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Is there team conspiraceies?

With Jeff Gordon having a lead so large that Kevin Harvick could not catch up before the race ended , did teammate Paul Menard take his car car a spin in the grass doing  no damage  but bunching up the feild.

Was it in on purpose?

Or did a professional driver just plain lose control of the car?

Kurt Busch ripping up a reporters notes when confronted with he actually said what they claim he said should be punishable?

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September 12, 2011  11:39 AM ET

This coming from a Jr fan lol

September 12, 2011  11:44 AM ET

If it was Hornish, I would say it was just driver error.

September 12, 2011  11:46 AM ET

and I Like consipracies.

Elvis is still alive.
the glove DID NOT fit
tests revealed no drugs were found in (fill in your favorite deceased star) system

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September 12, 2011  12:00 PM ET

She did not swallow

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September 12, 2011  01:14 PM ET

Well Kodiak I just took off my tinfoil hat for a second and the aliens broadcasting into my head are telling me there is no conspiracy here. Well not one beyond your regular NASCAR favoritism...

What Kurt did is good TV that is all. Who doesn't like when things get "interactive" between reporters and the people they are interviewing? I just hope JJ is ready when Kurt powerbombs him onto the hood of the #48 before the race next week!

September 12, 2011  01:17 PM ET

You have a sick sense of humor sometimes Kodiak.

Come on Float give Kodiak a break, he's Canadian.

I'm sure there's a lot of juicy stuff he could post about the celebrities and current news events of the U.S.'s fine norther neighbors, but probably can't for legal reasons, or that we just wouldn't get the references.

September 12, 2011  03:37 PM ET

Didn't get to watch the rac but from what i've seen and read today I don't think Menards spin was intentional. As for the older busch brother he seems to be the only person to have gotten into JJ's head in the past five 1/2 years and I for one think it's about time someone knock that guy down a peg or two

September 12, 2011  03:56 PM ET

I'm not sure, but I don't think anyone was around Manard when he spun. You can always blame a tire, but sometimes you have to wonder. Didn't Jr spin himself out to avoid going a lap down once?

And my favorite, She said she was 18, honest.

September 12, 2011  04:59 PM ET


CONSPIRACY .... Menard did for Havrick .. OR ... per NASCAR so the #88 JR could get back on the Led LAP ... was the Aaron's Lucky Dog for the third time ...WOOF

.... Whatever ... Menard finished 81 laps down, cause of his wreck on Lap 173 ...anywho

September 12, 2011  05:05 PM ET

his father called on the Radio .... needed more TV time for MENARDS stores

September 12, 2011  05:29 PM ET

If NASCAR was involved, they would have just thrown a debris yellow. Menard may have done it on purpose, but with everybody and their sister listening in on the radio communication, they would have had to plan that before the race. Could they, sure. But with all the variables they would have to be computer brains.

Besides, i think Paul is a straight up guy.

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