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Last night, (while I have yet to find official overnight ratings), The New England Patriots played the New York Giants in a game that was nationally broadcast. Not just on one network, not just on two networks but on three networks. Here in New England, it was broadcast on ABC, NBC, CBS and NFL. The only station not to simulcast was Fox. There is a reason for that. However, its neither here nor there. The fact is, this was an unprecedented programming decision by all of the networks. When was the last time you ever saw a major sporting event carried live (even though it was a simulast), on all the major networks at the same time? The only time you ever see the majors carry the same item at the same time is something of national interest such as the State of the Union, national tradgedies etc. This was a sporting event. When I do get the overnight ratings, I'm willing to bet, it beats all previous ratings for not just any previous regular season game, but dare I say any Super Bowl rating? How much do you think Hummer or GMC paid for its 30 second ads last night? I'll bet it wasn't what the NFL COULD have gotten had anyone had the psychic ability to know what this game would mean to the NFL, the country, the world. This brings me to the point of this ramble. When the Patriots were 5-0, you heard stupid comments about "Spygate". It was to be expected, it was still fresh in the memory, the Patriots were rolling over defensive lines like they were cardboard cut-outs or "FatHeads". By week 14, the comments on this site became redundant and moronic.

As the Patriots continued on their streak to perfection, you had the 72 Dolphins coming out of the woodwork and making comments. The most idiotic of them coming from Mecury "Snow-Man" Morris who made the comment " call me when you're in my town, call me when you're on my block, and I see you next door moving your furniture in. That's when I'll know you're going to the championship and you're about to play. And if you win it, I'll be dressed up in a tuxedo waiting on my bride." How's that champagne taste when its as flat as your alibi Mecury "It was entrapment! " Morris?

I'm willing to bet that not one of the Patriots wants to own a house anywhere in the neighborhood of wherever you happen to be Morris. I know I don't as a fan.

In December, Morris continued his idiotic ramblings with ":Don't go up there and now because you're two inches taller and say 'oh, now we're up here.' No, you can be parked right beside us like Daytona, outside pole, otherwise known as number two." (the 2 inches are the two additional games the Patriots would play vs the 14 the Dolphins played in 1972)

Just a few days later, having still not remembering his momma's admonishments (or his lawyer from his previous mouth off's), Morris opens his mouth again and does a "rap" and then goes on to complain that the Patriots are "burying everybody every week 'cause they can do it." You're DAMN right there Mercury. Thats the one thing you said during this entire 16-0 run that made any sense in a way. The Patriots didn't bury the Ravens or the Eagles of the Giants. They didn't because all 3 of these teams played more than 1/2 of football. They all played 3 quarters. The Cowboys, The Redskins, The Chargers? They played one half. You want to stop the bury? Get a hold of the shovel.

Mercury's comments while idiotic, childish, bitter ramblings of an old ex-con who had his day in the sun, bring me to some of the quotes I saw today while perusing FN. These too are the remarks of bitter childish people. Fans of teams that either were run over by the Patriots or who's team has not had a winning team in so long, they forget what it's like.

I commented earlier today that its like some of these teams and their fans have a case of penile dysfunction and could use a dose of Levitra.

People hate the success of others. Its human nature for alot of people. I had it in the 70's against the Steelers, I had it in the 80's against the 49ers, I had it in the 90's against the Cowboys. I never hated the teams themselves or their players or coaches, just hated that we didn't have it in New England. I was jealous! I wanted Dan Marino to be a Patriot! I wanted Joe Montana to come to New England ! We have a tendency to covet what we don't have and yet, "believe" we deserve. Especially when it seems that "they" have all the success that "we" envy so badly. We are fascinated by celebrities, rich people. We covet their material possessions, their lifestyles, their success. Often, what we forget while running around with our pretty green eyes, is that most people have what they have because someone along the line worked for it. You may hate Paris Hilton and her socialite lifestyle, but guess what? Noone but the Hilton family built those hotels and worked hard to make them a success. You can hate Bill Gates and all that Microsoft is, but Bill Gates wrote that code in his garage. Noone handed him his millions. He earned them. You can't hate the 66 year old grandmother and grandfather of 6 , from Pennsylvania that wins 56 million in a lottery. No doubt they worked hard their whole lives and why don't they deserve it? It's OK to say "Why not me". Its not OK to keep saying "It's not ok that its you, YOU don't deserve it"

So why does the hard work, committment ,diligence and preparation of a team from the ownership to the front office down to the coaching and the players of that team that has done the unprecedented and broken some lofty records need to be so vilified so rabidly? With such venom and such naked hostility? Jealousy. You don't have to admit it, its ok. I know it's there. Once the NFL season is over, you can start hating the Celtics too.

So go ahead and hate. It's natural. While you're doing all that hating, I'm going to sit back, watch which of you get through today and then which get through next week.

Have a great day of football people !

Because right now, we're 16-0. Still Perfect. Still Smiling.


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