I went a far more reasonable 10-5 in week 2, giving me a total record of 24-6. But last week was a weird week. My misses came from the incredibly unlucky Minnesota Gophers, the worse than even I expected Boilermakers, the team I put way too much stock in Iowa Hawkeyes, and the team I didn't put enough stock in Michigan, as well as me getting upset happy and not realizing Justin Blackmon is a monster.


Minnesota obviously had extraneous circumstances regarding their loss this week. From the reports I've heard, Kill was in improving condition earlier this week and could even coach the team this week. The players had been told this could happen as Kill is battling cancer, but it doesn't make it any easier to deal with.


My how the tides have turned, Purdon't. First, a blocked FG saves them from a week 1 upset, only to have their FG blocked in the waning moments of last weeks game as they sit at 1-1. Luckily for Purdue, Robert Marve is suiting up this week against Southeast Missouri. They still have a lot of work to do though as they've given up 572 pass yards and 240 rush yards in two games.


I was watching Iowa last week when FSN lost their signal, leaving me their to listen to the game, which I vetoed. But from what I saw/heard, Iowa seemed totally overwhelmed by Iowa State's fast-paced offense. Fortunately for them (and me), they likely won't see another team like that.


Denard Robinson finally proved me wrong, kinda. I got home from the IU game in time to catch the end of the ND-UM game, which was the best part. In the short time I watched, however, it appeared that ND's defensive backs had never seen a football before. Robinson could throw jump balls all night and his guys were coming down with them. He completed just 11 passes, but for 338 yards (a ridiculous 30.7 yards per pass). He did, however, show flashes of old Denard with 108 rush yards and a TD.


Games you can tailgate through


Eastern Michigan @ Michigan - It appears, as I said, Robinson has adapted to the offense and is back to old form. If that's the case, Michigan is going to become a contender. What they'll contend for is yet to be known, but they'll contend for something. This week, however, not much will be in contention. Michigan wins 34-13.


Penn State @ Temple - Not a lot went right for the Lions last week. Their defense gave up 360 yards, nearly 200 of those on the ground. The offense turned the ball over 3 times and put up only 251 yards. However, the QB competition may be ending after McGloin's 1 for 10 passing effort. I expect Bolden to play more and PSU to win a little easier, 27-10.


Pittsburgh @ Iowa - To Iowa's credit, it took 3 OTs for them to finally lose, but it's still a loss. Considering the fact they gave up 473 yards, over 100 yards more than they mustered, it's impressive they were in the game. Pittsburgh doesn't have as high-paced an offense, meaning Iowa should add to the win column. Iowa 27-13.


SE Missouri State @ Purdue - Well, a piece of me thought that this Purdue team wouldn't be good, but being an IU student, I didn't want to make it seem like I was being a homer. However, Purdue has done the talking for me. However, it is SEMO State this week and Marve is coming back, so I don't think they'll let me down. Purdue wins 28-14.


South Carolina State @ IU - For anyone that caught the IU game (although I don't know why you would), you caught an amazing comeback. With 12:59 left in the 3rd, IU went down 23-3 and I myself debated leaving. IU had been outscored 36-3 over the past 3 quarters to Ball State and Virginia. However, something changed and an IU team I hadn't seen in 3 years here came out. In the past, IU would have given up, collecting maybe another TD or 2, but never seriously contending. This IU team reeled off a TD, benefitted from some bonehead plays, scored another TD, then made arguably the biggest play in 3 years as they returned a fumble 50+ yards for a TD and the lead. However, in typical IU fashion, they proceeded to give up the game late, but if this is the beginning of the Kevin Wilson Era, consider me a supporter. This week will be easier and IU will finally get a win, 28-13.


Miami (OH) @ Minnesota - Minnesota has been on a roller coaster this year. If Kill comes back to coach this team this weekend, I don't see how they could lose. Heck, even if he doesn't, I think they win this one for him. Minnesota 24-10.


Washington @ Nebraska - Taylor Martinez's stats for the season


21-43, 335 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT; 34 carries, 301 yards, 5 TDs


It isn't Heisman worthy, but it's near an average of 300 yards a game and 3 TDs. That's productivity. They'll get a stiffer test this week against Washington, but it won't slow him or the Huskers down. 38-17, Nebraska.


