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Happy New Year, and we can ring in the 2008 by watching Michigan smoke Florida in the Captial One Bowl. Expect Michigan to salvage thier 2007 flop of a seaon and send Lloyd Carr off on a high note by beating a Florida team with plenty of retunring starters from a National Championship Team and a Heisman Winner who are vulnerable to overlook this game. Keep in mind, Heisman Trophy winners are 2-5 in bowl games this decade, and this season with a Heisman Trophy winner playing on a defending National Champ in a medicore New Years Bowl, going up against a Michigan team who needs this to have something to proud of in an otherwise disasterous season, and playing for a man coaching his final game bet the house on the Wolverines.

Later on USC beats Illinois in a thriller to hand the Big Ten its only defeat this Bowl Season and Big 10 football is no longer a joke 

The BCS Title Game wont even be close, Ohio State in a route. Unless me and Fannation readers have seen 2 different LSU teams this season, we should all know that LSU is prone to giving up a ton of points, as exhibited in games such a Arkansas, Kentucky, and Alabama. Thier D isnt bad, but its not the best in the country,Ohio State's on the otherhand is the best and hasnt given up more than 28 points all season. Beanie Wells is good enough to run wild against the Tiger D, and the Buckeye D is good enough to shut down LSU's offense. Ohio State beats LSU 48-10.

Johan Santana gets traded to Dodgers. The Sox arent gonna give the Twins Bucholz and Ellsbury and will insist on trading John Lester, and if the Twins are smart theyll avoid Lester. The Dodgers have a very deep farm system and can afford to part with a Matt Kemp, Clayton Kershaw, and either Broxton or Billingsley for the best pitcher in baseball. And the Dodgers have to because the DBacks and Padres both got better this offseason. Think I'm wrong, wasnt Miguel Cabrera expected to go to the Angels.

The New York Giants will play for the NFC Championship. The NFC is bad enough this season that a Wild Card team can concievably go deep in the playoffs, and the Giants are good enough to do just that. With a solid DLine, a good running game and quality receivers theyre better than the Buccaneers and should win in Tampa (34-21). The Packers are overrated and Favre sucks in the playoffs of the Giants are a safe bet to win, even in Lambeau (Favre throws 4INTS and the Giants win 27-23). Theyll come back down to Earth in the NFC Championship and lose big to Big D NFC Championship: Cowboys 56 Giants 10).

Baseball Writers Will Fail to Elect a 2008 Hall of Fame Inductee. Since writers refuse to vote for an alleged steroid user McGwires out. Other than him its a weak ballot and i doubt any of the eligible players will recieve the necessary 75%.

The NHL's Winter Classic will bring hockey back to the mainstream in the US. It was a hit in Canada, but all hockey is a hit there. The Sabres and Penguins will play an outdoor game in Buffalo on New Years Day on National TV and this could be the hit the NHL needs to make the league popular again. Sidney Crosby the leagues new marquee player will shine as American TV audiences tune in to something (assuming the game is marketed well and hyped), and the NHLs ratings skyrocket from there. Its a stretch I know but not impossible.

The Biggest Event of the Month- The Patriots will lose thier first playoff game to Jacksonville.  In what could be among the best football games ever played David Garrard does not throw any INTs and the Jags will play mistake free football and beat the Pats in a shootout. Fred Taylor has a big game and becomes a household name depite being a Pro Bowl Snub. The Jags and Pats exchange touchdown after Touchdown, but the Pats will come up short at the end and the Jags lose to the Colts the following week. Jaguars 56 Patriots 49

Super Bowl XLII= Cowboys vs. Colts in Arizona


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