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iB4e is gonna miss the NFL

I just love Christmas. I really do. I love everything about it - shopping, celebrating with family and friends, Christmas Eve services, great food. This year I started what I hope will be a new tradition with my kids - we made Christmas cookies from scratch on Christmas Eve. I have to admit they turned out pretty good. That's what makes Christmas great in the end - traditions. Another tradition we have is to watch The Hunt for Red October. That is one of my all time favorite movies. I can quote line after line of that movie - and it drives my family nuts. But that's my job isn't it. While watching the movie I got an idea for this blog. I thought it might be fun to apply some of those lines to the NFL and see what happens. So, let's just see what we get when I spend a holiday with nothing better to do than to think up goofy stuff. Feel free to add your own.

Patriots - This scene is towards the end of the movie where the USS Dallas intercepts the torpedo headed for the Red October. They then do what is called an emergency blow to literally jump out of the water. This is the  scene that I think best describes this year's Pats - "Captain scared ‘em out of the water" (disclaimer - this isn't the scene in the movie but it is similar footage nonetheless). That's what this New England team does to the opposition; they scare the daylights out of the opposing defenses.

Coaches on the hot seat - "You're relieved". For some reason I love this scene from the movie. It is when the Red October is trying to avoid a torpedo and the navigation officer is wetting his pants because Captain Ramius (Sean Connery) has not ordered the turn yet. The scene takes a few minutes to get there. These are the coaches who I think will be hearing "You're relieved":


Coughlin (unless they make it to the championship game)


Cameron (Parcells may give him one more year)

Linehan (despite what the owner is saying he is losing touch with his team)


Ravens - There is a scene after one of the close calls where one of the officers questions Captain Ramius and the second in command Vasily Borodin slams him against the bulkhead and simple states that the Captain knows what he's doing. You get the impression that he may be saying this, but deep down he doesn't believe it. I think this is the position that the veteran players must be in. On the surface they have to say they still believe in Coach Billick, but deep down they are questioning his authority.

Cowboys - "One chance in three". Let me preface this by saying that I am a Cowboys fan. I also realize that there is still a lot of football left to play. But I don't think anyone outside of their fan base honestly believed they would have home field in the playoffs. Most people probably would have put it at 1 in 100. This scene is where Captain Ramius informed his officers that he told Moscow of his intentions to defect which scared his crew. Ramius told them that he thinks their chance of survival was "one chance in three".

Dolphins - This scene is basically what happened to their season - crash and burn. They were doomed from the start and I am not completely convinced that Cameron's job is safe. We may see the headlines "Tuna cans a Dolphin". This is not the scene from the movie. I could not find a good clip of it.

Jaguars - "Go to 105 on the reactors". I think this is what Del Rio is going to sell to his team. The Jags are in the best position to pull off a monster upset. I'm glad my Cowboys don't have to face them in the playoffs. Everyone is going to try to take down the Pats in the playoffs, but I think only two teams have a chance - Colts or Jags. I like the Jags chances a little better. Disclaimer: I don't think it will happen, but I think the Jags would be the team to most likely pull it off.

That's all I have folks. I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to add your favorite lines from the movie.


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