Northwester @ Army - Considering that they've been without Persa, Northwestern as surprised me. I didn't expect them to win week 1 and I didn't expect them to win big in week 2. Persa is a possibility this weekend, but I think they'll sit him so he's 100% for the Big Ten opener. Regardless, Northwestern wins this week, going 3 for 3, 24-14.


Wisconsin @ Northern Illinois - I also had the opportunity to watch Wisconsin this past weekend and something encouraging (for Wisconsin fans) happened. Russell Wilson proved he can pass. Early on, Oregon State stopped the run, so Russell Wilson proceed to complete his first 8 or 9 passes and a couple of TDs. He finished 17 of 21 for 189 yards and 3 TDs. This Wisconsin team is scary good folks. They'll win easily again this week, 38-3.


Bring a TV to the tailgate


Arizona State @ Illinois - I put this here because I still am not sure about Illinois. First, they come out and beat a bad Arkansas State team, then absolutely demolish South Dakota State. 8 different people rushed the ball for Illinois, totaling 364 yards. This team is going to have to work extra hard to pull off an upset. I don't think it'll happen, but the possibility is there with AZ State coming off a huge win. For now, I'll say AZ State 28-17.


This is what we tailgate for


Michigan State @ Notre Dame - This is a huge game for both teams. Michigan State is a statement win away from firmly putting itself in Big Ten contention and a most likely 4-0 start before a huge Big Ten opener against Ohio State. Notre Dame is one loss away from irrelevancy for the rest of the year. Notre Dame's offense is potent, but their defense is some kind of awful, particularly the secondary. That being said, it's simple things ND has to fix, like locating the ball and swatting it down. I think they'll do that, but I can't see them winning this one. Michigan State with the huge win in a shootout, 38-35.


Ohio State @ Miami - Ohio State did everything it could to let Toledo win the game last weekend right after I go bragging them up. That has me worried. Miami isn't as bad a team as some might suggest and Jacory Harris is starting Saturday. Ohio State's offense looked bad against Toledo and Miami has a much better defense. I think Miami has a statement win this week in primetime. 27-13 Miami.


Next Best 3


1. Oklahoma @ Florida State - This one has been hyped all year. #1 vs. #5. Personally, I think FSU is overrated. However, OU hasn't looked like a #1 team either this year. This will be a great game, although it won't top last week. OU wins 31-21.


2. LSU @ Mississippi State - LSU has a pretty rough schedule, but if they pull it off undefeated or even 1 loss, it's a national title team. They'll win this week 28-13.


3. Tennesse @ Florida - Rivalry games are always fun, close, tough games. This one is no different as Florida has an early test this season. They'll pass. 27-24.
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September 15, 2011  12:45 PM ET

2. LSU @ Mississippi State - LSU has a pretty rough schedule, but if they pull it off undefeated or even 1 loss, it's a national title team. They'll win this week 28-13.

why is this game a three point line and not LSU plus 13??????? makes no sense unless vegas has some real inside info.

msu is at home, but home for them is 45,000 and lsu had more fans than that at spring practice.

September 15, 2011  12:46 PM ET

also- msu has no defense and lsu showed against oregon that they can run the ball and drain the clock while the LSU defense is impressive.

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September 15, 2011  01:45 PM ET

It's Justin Blackmon, not James... if you're talking about the Oklahoma State WR, as I'm assuming given you chose Arizona for the upset last week.

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September 16, 2011  12:55 AM ET

We'll see if Toledo gives BSU a scare. Might be a barometer game for the Ineligi-Bowl.

BSU is scarier than Toledo.

September 16, 2011  06:44 PM ET

Awesome blog, Rude. Iowa St beat Iowa.

Pittsburgh might have a good shot at an upset.

September 16, 2011  06:46 PM ET

I think tOSU wins fairly easy this week, they always give some random team hope before they kick into gear. Last week was that game.

Miami has Jacory Harris, plus some other key players who missed the Maryland game. Miami is a lot more athletic than Toledo.

Ohio State's defense is going to have a wake up call.


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