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Did you watch the game last night? I was feeling upset all night. Mullen had his team ready to take the lead and show they are contenders in the SEC WESt this year but failed short in the 2nd half. I saw a LSU team ready to grind it out with any team in the SEC and just wait for their defense to make a play and allow their offense to do the rest. Anytime Mississippi State looked ready to move the ball and take the lead, LSU and its defense stepped up and stopped the threat. After field goals were exchanged you felt MSU could hang and pull it off. Everyone in the country talks about SEC speed and last night it showed. LSU players just looked so fast and all over the field. LSU defense made it feel like they had 15 guys covering 7 guys in an arena football field. It is amazing how fast the defensive backs of LSU can cover a WR. The LSU offense took forever to get going but LEE finally got them on the board with a TD throw late in the game which proved to be the dagger. Lee has shown signs of being the starter and managing the game as long as LSU needs him to be. . LSU fans wanted to boo LEE right off the team a couple of years ago. Imagine if he leads them to the national title game and wins it all. Talk about a love hate relationship. LSU will be a strong foe to deal with for other SEC teams but the SEC gets one more week off while LSU travels to West Virginia. This year is shaping up to be a nice one. I believe that Notre Dame has backed themselves into a corner and will get the win over Michigan State. Then again State is doing really well and Notre Dame has shot themselves in the foot twice. Against Michigan, Notre Dame showed it can be a killer on offense and put teams away. They just need the defense to hold up their end of the bargain. Notre Dame will not win more than 8 games this year. 8 is a stretch but it will be fun to watch them struggle to 6 wins and a bowl game! (wonder if they wish they joined a conference so they could have some cupcakes on the schedule?) If Notre Dame did join a conference then they would have their out of conference games be against big time foes like USC, Stanford, NAVY, and possibly BIG-10 schools if they did not join that conference. Oh well, their loss... literally! Tune in this weekend for my game recap and thoughts on the action that will take place this saturday! What a great slate of games in the SUNSHINE state. Interested to see how things turn out!


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