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Well its Christmas morning so i've gotta make this blog fast...I thought I would do something for the holidays so lets go!

AFC East:

Patriots- Well Santa its been a pretty good year but could you just make those mean Jets get caught cheating?

Bills- Dear Santa, my team has had a great run this year better than anyone thought we would but maybe next year we could get moved to the NFC to make the playoffs?

Jets- Santa this will be kinda long, what happened to my wish last year or did we use it up when we beat the Patriots? Can we have a QB who knows what he's doing, a HB that can score more than one TD and some defense that won't give up 450 yds. per game.

Dolphins- Santa, next year just make my QB and HB not get injured please.  Also can I get some good D-lineman in the draft?

AFC North:

Steelers- Well Santa its been a good year just make my new running back, Najah Davenport, be just as good as Parker was. Can you do that? Thank You.

Browns- Thank you very much for this season Santa, we have exceeded expectations by far! Next year can we just have a little better defense?

Bengals- Santaaaaaaaa!!! What happened to my amazing team? We were supposed to be serious contenders this year! next year just get me a defense that knows what they are doing. A new HB wouldnt hurt too.

Ravens- Santa? Im not sure whether I can still believe in you after this season.  Just please make our new QB, Troy Smith, be good!

AFC South:

Colts- Well Santa its been a great year and I can't really think of anything to wish for so next year can you make the Patriots be 0-16?

Jags- Santa we have had a pretty good year and are making the playoffs but next year can you make us be in an easier division?

Tenessee- Dear Santa, Next year can you just make our QB play a little better? Then we might be a little bit more of a playoff force than now.

Houston- Well Santa, its been a good year, our draft pick last year is finally playing well, we had a good season, next year can we make the playoffs though?

AFC West:

Chargers- Its been a good year, not great but good, I don't really know what to ask for, we have a good defense, a good QB, and a great HB.  Maybe you can help us by getting us past the Pats to the SB?

Denver- Santa, next year can we just have defense? A running back would also be nice.  Thank you Santa.

Oakland- Just please make our new QB be a success Santa.

Chiefs- Santa can we have a QB who knows what he is doing, a new HB, and a better overall offense? Can we have that Santa?

NFC East:

Dallas- Dear Santa, next year just don't make my star QB's girlfriend come to the game. Thanks

Giants- Hey Santa, we've had a good run this year just next year make us be more consistent please.

Redskins- Santa, can you make Sean Taylor come back I really miss him. RIP Sean.

Eagles- Ughhh, Santa it's been a long year... can we have a new QB for next year?

NFC North:

Packers- Well it's been a great year Santa, for next year can Brett Favre play another season?

Minnesota- Santa, thanks for making AD into such a star. Next year can you tell our QB that the game has started?

Detroit- Santaaaaaa, what happened to our great run?  Next year when we win, can we keep winning?

Chicago- Santa i'm not sure whether you're real anymore after this season but if you are can we actually make the playoffs again? And can we make my QB into Mr. Consistent like Peyton Manning?

NFC South:

Bucs- It's been a good year Santa but next year can we have a HB?

Saints- Santa, next year can we make the playoffs again? We've all been good little boys and girls!

Carolina- Mr. Santa sir? Can we have one teensy weensy little thing? Can we have a QB who isnt like 45 years old!

Atlanta- Dear Santa, can you just make my QB get out of jail?

NFC West:

Seattle- It's been a good season but what happened to my star half back? For next year we want a new HB please.

Arizona- Santa, can you make our QB a little better? Some defense would be nice too.

49ers- Santa this will be kinda long, I want.... a new QB, an offense, and a defense.  I also want a new coach.

Rams- Dear Santa, because i'm the last team do I get two wishes?  If I do they would be, to not have my HB get injured and to have a defense that knows how to play.






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