Devil's Playground

Oh Tony...

I have defended you for some time, now. 

I knew that without you, there would have been no hold to muff.

I knew that it was, Patrick Crayton, who dropped the wide open look against the Giants.

I everybody (most importantly, the o-line) melted around you, in Minnesota.  

Each step of the way, I've defended you to the haters.

"He's got what it takes", I've said...having watched you slip, and slide, around in the pocket, to make the kind of plays that Quincy Carter only dreams about, while firing up the create-a-player mode, in his latest iteration of "Madden".

But tonight...tonight against the New York Jets, I've come crashing down to reality. There is nothing left to say. Nothing to defend.

"You broke my heart, broke my heart."

Now, I know it was a tall order. Walk into New York, opening night, on 9/11...and hand it to a team, that's coming off of two straight, AFC Championship games.

But "hand" it to them, you did.

One thing that I like about you, Tony Romo, is that you always seem to learn, a little, from your mistakes. And, I've never once...seen you throw a teammate under the bus. Even after the horror, that was tonight's game, you owned up for it, right away. 

"We lost this game because of me."

But guess what? That's not good enough, anymore.

You've been the goat, before. Not always by fault of your own. However, having lived with that moniker ("Choker"), how on earth do you, not, cover up that ball? You want to run for it, fine...but you have some tenure in this league, now. I watched that play, over and over...and I'm not entirely convinced that you wouldn't have dropped it, anyway. Without contact. No excuse.

This Cowboys team deserved better. H*ll, up until the 4th quarter, you had a great a game. I loved what I saw. You played smart. You stayed in players faces, and "led", better than I've possibly, ever, seen you do. Your defense played well, and dug you out of some holes. And basically - your team pushed this Jets team around, in front of their home crowd, in an incredibly hostile, and emotional, environment.

But in the end, it wasn't good enough. Close...but, no cigar. 

And hasn't that just been the way, for these Dallas Cowboys, in recent memory?

The super-talented team, that always finds a way to shoot itself, in the foot.

A lot of good things will (should) come out of this game. And, rather see this kind of performance in week 1, than the wildcard round...but it has to end. At some point, it has to "click", with the performance the doesn't end in: "Well, Dallas played a great game, but..."     

A year off, will do that to you. Snap lessons back in to your mind, that you may have let fade, even if you may have already aquired them previously on your road.  

But in the meantime, you're not doing anything to silence those detractors. And, maybe, even starting to sway some your of your diehards. 

Learn the lesson. Cover the ball. Throw it out of bounds. You've been here long enough.

Look, I'm not ready to shovel the dirt on you...just yet. But, until these things start to happen, to paraphrase the winningest coach in Sacramento Mountain Lions history, Mr. Denny Green:

You (and the rest of those Cowboys) are, who they thought you were. 


- More musings on the rest of the week 1's, come.

(Including my own night terrors, due to my miserable picks...that somehow, still brought me out, a whole 5 dollars...ahead, this week.)


 To all, a goodnight...fellow football fans.  }:)











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