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I can't help wondering just how competitive the AFC South has been all season long.  This has got to be one of, if not, the best divisions in the NFL with the NFC East coming a close second.  For those who diverge, consider this: The 4 teams(Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Tennessee, and Houston) have amassed a total of 40 wins thus far with final week of the regular season still remaining.  That is an average of 10 wins for each team and should the Titans win their matchup this weekend against none other than their own division rival Colts, you will then have the impressive prospect of having 3 AFC South teams in the postseason. Such a scenario may also apply for the NFC East should Washington upend Dallas.                                                                                                                                                           The NFC east is not far behind in total victories themselves as they have combined for 38 wins, just 2 behind.  But the NFC East has been known to be competitive for years.   I believe that distinction is starting to characterize the AFC South whom I believe will be among one of the best divisions for years to come.  Should Houston win this weekend, all AFC South teams will be at least .500 or above.  Likewise, should Philadelphia win this Sunday, the same would apply to the NFC East division. Surprisingly, this has not happened since 2002 when the AFC East and AFC West accomplished such a remarkable feat.  Since 2002, not one division, let alone two, has ever finished with all its registered teams finish above .500.  As the proverb goes, I don't want to count the chickens before they hatch because Houston and Philadelphia still need a victory this weekend for this achievement to become valid.  Should they both fail, then obviously a disclaimer is warranted as to how pointless this blog will be.  But I like the odds on both of them winning at home.
As for the AFC South, we all know Indianapolis as a superlative team who can match up well against anybody as evident of their  championship reign last season.  As for Jacksonville and Tennessee, both teams have a good core of talent essential towards bringing in a championship.  Not only it is only a matter of time but some slight restructuring in addition to acquiring a little more depth on the team is deemed necessary. I know it is easier said than done but there is no denying that these teams possess the tenacious defense that championship teams entail.  As for Houston, Kubiak's team is only a couple of impact players away, along with the continued progress and maturization of Mario Williams, from taking it to the next level.  With the prospects only looking up for all four teams, this is definitely the division to look out for in the upcoming years as they should maintain their integrity to compete.  Anybody agree?  Disagree?


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