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Alright, I got my coffee and I am ready to go.  Two more weeks left in the regular season, and I need to finish strong.  Remember to always BEWARE of the HOME UNDERDOGS!!!  I would like to give out a "HOME COOKING" theme for this week, as I am taking 13 Home teams to come out with a victory.  Also, FFP (FANTASY FOOTBALL PROSPECT) is provided for those of you still alive playoff-wise in your league. Along with my predictions, FFP are players who are likely to break out from the realm of obscurity not to mention mediocrity in which they have dwelled upon for most of the season. Such players are chosen by me, and their projected stats are not based upon any kind of criteria except for that it is just my arbitrary estimation.  FFP will not include supreme stars such as Brady,Moss, Owens, Romo, Manning, Tomlinson, etc, who deliver superlative stats on a consistent basis.  Please feel free to leave a comment, I would love to hear what fannation members think regardless of wether they agree with my picks or not.  Let's begin...

Pittsburgh @ ST. LOUIS-   MISSED.  My apologies on this one.

Dallas over CAROLINA- Maybe Jessica Simpson won't be in Carolina this week to cheer on her new beau thanks to T.O.  Romo appears ready to go and he should redeem himself from a lackluster outing.  Dallas still needs a victory or a Packers loss to secure Home field Advantage in the NFC.  They should get it with a win here.  Cowboys   24         Panthers      14

FFP:     Marion Barber          18 rush       105  yds   1  TD
             DeAngelo Williams    13 rush    82 yds    1  TD     2  rec   12  yds

CINCINNATI over Cleveland- Bengals should steal one by their in-state rivals, regardless of how the weather turns out.  Crennel's squad have an opportunity to win the AFC North crown should the Steelers falter with 2 weeks remaining in the season.  Unfortunately for them, Cincy is not only out to play spoiler but also for sweet revenge. The last meeting between these two teams(week 2) featured one of the highest scoring games in history. It shouldn't be any different when they collide again, although the weather could be a factor.  But despite the weather, both defenses are still deplorable.  I like the home team regardless.  Bengals    35        Browns     31

FFP:     Braylon Edwards            7 rec   116  yds   2  TD's
             Carson Palmer        22-32     295 yds    3   TD's   1  Int

Green Bay over CHICAGO- Favre and company come to Soldier Field with revenge on their minds.  Chicago's disappointing season continues, as they haven't been very successful at home against the Packers.  Green Bay is playing for Home Field Advantage come playoff time, with the Cowboys owning the tie-breaker.   Packers   20        Bears        16

FFP:     Donald Driver   5  rec   90  yds   1  TD
             Robbie Gould     3   FG's  ( 1 ove 50 yds)
             Bernard Berrian       5 rec  75  yds   1   TD

INDIANAPOLIS over Houston- WIth the possibility of Dungy benching his starters until playoffs, and with the Texans still in the mix(mathematically) for the Wild Card...Kubiak's group has a great chance of stealing one on the road.  But realistically, Manning hates to lose regardless of the situation so I have to go with the home team here .   This game would have no impact on Indy's playoff situation, as they have already secured the AFC #2 seed regardless of what happens in the last couple of weeks.   But Dungy would like his team to be playing well and enter the post-season on a high note. Colts     26     Texans 17    

FFP:     Dallas Clark    5   rec  86  yds   1  TD
             Andre Johnson      6   rec  91  yds    1  TD

DETROIT over Kansas City- Oh how my favorite team, the Chiefs, have stumbled in the latter half of the season.  It seems like Herman Edwards's days are numbered as they play a Lions team that is having it's own share of troubles.  The lack of a consistent offensive line has been a problem for both teams as it has led to inefficient drives.  Nothing left to play for but pride, and as much I hate to pick against my team, I have to go with the Lions at home.   Lions      31      Chiefs     20

FFP:     Shaun McDonald    6   rec   95  yds    1   TD
             Dwayne Bowe    7   rec   107  yds   1  TD

NEW ENGLAND over Miami- It would have been interesting to see an 0-14 team go against a 14-0 team, but that never materialized due to the Dolphins' thrilling overtime victory last week. Although the Dolphins are exultant to have Parcells next season,  their chance of winning this game against a perfect Patriots team is like my chance of getting a date with Jessica Biel, and that is like a million to 1(very very slim!!!).  With Miami's inept pass D in the picture, Brady should return to usual form and come within distance,of  if not emulate, Mannings TD record.  Patriots    34      Dolphins     10

FFP:           Laurence Maroney   20  rush   115  yds   1  TD   3  rec  24 yds
             Cleo Lemon   17-32    196  yds    0  TD's  1  Int      3  rush   22  yds   1 rush TD

BUFFALO over NY Giants- Bills are mathematically still in the Wild Card picture, althoug it would take a miracle for them to get in.  Giants were looking flustered last week, and with the injury to Shockey..the pressure on Eli is greater than ever.  I look for the Bills to bounce back from their snowy debacle last week.    Bills   24          Giants        20

FFP:     Lee Evans     6   rec   91  yds   1  TD
             Brandon Jacobs    23  rush   110 yds   1  TD     1  rec  12  yds

