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Steroids in Baseball 

If the Mitchell Report told us anything its that the vast majority of players who took steroids were fringe players, who were never really all that good and relied on the assistance of steroids to help them perform better and keep thier jobs. Look at the names, how many of these people actually had a big impact during baseball's "steroid era"? How many of these players can anyone ever remember? Not very many, and even less established long term success while juicing up. But now every time a person turns on ESPN they can expect to hear about which players allegedly took steroids, and about Bonds and Clemens. Who cares who Jason Grimsley gave steroids to? Why is anybody, especially a Nationally reputable network (well kinda, Ill keep my opinion of ESPN to myself) such as ESPN give any credibility to Jose Canseco, probably the most disreputible player in baseball history.  And I have to wonder, why do we really care who took steroids or why they took them. Before it was the steroid era it was the golden era. Im retrospect was McGwire's pursuit of Maris less exciting because he may have taken steroids. No, we all loved it, and Im not saying Clemens did or did not juice up, but hes been the best pitcher since Walter Johnson, hes been unbelieveable to watch throughout his carreer, why do we care so much what he took? Let's hear about something else, anything else. A decent handful of players took steroids, or HGH in the not so distant past. We get it, lets move on.

Also a side note to the abovementioned, I know this is a bit irrelevant but why does Curt Schilling have to have an opinion on everything. I mean just for once can't he just, I dont know, keep his big mouth shut. I would love to see him tell Clemens to his face that he should give back his Cy Young Awards back. It just seems that Curt Schilling is just so in love with himself and feels like the whole country needs to know what his opinions are, which is probably why he hasnt met a camera or microphone that he doesn't like. Curt, please, just pitch and keep your opinions to yourself. 

Terrell Owens

TO loves attention, and the media loves to have a new soundbite about TO. For the two its a match made in heaven, but for the rest of us its rather annoying. Sure Owens is a great reciever and an excellent showman. But it just seems that everything he does gets way too much media attention, like his joke about Jessica Simpson (which was blown way out of porportion. He was joking), his feud with Keyshawn Johnson, his rift with the Eagles, and so on and so on. Its just seems that everytime Owens has a nose bleed ESPN will have a 3 hour SportsCenter Special about it, and its just too much. There are other things to cover, other things to talk about.

Red Sox-Yankees

If you were new to this country and tried to follow baseball, you would think that theres only 2 teams in the whole sport. The Yankess and Red Sox. And who could balme you, it seems whatever coverage ESPN isnt devoting to the Mitchell Report is devoted to those two. We get it theyre the 2 richest teams in baseball and 2 teams best suited for long term dominace over the rest of the league, but theres 28 other teams out there. Everything that goes on with these teams is big news, but is meaningless. Like was all the attention Manny Ramirez's "Its not the end of the world" when the Sox were down 3-1 to the tribe really that big of a deal. Did it really warrant all of the attention and coverage it got? The coverage of these too teams has gotten so out of hand that its causing people to begin to hate both teams. Nobody outside Boston or New York cares about the rivalry anymore and I for one get sick to my stomach everytime these two teams play because its gets treated like its bigger than the World Series.

What they should be talking about!


Can anybody tell me whats wrong with hockey. Its the most exciting of the 4 major sports, and exponentially more exciting than its winter counterpart the NBA. But if youre lucky you might see about 5 minutes of NHL coverage perday and as much NBA coverage one can handle. I know hockey has taken a bad rap, though Im not quite sure why, but people need to give it a shot. Hockey is treated like a joke by the media but in reality Its much better than the media makes it out to be. Give the NHL a shot and watch a few games and tell me this sport really deserves the lack of respect it gets.


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