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Andrew Perloff doesn't want to sound like a "Hate-triot" in his latest blog, but he's "fully prepared for the wrath of rightfully proud New England fans" for his criticisms. According to Perloff "The Patriots haven't won anything yet".

The thrust of his less than insightful comments was basically that the Patriots, rather than just maintaining "supreme confidence" have demonstrated a horrible level of "arrogance" and commit "immature antics" during games that should be beneath them. Indulging in the kind of stupid behavior that, if left unchecked, will lead to their downfall. According to Perloff "The Patriots constantly pay lip service to humility" and that  "their actions on the field aren't always consistent with their locker-room jargon." I'm not quite sure what he means.

The way I read it the "lip-service" he refers to are the humble and gracious comments the Patriots players say during interviews and such. You all know... those quotes like, "It was a great win but it's just one game and we have a tough opponent ahead" or "I'm just one player and for us it's all about the team" or "individual records don't mean much to us" or "It's all about getting to the Superbowl"... etc, etc. Judging by what Perloff wrote they are also humble like that in the locker room (where I always figured they pounded their chest and whooped like savages after a feast until "No Nonsense" Belichick comes in and puts the p00p to the party").

Apparently not. I'm sure Perloff, having spent countless hours hanging around in the Patriot locker room buddying up with the players, knows better than the rest of us what the Partrots say when the media isn't around. Whatever... I think what he meant to say was that while it seems like off the field they are a humble group of guys, on the field they are arrogant, spiteful boors who can't wait to rub dirt in their opponents wounds.

While he doesn't mention guys like Merriman and the  Dancing-with-the-Stars routine we all have to endure after every sack, he took exception to the 15 secounds of celebration "After Randy Moss caught a four-yard touchdown to set the single-season points record". As if celebrating the TD that sets the record of a lifetime for a player is somehow less worthy of celebration than a routine sack that happens 3 or 4 times in every game.

He seems to have missed the almost universal opinion expressed by the rest of the media covering the game who thought the flag was uncalled for given the situation. No one in the entire sports world saw it as excessive other than the ref and Perloff... and I'll bet the ref is probably sorry that he made the call after watching the replay.

Perloff in the kind of journalistic hindsight that writers like to present as fact notes "the Pats were flagged for excessive celebration, setting up a 74-yard kickoff return for a Giants touchdown on the next play". As though the return would never have happened if Moss wasn't flagged. The lousy coverage by the Pats and the great effort by Hixon had nothing to do with it.

He attributes the motivation behind the Patriots drive to perfection to "their resolve to avenge the Championship Game loss and their defiance in the Spygate aftermath". Forgetting that a lot of folks had the Patriots pegged to go undefeated well before the season even began. Without that motivation the Patriots "had to scrap to beat mediocre teams like the Ravens, Eagles and Giants". By Peroff's logic had "Spygate" not happened the Pats would have been just average. 

All year long the Patriots have had to listen to trash talk from everyone outside of their locker room. They have been analyized, criticized, debated, berated, accused and abused by opponents, fans and scribes from day 1. The ridiculous non-event that was "Spygate" has been held up by every tabloid-quality sports reporter who has a column at least once a week as an example of what will tarnish this season forever. These talking heads, and Perloff is one of them, have taken the taping incident, clung to it and made it their mantra to the point that, now that the Patriots have run the table, their every reference to it makes them sound like they're carrying sour grapes the size of basketballs.

Even after going undefeated, people in the media are still talking as though the Patriots are less then the perfect team... never noting that no one on the patriots team or in the organization ever uttered such a claim to begin with. To a lot of people it's like, well, yeah, the Patriots are 16 and 0 but unless they win the SB they really aren't so hot. What these people are on is anyone's guess but it can't be legal. Something that makes people utter such impossibly stupid words has to be dangerous

A lot of teams have won a SB... a team wins it every year. But only 4 teams in the history of pro football have had undefeated seasons. Only 2 teams in the modern era of football have gone thru an entire regular season undefeated.  And only one team has ever been 16 and 0. Along the way the Patriots have broken just about evey record that matters. I don't know what anyone else thinks but me?... I think that's QUITE an accomplishment.

Superbowl win or not the Patriots have every right to celebrate that record. I intend to celebrate right along with them. Should they somehow fail to win the Superbowl it will be disappointing. But the thrill of having watched them go undefeated  will make it a little less painful. I think there are teams left who have just as good a shot at winning the SB. The Colts and the Cowboys will be just as disappointed if they don't make it all the way. You can lose to any team if things don't go right.

The Giants weren't considered as good as the Pats. No one really gave them a chance. But for that day, that game, they gave the Patriots all they could handle. They played hard and got some breaks. It was experience and that"supreme confidence" that Perloff mistakes for "arrogance" that was the difference. The Giants lost the game more than the Patriots won it. They saved their best for when it mattered.  The difference to me is that if someone else is going to win the Superbowl this year, they are going to have to BEAT the Patriots... because the Patriots won't lose the game

"The Patriots haven't won anything yet." states Perloff. The Patriots won't be great team until they have a Superbowl Ring. Follow that reasoning and Perloff will never be considered a writer of any worth until he wins a Pulitzer.

I don't want to sound like a hater but... at least it's possible for the Patriots to win the Superbowl. Perloff has absolutely no chance.

And I have some lip-service for Perloff... it's called the "Bronx Cheer". The way he writes, I'm sure he's heard it before.


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