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With the 2011 Regular Season ready to kick off, Fantasy Football is as well.
Here are my 10 Bold Predictions for this upcoming season:

1) Sam Bradford will pass the likes of Big Ben, Ryan, and Flacco and
become a top 10 fantasy QB.

Bradford had an impressive rookie campaign in St. Louis last year and has all
the tools to make the next step this year. Similar to Josh Freeman, Bradford
makes a big leap in his sophomore season and becomes a must start fantasy QB. 
With the addition of Mike Sims-Walker to go with Ammendola and Co., the Rams
offense could be very solid all year.

2) Josh Freeman is a top 5 fantasy QB.

I love Freeman this year. He has plenty of weapons around him in Tampa Bay
and has improved greatly in each of his first two seasons. He brings a bit of
mobility and rushing yards which also add to his fantasy productivity. Look for
him to improve on his numbers from last year and vault into the ranks of the
fantasy elite.

3) Jimmy Graham will be a top 3 fantasy TE.

Graham has the chance for a major break out this year. The Saints love
throwing to the tight end and Drew Brees has always used his tight end as a
safety outlet. Graham has proven to be dangerous in the red zone, which is the
promised land for tight ends. I think this year he joins Antonio Gates and
Jermichael Finley as the league's best.

4) Ben Tate will take significant value away from Arian

If you are going to draft Foster in any league, you must get Tate. Foster
already has a hamstring problem that has developed into a big drama early in the
season. Tate played well in week 1 and basically proved himself to be Foster's
backup over Derrick Ward. He has great running power and vision and will get his
share of carries. He's a must have for Foster owners.

5) Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham will have 1,000 yard/10 TD

Nicks has already proven himself to be Eli Manning's go-to-guy, but
Manningham has the chance to prove himself as more than just a good receiver
this year as well. Last year Manningham came up just short of 1,000 yards and 9
TDs, but with the losses of wideout Steve Smith and tight end Kevin Boss, look
for Manningham's numbers to be similar to Nicks' impressive ones from last

6) Brandon Lloyd will not be a top 10 Fantasy Wide

Last year it seemed like every game Lloyd as making a leaping catch over two
defenders in the end zone. He caught everyone by surprise on his way to leading
all receivers in fantasy points. He won't get that lucky this year. Teams will
now gameplan to stop Lloyd and with an inconsistent running game and
uncertainity at QB, Lloyd will fail to crack the top 10 fantasy wideouts.

7)  Mike Tolbert will once again out produce Ryan Matthews at running
back in San Diego.

Last year the undrafted Tolbert out performed the first round pick Ryan
Matthews in San Diego on his way to an impressive breakout season. Tolbert is a
solid goal line back and will get the majority of the TDs for the Chargers, as
shown in Week 1. With a pass-heavy offense in SD, neither are fantasy gold, but
Tolbert could be a very solid fantasy back and I see him cracking the top 15
this year.

8 ) Chad Ochocinco will be a fantasy non-factor in New

It has been well-documented that Ochocinco has had difficulty learning the
New England play book so far and it was on display in Week 1 against the
Dolphins. Tom Brady threw for a franchise high 517 yards and Ocho accounted for
just 14 of them, on one catch. Brady will eventually lose confidence in the
high-profile receiver and look to familar faces Wes Welker and Deion Branch more

9) Darren McFadden will compete for the rushing title in

Darren McFadden, or D-Mac for short, is currently averaged as the 21st for
overall pick in standard ESPN drafts. Most people don't realize he was the 6th
ranked back last year in stanard fantasy leagues. With no goal line backs there
to steal his carries and McFadden separating himself more and more from Michael
Bush by the day, McFadden can and will come close to leading the league in
rushing yards this season. That is, if he stays healthy.

10) James Starks will replace Ryan Grant as Green Bay's starting
running back.

Starks had his breakout party in the playoffs last season during Green Bay's
magical run to the Super Bowl. With Ryan Grant back from injury, all preseason
the two have been battling it out for the starters job and project to split
carries to start the season. But even in Week 1 it was clear who the better back
was. Starks made the most of his carries and was highly productive throughout
the game, while Grant could only must up 40 yards total on his. Starks will
eventually edge Grant and become the clear starter in Green Bay.

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September 14, 2011  01:33 AM ET

Good blog, I agree with everything except #3.I think Gates, Finley, and Witten will all outperform Graham. So I would say he's top 4. Lol.

Haha i had to decide between Witten and Graham and I think Graham will edge because I just don't like Tony Romo this year

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September 14, 2011  02:59 AM ET

Excellent read. Really liked the format and the concise reasoning behind your predictions.

September 14, 2011  09:47 AM ET

Lol when you put it that way it makes sense.I don't like Romo either. Not anymore. Maybe I'm pissed off because he once again choked a game away (Week 1 vs. the Jets, obviously), but I'm done with Romo. If he was my FB friend I would unfriend his sorry ****.Or at least give him a thumbs down or something. Lol.

I've never been a big fan of Romo. I don't think he has what it takes to see a big time NFL QB. A lot of people are projecting him top 3 and top 5, i just dont see it.

I think Graham's advantage at QB and the Saints willingness to throw gives him the edge over ****, i mean Romo. Haha

September 14, 2011  09:48 AM ET

Excellent read. Really liked the format and the concise reasoning behind your predictions.

Thanks Yoda

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September 14, 2011  12:53 PM ET

I hope you are right about Bradford. I have him on my bench.

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October 3, 2011  11:33 PM ET

I wanted to change my Bradford prediction to he will have a soph slump right before the season but this was already posted.

October 3, 2011  11:36 PM ET

A quarter of the way through the season:

1- Miss
2- Miss
3- Hit
4- Hit so far but we'll see now.
5- Half Hit, Nicks looks great, Manningham doesn't get thrown too.
6- Hit
7- Sort of a Hit, but Matthews is pulling away.
8- Hit
9- Hit
10- Hit

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