JACKSONVILLE  over Oakland- Can anyone on the Raiders frontline stop the motorized tandem of Fred Taylor and MJD?  I think not, and I believe both backs will have a field day scampering at Oakland's expense.  It's amazing to see how well Fred Taylor is performing at this point of his career and Pro-Bowl snub is simply an injustice.  At best, Oakland should be able to contain the passing game of Garrard. Nonetheless, I look for the Jaguars to trounce the visitors handily, as the Raiders may have lost Fargas for the season.   Jaguars   33    Raiders   17

FFP:     Fred Taylor   17 rush   109  yds    1  TD     2  rec  26 yds  1  TD
             Jerry Porter    4  rec   62  yds    1  TD

NEW ORLEANS over Philadelphia- Brees has posted superlative fantasy numbers for the majority of the season to compensate his slow start.  Tab in Aaron Stecker's success as the replacement back, and a revitalized Colston along with Patten.. and the Saints' have turned around what was once thought to be a murky season (0-4 start) into a respectable finish. With a home win over the Eagles, they  can position themselves back in the wild card hunt and possibly salvage their playoff hopes.   Look for Sean Payton's squad to play smart yet aggressive football.   Saints      26     Eagles         20

FFP:   Billy Miller    3  rec   38  yds   1  TD
           Olindo Mare  4  FG's
           Kevin Curtis      5   rec   88  yds   1  TD

MINNESOTA over Washington- Childress has his troops playing with a ton of confidence, as they have racked up 5 straight wins.  In the process,  the Vikes have made themselves primary contenders for the  Wild Card along with the Giants.  Wether they maintain their spot or not depends how well they perform the last few weeks of the season.   Look for AP to kick it in another gear for the rest of the season and in the process give Minnesota a long awaited playoff spot.  The question as to how far  they will go is contingent upon not only on how Tavaris Jackson will fare at QB, but also if their secondary can continue to improve. Vikings        27         Redskins     21

FFP:   Adrian Peterson    20   rush     116  yds   1  TD    2  rec    28  yds
          Chris Cooley    8  rec   102  yds   1  TD

ARIZONA over Atlanta- Vick's suspension and conviction for dog-fighting allegations. The sudden resignation of Petrino.  Five players fined for wearing ads supporting Vick.  DeAngelo Hall's unstable attitude and criticism.  The endles shuffling of QB's. Being rejected by Cowher and Parcells as coaching candidates.   It is no doubt a very tumultous season in Atlanta.  The Cardinals' loss last week was very detrimental to their playoff hopes as it is now very much out of reach.  Still,  I look for Warner to play exceptionally well to solidify his spot as the starter next season and in the process give the coaching staff something to consider when Leinart returns from his injury.    Cardinals  30  Falcons 13

FFP:     Edgerinn James   22  rush   95  yds    1  TD   1  rec  7  yds
            Larry Fitzgerald        8 rec    98  yds   1   TD

             Jerious Norwood      17  rush    74  yds   1  TD

SEATTLE over Baltimore- Billick's squad is miserable, and the Ravens haven't been soaring for the last 8 games.  Losing to the winless Dolphins has exposed just how awful Baltimore has been, and Ray lewis would love nothing more than to have the season end today.  Unfortunately, there's two weeks left. Hang in there Ray.     Seahawks   27        Ravens     13

FFP:     Deion Branch    6  rec   90  yds   1  TD
             Willis McGahee         22 rush   101   yds    1  TD     3 rec   19  yds

TENNESSEE over NY Jets- The Titans should acquire a comfortable lead early and never look back.  Look for a heavy dose of LenDale White as Jeff Fisher loves to maintain a lead with a well executed and time-consuming drives.   Tack in a couple of deep bombs from Vince Young and the Titans have a successful recipe for cooking up a victory.   Titans   24       Jets     10

FFP:     LenDale White  29  rush   132  yds   1  TD   3 rec  26  yds
             Justin Gage   4   rec  60  yds  1  TD
             J.  McCareins     4  rec  48  yds   1  TD

SAN FRANCISCO over Tampa Bay- I am impressed by the play of QB Shaun Hill, and I believe the 49ers will once again thrive as an underdog at home.  Frank Gore is starting to get it in gear , better late than never I guess.  He will be utilized to work a heavy load considering the Bucs having an outstanding pass defense. Look for Gruden's team to have a letdown peformance as the Bucs have only won 3 of the last 14 meetings against the Bay Area team.   49ers   20      Buccaneers    16

FFP:          Frank Gore     21  rush   94  yds   1  TD   2  rec 25  yds
                  Darrell Walker   5  rec  62  yds   1  TD
             Joey Galloway    6  rec  108  yds   1  TD

SAN DIEGO over Denver- The Broncos, who are now out of playoff contention, will be trying to avenge a 41-3 rout at Invesco earlier this season.   It is unlikely that it'll happen though, as the Chargers are playing well on all cylinders.  Look for LT to carry  a heavy share of the load towards another splendid performance on the ground.    Chargers     31     Broncos   20

FFP:     A. Gates   6 rec   85  yds  1   TD
             Brandon Marshall     7   rec  95  yds   1  TD

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