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If anybody says what Floyd Mayweather did to Ortiz last night was dirty , like Larry Merchant they are fools who don't know anything about boxing . Even in the MMA's you can't head butt an opponent to try to inflict damage as Ortiz did 3 times to Mayweather . He could'nt get to Mayweather with his punches because Floyd was to fast and to good defensively . If you didn't see the fight here's how it went down . In the 4th round after taking punch after punch to the face from Mayweather and clearly losing the fight  Victor Ortiz cornered Mayweather on the ropes throwing a flurry of punches that didn't land . He got mad decided to leap upward to throw a viscious head butt striking Mayweather in the chin . The referee one of the oldest and sorriest in boxing Joe Cortez broke the fighters up with Ortiz still throwing punches at Mayweather after the break . Cortez then deducted points from Ortiz who went over to Mayweather apoligizing by hugging him and kissing him on the cheek .  When have you seen a boxer get kissed in a championship boxing match ? You acknowledge your mistake and continued to fight not continue to apoligize . But he knew he was wrong for trying to head butt Mayweather and the kiss was even more insulting . It wasn't the head butt that pissed Mayweather off it was the kiss on the cheek before a worldwide audience that did it . After the deduction of points the ref brought both fighter to the center of the ring clapped his hands for them to continue to fight then he got distracted by a ring official and that lead to the KO . Instead of him doing his job by watching the fighters he didn't see Mayweather walk toward Ortiz , who continue to apoligize for a third time instead of protecting himself and continue to fight . Mayweather being pissed about the head butt , and even worse about the kiss was ready to fight and walked toward Ortiz with his hands up while Ortiz still wanted to hug and kiss . He took a jab to the face with his hands at his side never putting them up followed by a straight right hand to the jaw knocking Ortiz out . He chose to keep his hands down after Cortez gave them the signal to fight as Cortez looked away at who knows what ( maybe some movie star at ringside or an official ) so Ortiz got knocked out shame on him for not having his hands up . This was a championship boxing match not a love fest after a dirty head butt .

Larry Merchant was wrong by trying to accuse Mayweather of being a dirty fighter during the interview after the fight . But telling Ortiz his head butts didn't appear to be intentional during his interview after the fight . Larry Merchant some of us fans are tired of your negative BS and bias opinion against certain fighters of color and you got the verbal knock out from Mayweather that you deserve . Hands down man down !     

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