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I have just witnessed NFL history. The Patriots have gone undefeated in the regular season.

Okay, first things first. Congratulations, guys. Despite my dislike for some of the guys on your team, despite my team loyalties, you have played incredible football this year. We fans can only imagine how hard you have worked, what you have sacrificed, and what you must be feeling at this moment. I'd be willing to bet that you brought a ton of new fans into the NFL fold, and re-energized some veteran fans. It was always fun watching you play. Enjoy your moment--you have earned it.

Now, on to my biting commentary.

Bill Belichick is STILL acting like holding a press conference is only slightly less annoying than being used as a chew toy for a rabid poodle. Man--you just coached a team to a perfect season!! Show us some genuine emotion! Belichick wouldn't even mention "perfect season" or "perfect record". He would only say "what happened here tonight". Listen, Bill, can I give you some advice?

Tough...I'm giving it anyway.

Humility is a great characteristic. But you are human, right Bill? The level of humility that you seem to have is not natural. As such, your 'humility' is totally disingenuous. You are either up there at the podium, lying your sweatshirt-clad rear end off, or your really do lack any amount of normal human emotion. Neither scenario is very appealing. For someone who seems to be a football-savant, you are way off the mark on this one.

Another little piece of history took place this week. The NFL decided to simulcast this game on CBS, NBC, and the NFL Network. I heard a lot of people say that this was a generous act by the NFL to ensure that any fan who wanted to could watch the game.

If you believe that for one second, I have some great coastal property here in Chicago that I'd like to sell you.

Are you kidding me? This was NOT a charitable move by the NFL. This was a marketing guy's wet dream! The NFL could not have scripted a better scenario to promote their network. This was a potentially historical game, and by simulcasting the game on network TV, the NFL was spoon-feeding three hours of advertising for the NFL Network to America. And they certainly were not shy about that promotion, either. If I had to hear Rich Eisen say "For those of you that don't have the NFL Network, this is just a sampling of the quality programming that we air 365 days a year," one more time, I was going to call and cancel my subscription on principle. UGH. I hate shameless self-promotion. It just feels so...dirty.

Back to the game itself, I was so proud of the Giants. I know that sounds weird, but I can't think of a more fitting adjective to describe how I am feeling. The Giants did not roll over and give the win to the Pats--they fought like hell for the entire 60 minutes. They played excellent football, and I was impressed with Eli Manning. I'm not sure why they didn't play like that for the rest of the season, but they had a great game tonight.

I know that I have been critical of the Pats. I'll admit...they are not my favorite franchise. They still aren't. But I just wanted to take a few minutes to comment on being a witness to history. Kudos, gentlemen...congrats, mazel tov, and thanks.

Thanks for giving us football fans a season to remember.


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