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     On this edition of soccer mailbag, I will try my best to teach you about the world of club soccer.  I will answer three questions that might interest you, so here it goes.  I hope you learn something new.


1. How many leagues are there in the world?  Well it is very hard to say, because every country has at least one "pro league".  But I will give you the premier leagues of the world or the first division leagues.  The top tier consists of the English Premier League, the Spanish Primera (La Liga), the Italian Serie A, the German Bundesliga, and the French League.  Then you have even more.  For time's sake, I will copy and paste all of the world leagues that I found on  The first league listed under the country's name is the premier division. 


Flag of Albania Albania

Flag of Algeria Algeria

Flag of Argentina Argentina

Flag of Armenia Armenia

Flag of Australia Australia and Flag of New Zealand New Zealand

Flag of Austria Austria

Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan

Flag of Belarus Belarus

Flag of Belgium Belgium

Flag of Bolivia Bolivia

Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina

Flag of Brazil Brazil

Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria

Flag of Chile Chile

Flag of the People's Republic of China China

Flag of Colombia Colombia

Flag of Costa Rica Costa Rica

Flag of Croatia Croatia

Flag of Cyprus Cyprus

Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic

Flag of Denmark Denmark

Flag of Ecuador Ecuador

Flag of Egypt Egypt

Flag of England England

Flag of Estonia Estonia

Flag of Finland Finland

Flag of France France and Flag of Monaco Monaco

Flag of Germany Germany

Flag of Georgia (country) Georgia

Flag of Greece Greece

Flag of Honduras Honduras

Flag of Hong Kong Hong Kong

Flag of Hungary Hungary

Flag of Iceland Iceland

Flag of India India

Flag of Indonesia Indonesia

Flag of Iran Iran

Flag of Iraq Iraq

Flag of Ireland Ireland

Flag of Israel Israel

Flag of Italy Italy

Flag of Japan Japan

Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan

Flag of Kuwait Kuwait

Flag of Latvia Latvia

Flag of Lithuania Lithuania

Flag of Malta Malta

Flag of the Republic of Macedonia Republic of Macedonia

Flag of Mexico Mexico

Flag of Moldova Moldova

Flag of Montenegro Montenegro

Flag of Morocco Morocco

Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands

Flag of Northern Ireland Northern Ireland

Flag of Norway Norway

Flag of Paraguay Paraguay

Flag of Peru Peru

Flag of Poland Poland

Flag of Portugal Portugal

Flag of Qatar Qatar

Flag of Romania Romania

Flag of Russia Russia

Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia

Flag of Scotland Scotland

Flag of Slovakia Slovakia

Flag of Slovenia Slovenia

Flag of Serbia Serbia

Flag of South Korea South Korea

Flag of Spain Spain

Flag of Sweden Sweden

Flag of Switzerland Switzerland and Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein

Flag of Syria Syria

Flag of Thailand Thailand

Flag of Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago

Flag of Tunisia Tunisia

Flag of Turkey Turkey

Flag of Ukraine Ukraine

Flag of Uruguay Uruguay

Flag of the United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

Flag of the United States United States, Flag of Canada Canada, Flag of Puerto Rico Puerto Rico, Flag of Bermuda Bermuda

Flag of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan

Flag of Venezuela Venezuela

Flag of Vietnam Vietnam


2. Who are the big clubs of Europe?  Every year, about 8-12 (at least) teams are a key player in the Champions League.  These teams are usually the ones that end up winning the trophies.  The teams that are very good and come out of England are Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester United.  From Spain it is always Real Madrid and Barcelona.  From France is Lyon, from Germany is Bayern Munich, even though they didn't make the UCL this year.  From Italy are AC Milan, Inter Milan, sometimes Juventus and Roma.  These are the teams that usually dominate, but others do make runs and are very good clubs.


3.  Who are the big clubs of the Western Hemisphere?  A couple of leagues really run the West.  They are the Brazilian, the Argentine, the Mexican, and the MLS is slowly becoming a player.  Every now and then you see a team suprise, but not much.  The major players out of Argentina are River Plate and Boca Juniors, who are fierce rivals.  The Brazilian strong men are usually Santos, Gremio, Flamengo, Sao Paulo, and Internacional.  Depending on the year, different ones step up.  From Mexico, you have Pachuca, Chivas of Guadalajara, Club America, Cruz Azul, and Atlas.  In MLS, you have the Houston Dynamo, who look like they could win the CONCACAF Champions Cup.  I left out a few teams, but I don't have all day.  Those are some of the main teams. 


Come back next week as I discuss some more of your questions.  Please send them to Keeper and I will do my best to answer them.  Thanks for your time, have a HAPPY NEW YEAR.


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