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 The boss wants me to write today and I'm too busy carving my Halloween pumpkin. Hmmmm. Maybe I can get Lamar Thomas and Steve Lyons to take over my keyboard for a while. They don't have much going these days.

So, with much ado to come, welcome Lamar Thomas and Steve "Psycho" Lyons to the Arthur Pincus Blog--the APB.

LT: Now, that's what I'm talking about. You don't come into the APB playing that stuff. You're across the ocean over there. You're across the city. You can't come over to our place talking noise like that.

SL: Hey, Lamar, I'm the psycho. What are you talking about?

LT: Sorry Psycho, I had all this stuff from the U Saturday night and now they're cutting it out and...I just got carried away. How you doin'?

SL: Well, I can't find my wallet, I'm trying to take Spanish lessons and I hear mi amigo Señor Lou Piniella don't wanna work with me so bad, he took a job managing the Chicago Cubs. The Chicago Freakin' Cubs!

LT: Hey that's some bad stuff. You see the fight Saturday night?

SL: Sure I saw it. What else did I have to do? My **** got fired so it was just Steve the Psycho and his handy remote. Did you get into the elevator and help your boys?

LT: No. I just said why don't we just meet outside in the tunnel after the ball game and get it on some more?

SL: How'd that go?

LT: Man, they fired my ****, too.

SL: Man that stinks. What do they expect? A microphone's a deadly weapon.

LT: So's a computer. See the Monday Night Game?

SL: Rained out.

LT: The football game, man, football, you've heard of football?

SL: Oh, yeah, the Bears are so great. Love Da Bears. Love Chicago. You know I was a real stickout with the White Sox.

LT: I heard that.

SL: Bears are so good, I'm surprised the Cardinals even took the field.

(Door opens)

SL: Hey look who's here, Arizona Cardinals Coach Dennis Green. Hey, Coach were the Bears what you thought they were going to be?

DG: The Bears are who we thought they were; the Bears are what we thought they were.

LT: You sure?

DG: We played them the third game in the preseason and it's (INSERT BARNYARD EPITHET HERE)

SL: You think my Bears will win it all?

DG: You wanna crown them, then crown their ****.

LT: That's what I'm talking about.

SL: See you in the playoffs, Coach.

AP: How's it going guys? Hope you didn't screw up the APB too much.

LT: Man, we've had a down couple years but you don't come in here talking smack. Not in our house.

AP: Actually it's my house. But thanks for sharing guys. See you on the TV.

SL: Uhhh, maybe not.


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