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I just had my whole page done and clicked the wrong button and deleted it all. Isnt technology great? If Big news I heard back from my favorite sports writer Stewart Mandel this week. I love reading his mailbag and hope to have a job just like his in the future. If you want me to cover your favorite team or conference let me know and I will get it done.

What a week it was in college football. We now know who the pretenders and contenders of college football. I love sitting down and watching football all saturday. I turn on my tv, my computer, and the other computer to have as many games possible going on.

1) Everyone has already brought it up but I will give my thoughts. Game tied at 13, OU QB Jones led is team down for a TD when they needed it most vs FSU. FSU is still a little bit off from competing on a national level. With the FSU talent on offense and defense, they will run through most of the ACC but still struggle on a national level. OU got rid of some demons when it won on the road vs a tough opponent.

FSU better not be let down from this game because they have a huge game vs CLEMSON this weekend. FSU vs CLEMSON has become a great matchup in the ACC! I will enjoy this game.

2) Gators should be glad to have back a healthy kicker. Without him, Tennessee would have won the game and been finally singing rocky top all night long in the swamp. Gators have alot of hope after seeing that performance but also need alot of help to close out better in the second half. I did not see a Gator team winning in the 2nd half but more or less "holding" on for the win.

3) FIU beat UCF to continue its unbeaten run. FIU has to play DUKE next week and hopes to notch another win against a BCS foe. FIU will need to then turn its focus to TROY if they want to win the SUNBELT this year. I love following an underdog. Boise State was fun to follow while they were an underdog but now they are big time.

4) Speaking of Boise State, did you watch the game? the final score was 40-15 but the score does not refelct how close the game was and could have been. Toledo turned the ball over multiple times in the redzone. Boise State is a team that makes you pay for every time you turn the ball over. Kellen Moore is an amazing QB. He made it look so easy and always took what the defense gave. Always impressed with the Kellen Moore has handled himself on the big stage vs Virginia Tech, Georgia, TCU, UTAH, etc... I hope Moore gets his shot at the bigtime this year. We need OU, Bama, LSU, and the rest of the TOP 10 to lose....ALOT.

5) LSU has a defense and they are FAST! LSU has a big road test vs WVU coming up but LSU will be every game thanks to their defense. They bend but dont break. Come deeper SEC play, they will be in every game thanks to that FAST defense.

6) Speaking of SEC, did you see South Carolina barely get the win vs NAVY. Navy is a tough team but South Carolina is suppose to dominate all who stand in the way. Without Lattimore, South Carolina would probably not be able to win many games. South Carolina is good but still have not turned on the switch. They have alot of work to do if they want to win the SEC EAST. Yes, the SEC EAST is weak this year but they will need to turn it on from the start of kickoff to the end if they want to put away tougher SEC teams. South Carolina has a pesky Vanderbilt this week, better look out.

7) Oklahoma State showed its offense can go at any time because of the 1am kickoff. Their first big test comes vs Texas A&M this weekend. I look forward to that game and pick Oklahoma State to win...possibly even double Digits. I think Texas A&M is overrated but this weekend we will find out what they are made of.

8) After seeing Arkansas' offense click with Mallett gone, I am excited to see the game this year vs Alabama. A high powered offense going against a great defense. Who do you pick this weekend? Bama at home or Arkansas for the upset? Let's pick Bama to finally pick a QB and win a big SEC game.

9) I bet BYU wishes they can be back in the MWC after the beating they took from Utah. BYU just looked lost and a complete mess on offense all night. BYU has athletes but not the type that will win them games on a national level. BYU will have a new Offensive Coordinator by seasons end. BYU might want to get their stuff together in case an invite comes from the BIG-12.

10) Iowa State and Illinois are both 3-0 after this weekend. Big wins for both programs. Interested to see how the rest of their season unfolds. Any other teams at a suprising 3-0 after this week? Also Michigan coach Brady Hoke faces his former team San Diego State this week. I bet that's a big game for all San Diego State fans.

In other news this whole conference armageddon is starting to boil over. Everyone though the BIG-12 would be raided by the SEC as a major move or maybe the PAC-12 getting some BIG-12 teams. Well it turned out the ACC is the one to make a first move and raid the BIG EAST. Should make for good basketball next year but! Rumor also has it that NOTRE DAME is scared and would want to join the ACC because it would be easy wins for a struggling football team (props for them beating Michigan state this week but Michigan State is not what everyone thinks it is). Notre Dame needs to grow a pair and move to the BIG-10. Syracuse and Pitt are smart to leave the BIG EAST. IT is weak in football and will fall apart after everything is said and done!

As for the BIG-12, they need to invite BYU, SMU, TCU, Houston, or even trade the SEC TEXAS A&M for arkansas to keep the BIG-12 together. the BIG-12 would be smart to do this and avoid being left out from the BCS table. I know OU wants to keep it together!

MONEY is the root of all evil (in college football) and will destroy every tradition and rivalry you hold dear to your heart after this is all said and done.

Now that I am done rambling it is on to some picks for this week

FSU over CLEMSON 38-21

Oklahoma State over Texas AM 42-31

GT over UNC 42-35 ( love watching the rambling reck)

Bama over Arkansas 20-10 ( defense wins championships)

Florida over Kentucky 42-17

LSU over West Virginia 24-14

USC over Arizona State 33-20

Look forward to hearing from readers and hope this week of college football is full of even more suprises. Gosh I hate this conference Armageddon and wish Notre Dame would have joing the BIG-10 back in the day and never started this whole mess.... #$%@  Irish.





September 20, 2011  09:33 PM ET

I had so much more to say but after deleting my post, it was hard to put it all back down!

September 22, 2011  03:02 PM ET

I agree with the BIG12 adding BYU, TCU, and Airforce...that would help out the north.
the BIG12 South has always been better than the BIG12 south...Nebraska has come on strong as of late....before they I imagine in the north you will have many different winners for the time they are there.
I wonder if BYU will join because they have their own network like the LONGHORN network but its for their church and football team!

September 22, 2011  03:13 PM ET

BYU, TCU, Air force are good schools!


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