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Yes I know the "C" is missing.  But watching this Dallas football team is so painful, I think they should change their name to the "Ow" boys.  After watching another game (and another season opener) where Dallas could have won and should have won... I have to question where the problem arises.  The Cowboys were 246-0-1 heading into this game, when they were up 14 points in the 4th quarter.  That is amazing.  That's why this might be the worst lost I've ever seen them have.  They should have been up 14 with 7 minutes left and should have locked this down.

To get it out of the way, no I'm not a Cowboys fan.  I'm not a hater either... although I do have a morbid fascination with them.  They are like a car crash... you just have to watch them because they are going to surprise you with an amazing win or a terrible collapse.  Usually it is the latter.

On Sunday they played the Jets, a formidable team to be sure.  They've accomplished much more than Dallas in the past few years and are expected to do much better this year as well.  However, going into the fourth quarter, Dallas had pretty much owned them.  The game was close, but Dallas was looking good and had several opportunities to bury them.

It's easy to sit back and judge the players and coaches after the fact.  It's easy to sit in your living room and yell at the TV during the game.  We don't play in the moment.  We don't have split second decisions to make and we don't get paid to make those decisions.  It's funny though, because we all think we could do it.  Maybe many of us could... who knows.  Some things I wonder:

1) Why do they keep going to Dez Bryant over and over again, after he hurt himself.  You could see he was laboring.  The announcers knew it, the Jets knew it, fans knew it... why didn't Romo or Garrett?  Yes Dez was winning the early battles against Revis, but he was nowhere close to winning them at the end.  Stop pushing that side!!

2) Witten is a beast of a TE.  However, I think he blew his monster catch and run that would have buried the game.  Don't look at the defender.  Don't worry about a stiff arm.  Worry about scoring.  If he had put his head down and locked in on the endzone, he gets in for sure.  100% I know that for a fact.  Because he kept looking over, because he tried to push off, he lost a few steps and ultimately got stopped short.  He was only a step or two short of 6 more points.  He would have had those two steps if he hadn't worried about the defender.

3) That leads us to Romo and his fumble.  Obviously he needs to hold on to the ball.  But what was with the head first dive?  He wasn't close to the endzone.  Even if he wouldn't have dropped it, the dive would have accomplished very little.  He might have gotten an extra yard, but he still would have had to play the next down.  Either make a pass, throw it away, or slide.  All 3 of those options are better than diving.  The only time I want to see a QB dive head first, is when he can pick up a 1st down or get a TD.  That's it.

4) Romo's interception goes back to point #1.  I don't care if the pass was great or if the pass was off.  They shouldn't have been going that way at all.  Go to Witten or Austin.

5) Punt block.  Uggh.  How do you not block up the middle?  Man to man coverage is risky at best when doing a punt, but at least make sure you cover every man.  Letting one of the fastest guys in the field COME RIGHT UP THE MIDDLE untouched is just ridiculous.

6) Penalties.  They can bury you.  Taking two penalties in one series is just dumb.  Taking them when you could have a chance for a FG and being forced to punt is just moronic.  The penalties were 7-0 in favor of the Jets.

7) Time management.  Even if Witten doesn't score that TD to bury the Jets, the Cowboys were sitting pretty.  They were up 7 at the time with half a quarter to play.  Use your backs and try to run the ball in.  Use up the clock.  You're on the 3rd yard line.  If things to well, you are up 14 with limited time left.  You've already kept the Jets in check by allowing only 17 points so far.

At worst you use up all 3 plays trying to run the ball in for a score.  If you don't get it, you use up 2 minutes and settle for a FG.  At worst, you're up 10 points with about 7 minutes on the clock.  Trust in your defense.

How can they continually screw up like this?  Whose fault is it?  Let's discuss.  But please, let's really discuss and not just say "They suck" because that doesn't tell me why.

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September 12, 2011  03:35 PM ET

Romo sucks.Cowboys are going nowhere with that loser as QB.

And what about the 5 other problems I listed, that Romo can't control?

September 12, 2011  09:09 PM ET

Yes I know the "C" is missing

Dj might still swing by and correct it.

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September 14, 2011  03:34 PM ET

Romo should play 3 quarters and then sub him out. Loses it in the 4th every time.

October 2, 2011  02:40 AM ET

Romo should play 3 quarters and then sub him out. Loses it in the 4th every time.

Spoken like someone who knows absolutely nothing about Tony Romo.

- 11 4th QTR comeback victories in 65 starts.

- Highest 4th QTR passer rating in NFL history.


October 2, 2011  02:58 AM ET

1) At that point they didn't really have -any- good options. Dez wasn't the only receiver hurting at that point in the game. Miles had re-aggravated the hamstring that has been a problem since pre-season and Witten had bruised ribs. The entire offense was physically beaten by the 4th qtr of that game.

That said, Romo shouldn't have thrown that ball. Dez is an extreme talent, but he's also very inexperienced and prone to mental mistakes at times. You can't take that chance against that quality CB in that situation.

2. For all of his positives, JW just isn't that fast. He obviously felt he wasn't going to run his way into the endzone there. That he was going to have to fight off the defender.

3. On the fumble...first of all, the play before Austin ran the wrong route. That was a much bigger mistake than Tonys fumble. Would have been an easy 6 as the defender was completely lost on the play. Anyhow, on the fumble play itself, it was supposed to be a fade to Dez. Bryant couldn't fight through Revis by that point so Tony did what he does...tried to make a play.

This was NOT one of the 'careless with the ball' things that he has committed in the past. Once he realized there was no running lane, Romo tucked the ball and was trying to go down. That wasn't a "dive". He was simply trying to get down to the ground and had the ball secured. (I watched this play about 6 times on the DVR). With his knee a couple of inches off the ground a big defender got his hand in there and ripped the ball out. It happens. I don't fault Tony for that one, though. There literally was nothing else he could have done at that point.

4. There was actually more to it than that. The Jets did a great job defending that play. Say what you want about 'announcers' knowing Dez was hurt...the Jets sure didn't play him like he was hurt. "Revis Island" was a peninsula on that play. He had safety help, allowing him to jump the route and making it look much worse than it was.

5. THIS is what cost them the game. Absolutely HORRIBLE, INEXCUSABLE, 'fire the ST coach' bad.

6. Penalties are going to happen with a young, inexperienced line. Sure, you try to minimize them, but you know you're gonna have to play through mistakes.

7. As I recall, they did run the ball once. The running game wasn't there all game. No way they were going to score on the ground against the Jets in that situation. They were already in field goal range, but a TD would have all but iced the game. You aren't playing the clock in that situation, you're trying to go up by 2 TD's and put the game away. Besides, who is to say a running back wouldn't have had the ball knocked loose? Their best opportunity to score was through the air.


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