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Well, I had truck problems yesterday and was in a bad mood, so I forgot to post my weekly blog last night, so I'll do it tonight.

I just realized that I didn't do my post, so I had to come up with a topic in a hurry, so I decided to post music about the first thing that poped into my head. I wanted to dosomething that incorporates both the legends and some of the more recent artists, so I decided to meet somewhere in the middle 


Just simply doing a list of songs that pay tribute to a Country legend.  I'll admit, there will be multiple songs paying tribute to Hank Williams Sr, but there will be some for other artists as well.


Hope you like, and remember, Feedback would be appreciated, please comment telling me what you think.


Let's get this thing started.


First up,

Brooks and Dunn- Ballad of Jerry Jeff Walker

Just a song of how Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn grew up idolizing Jerry Jeff Walker, wanting to be his openin act.  Jerry Jeff comes in he second verse and helps the best duo in history sing it.  Crazy times for Jerry Jeff in the 70's.



David Allan Coe- The Ride

DAC at his best here.  This song is about David thumbing to Nashville, and is picked up by a ghostly figure who later turns out to be the ghost of Hank Williams, who gives David some damn good advice for his career in Country music.



Josh Thompson- Blame it on Waylon

I love this song.  Perfect Outlaw sound in themodern day.  The song is about how he blames Waylon and the other Outlaws for his musical styling and bad habits.  I think this song will be the favorite in this blog for the rockers out there.



Garth Brooks- Good Ride Cowboy

Garth wrote this song as a tribute to his good friend, rodeo star and Country music legend, Chris LeDoux.  Great tribut, and great song, and one of my favorite lines from a song of all time.  "If she starts to twist be more like Chris, pull your hat down tight and just LeDoux it." One of th most upbeat tributes after a eath that I know of.



Tim McGraw- Kristofferson

This is one of the few Tim McGraw songs that I like.  I love the steel guitar used in this song.  Very traitional sound to this song, which doesn't happen much in McGraw's music.  This song is about Tim handling a problem like Kris Kristofferson would have, and write a song about it.



Eric Church- A Lot of Boot Left to Fill

This song doesn't pay tribute to any artist in particular, though it mentions Waylon Jennings numerous times along with Hank Williams, and a mention of Johnny Cash.  This song is more of a tribute to all of the true Country artists that came before him, and how mot popular Country of today doesn't do them justice.


Last, but not least,

Alan Jackson- Midnight in Montgomery

Another, but more erie song about meeting the ghost of Hank Williams.  Songs like this is why I love Alan Jackson.  Great voice, and a strong steel ride.  This is a great song. 

September 15, 2011  09:20 PM ET

There's stars in Alabama, you just can't see from Tennessee

September 15, 2011  11:16 PM ET

Do I really have to listen to the music to leave a comment(ha-ha)?

September 16, 2011  11:25 AM ET

Cool concept for the post this week, UH... nice tributes all around.


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