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     It has finally happened, the man who is arguably the best goal scorer in the history of the game is headed to MLS, and more importantly, he isn't headed to the LA Galaxy.  Who is his new team you ask?  Well, it's the New York Red Bulls.  Last night, things went very crazy.  Ronaldo made a call, and that was it.

     Some of the craziness occurred when the Red Bulls released star striker Juan Pablo Angel.  Why in the world was he released?  It's simple, so they could sign another striker.  Well, no one thought his replacement would be Ronaldo, but I don't see many people complaining.  Heck, even the New England Revolution are happy.  They have decided to go ahead and sign former Red Bulls striker Angel wih their first DP spot.  So everyone gets something good, right?  Well, you're wrong.

     When asked about the signing of Ronaldo, David Beckham just simply stated this, "I don't know why all these teams are trying to buy big-name players, no of them measure up to me, they're not even close."  "Especially that Ronaldo", said Beckham, who is clearly very angry.  When asked about his health issue Beckham said that he was fine, and that he will be 100% when the season comes around so he could win the MLS MVP Award over Ronaldo. 

    But why exactly did Ronaldo sign with the Red Bulls?  Everybody already knows that Ronaldo loves America.  And he pretty much just assurred us of that.  He also said that the opportunity to raise the level of MLS was the main reason he came.  When asked about David Beckham's earlier words, Ronaldo said that he simply was looking forward to the opportunity to play Beckham.  Speaking his native Portuguese, Ronaldo even said that Beckham was a great player and that he would love to play against him again.  Ronaldo signed a 3 year, $5.5 million deal.  He has an option for a fourth season, and the team has an option for a fifth season.  When asked about how much he will make, Ronaldo said, "I wasn't looking for money coming here.  I came to improve a league, and if I can do it by playing in it and take a paycut so the team can get more players, then that is what I want to do."

     AC Milan decided that Ronaldo just wasn't what they needed right now, and that they could use the money that the MLS sent over.  MLS sent $10 million to Milan.  Milan also will receive the a "first chance" bid on any player that MLS is trying to transfer.

     In closing, I would like to say that everyone will be affected positively by this, except for Beckham.  The league will make money, the Red Bulls have a world-class striker, the Revs got a good striker in Angel, and the whole US got something too.  They got about three to four months of waiting before they can see him. 


*The story above was a joke, I wish it had happened.


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