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The Pro Bowl rosters came out yesterday and everywhere there is story after story about pro-bowl snubs. We've all heard about how players like Charles Woodson, the best corner in football, Fred Taylor, how does he keep missing Hawaii, Wes Wleker, etc. getting snubbed, about how Tampa Bay and Jacksonville sent noone, The Cleveland Browns sent one, and how the Vikings have more pro bowlers than the Packers and Colts. We get it.

Then we see a headline, something beautiful that brings joy to our hearts(coincidentally in the christmas season). Finally, a story we want to read. We click, and there it is on every sight, simply the Associated press release of the story, unbiased, emotionless, bland.

So now I post this. The first real story of how people fell about it. I, unfortunately am not the great writer that this story deserves so I will start the story and you guys can take it from there.

Sean Taylor was coming off his first pro Bowl season for the Redskins in his third year of play, I remember the sudden success of the Redskins, mostly because for the first time they left Taylor back in space to Ball hawk like a centerfielder, see the ball, make a play. He was undoubtedly having a great season. I as a Packers Fan then remember the Packers Redskins game where in a season that Favre was doing so well that the Packers were winning without a real running game and peole were starting to buy back into him Taylor sent doubt into everyone's minds singlehandedly by picking of two underthrown passes and defending another. This both really proved why the Redskins defense was doing so well this year and it all but launched the Packers next two road wins that essentially took the Packers season from a good start to a great year by causing two AFC teams to concentrate on the short pass. That's the kind of effect Taylor was having, his play from game to game rippled through the whole league. He was definitely having the best year of any safety in football and was on his way to the pro bowl leading the fan vote even when injured. Then at home during his injury, tragedy struck. Monday morning Breaking news that he was shot, Tuesday morning crushing update that he was gone. A young man that had a young child and was forming a family, that had just matured on and off the field to all you could ask him to be, suddenly taken away. For the next few weeks the name Sean Taylor sent a bad feeling into your heart the way names like Josh Hancock earlier this year and Darryl Kile five years ago hurt for St. Louis Cardinals fan like myself. Redskins fans I will tell you that as I feel everytime I see Kile's wife and kids you will see Taylor's gilfriend and child over the next few years and everytime you do you will remember wha they lost and how it means so much more to them than a player on thier favorite team. Then yesterday, one moment of joy, one moment of beauty that brings a smirk on the outside and a huge smile and warm feeling on the inside you read the Headline" Sean Taylor named NFC starter in Pro Bowl". All I know is that I have never watched a Pro Bowl but I will watch this one in hopes of seeing a tribute to the NFC's starting safety.


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