hawks...maybe I called this a little early.

Very nice...Hasselbeck to Branch...TD.  Someone woke Seattle out of the slumber.  Holgremn got them all triple shot lattes at the half.  Let's see how the Rams respond.  This is one of the gut ripping turn of events.  If a team doesn't punch back, it's a really bad sign.

And now you know my secret...I seond guess myself all the time...I talk myself into and out of predictions...can't help it.

2 straight sacks, near safety...I'm telling you, the Hawks read my blog at half, and used it as's the Steve Smith syndrome...using worthless drivel to motivate you.

And TO grabs another TD...great, he's just garunteed that we'll have to listen to another week of crap about the guy.

The Rams meanwhile, have responded to the stomach punch by puking on themselves.

Don't look now, but the Titans took the lead...if the Skins end up losing, what will Daniel Snyder buy himself to relieve the stress?  Ghauna? Tully's? A hockey team or 2?

Another FG for the Hawks...after the crap kick, "double doink"...Josh Brown has looked sharp...nailing a pair of 49 yarders.  Guys named Josh, always good.

Game of 2 different halves...Hawks lookin' really good now....ok, and shut up about the offsides.

Lofa!  The Rams have just given this game away...2 fumbles and an INT.  yuck.


Okay, sorry about that...went off the air for awhile.  Wanted to focus on the end of the game, and I had a sleeping girl on me.  Hard to type with only 1 hand...even with all the practice I've had.

Man, what an ending to the Hawks game.

Torry Holt makes an amazing catch, and run...but even the broadcasters got it, too soon.  any good Madden player knows, when you're in a shootout, never, ever, give your opponent 2 minutes to socre again.  WAAAAAAY too much time.

Then Hasselbeck, just cool as can be, marches the Hawks into place.  What a great drive.  Just bang, bang, bang...and then they almost blow it.

But Josh "No autographs please" Brown boots the game winner.  Gotta give it up to Brown, he's money when it counts, been hitting big kicks like that for awhile now.

So is everygame going to come down to the last few seconds?  Looks like we have one of those magical weeks where every game is really exciting.

62 yards?  holy crap!  No, that was ugly.  Why do you do that?  What the hell?  Isn't the better move the Hail Mary?  You have Carson Palmer, Chad Johnson, TJ...go for the heave.  Why in god's name do you attempt a 62 yard FG?  With Shayne Graham?  Wow....just disgusting.

VY and the Titans come through...very nice.  Although, it was really Travis Henry that made it happen.  I will say, anyone out there...SELL HIGH ON HENRY.  Do it now, trade him right away.  Seriously, the guy is not to be trusted.  He'll screw you over soon enough.

Meanwhile the American Saints pull a rabbit out of a hat, and with on a last second  What a magical carpet ride for those guys.  From the team as good as out the door, playing in San leading the NFC South?  Wow.

And Dick Jauron screws me again.  It's not enough that he screwed the Bears up for a couple years, he has to mess up my picks as well?  Add him to the list of people that I hate...wait, crap, he was already on there.

The Giants overcome the early lead by the Falcons...and did what it takes to beat the Falcons...get a lead, and make them try to, here's a little secret...Vick can't hit the broadside of a barn if he was standing 6 inches from it.  He would pull it down and run with it.

Wow, what a slew of great games this morning...but nothing all that exciting in the later games.  I'm going to pull it back a little right now, play with the little one, and check back in a little later.

In typical NFL fashion, the early games were all super exciting...riveting even...and then the afternoon games just blow.  The Steelers and Chargers are just pissing all the 49ers and the Chiefs...and then there's the "Who cares bowl" with the Dolphins and Jets.  Blah, blah, blah...

In other news, looks like some huge fantasy days going on out there...TO, Holt, LT all with 3 TDs.  It's about time there's a little breakout in Fantasy...seemed to be a sluggish, backwards kind of year so far.

I'm going to pack it in until the Sunday night game.  I really want to get my first look at the rudderless Raiders, and see just how bad of a coach Art Shell is.  I'll tune in for that, and hopefully, will have my hands free to share my thoughts with all of you.

By the way, let me here your thoughts about the games you watched.  Would love to hear any and all that people want to share.


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