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How can Arthur Blank, a man with a 1.3 billion dollar fortune be needy at Christmas time? Well he just happens to own the Atlanta Falcons. Turning Home Depot in to the Giant it is today is one thing, but Mr.Blank has learned this season that running a successful NFL team is something else. His Falcons have nothing, not solid core to build around, not a reliable fan base, not even anybody to run the team. Yes luck has not been on Arthur Blanks side as far as his Falcons are concerned. Do not pardon him for the Falcons troubles and the long term effect theyre sure to have, because in showing poor buisness sense Mr. Blank has been the mastermind behind the Dirty Birds's misfortunes. A man who built a successful buisness franchise should have known not to side with a player over a coach like he did with Mora and Vick. In the buisness world this is the equivalant to taking the side of a common employee over a manager. Never a good idea, you cant bring someone in to run a buisness and compromise his authority to do so. But he did just that in firing Mora to appease Vick. Its also not a good idea to hire employees with questionable charcater, especially one whos just entering and turned down a lucrative contract with another team/company because he felt he had a higher worth. But the Falcons drafted Vick after he couldnt come to terms with San Diego, and who did the Chargers take with thier pick, only LaDanian Tomlinson. Bummer. Also, when running a sports team never underestimate the value of depth your team has, but that didnt stop the Falcons from trading Matt Schaub for nothing more than a higer pick in the first, with which they selected a guys whos done very little, while the Texan drafter a better player with the Falcons orginal pick. D'OH!

But this is the Holiday season, and its a time for giving. And in the spirit of the Holiday we as fans and the rest of the NFL should all pitch in alittle something and help the Falcons turn thier fortunes around. Because even if you dont like a team, is not good for one to struggle. And heres a few individual suggestions of what can be done and who can do what to help the Falcons:

The New England Patriots

A franchise once so bad but now a recipiant of unprecedented good luck should know the perouls of misfortune, and should lend a hand to help the Falcons out. Trade them your first round pick for cheap. Maybe for a 2nd and 4th rounder. I mean can you really be any better? Do you really need the top 10 pick? Youll go 10-0 this season and still be good enough to win another Super Bowl next season. If not for a great run of luck in drafting Tom Brady in the 6th round and having restructure his salary to sign the talent you have you have odds are you would probably be no better than a 3rd place team. Show some charity and decency. It would help you out too. Right now the Patriots are more hated than the Yankees, Lakers, and George Bush combined. I mean you guys are the NFL equivalent to Ebenezer Scrooge. Showing some charity to those in need would help your public image exponentially and your popularity would greatly increase across the country. Remeber, it pays to be charitable, and being nice to other and helping Tiny Tim's family made Scrooge happier in the end.

The City of Los Angeles

Yea the two previous teams didnt work out for you. But the NFL is desperate to have a team in LA and all you have to do is build the Stadium and the Falcons could help themselves by calling it home. Because lets face it, Atlanta is far and away the worst sports market in the Nation. Nobody really draws in Atlanta and a move to LA would make your team more profitable just in advertisments alone. And if theres just one franchise in LA im sure attendance will be fine, I doubt the LA area will take a second shot at an NFL team for granted, especially after watching the Rams win it all just a few years ago. Its a great market thats hungry for a team, so pack up put a for sale sign in front of the Georgia Dome and go west young men.

Roger Goodell and the NFL

If the commish wants to be nice to team which luck and good fortune not just turned its back on ,but gave a good kick in the nuts to he can allow Mike Vick's suspension to end upon completion of his incarceration. This way they can use him a halfback, special team player, or just trade for something. I mean if he still has his athleticism hell still be useful and hes still young. Its not the Falcons fault hes an idiot, dont make the suffer for his sins.

Of course these are just a few suggestions some people outside the Falcon organization can do to help the team. Truth is if the Falcons are to turn it around itll have to come from within, and it all starts with Mr. Blank. He should be fine because this is a man who built a fortune 500 company from the ground up, so he should have sufficent enough buisness sense to turn the Falcons around. Hire a front office with good football sense and let them make the important football personnel decisons. Get the idiots like D'Angelo Hall out of your organization keep idiots like that from putting on a Falcons uniform again. And remember, there was a time where the Patriots were among the worst franchises in the NFL, but a string of good decisions (and a ton of luck) and now look at them. Just think Mr. Blank, make all the right moves and this time next decade it could be you and your Falcons gunning for a 19-0 season. Good Luck!


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