Keeping it real

Ssshhhh. I need everyone to comment quietly. I am still trying to recover from New Years.

This is my final power ranking blog for the season. I'm not going to keep it during the playoffs because anything can happen. Let's say the Titans were to beat the Pats, would that mean the Titans are the best team in the NFL? I don't think so. When it comes to the playoffs, records don't matter. Anybody can be beaten.

I will say that this was a heck of a lot of work (there was a little fun involved as well). Ranking teams, without using only my feelings, (come on, don't tell me you didn't see that one coming) is way more difficult than it would seem. I'm not going to rank any other sports, because, for one, I learned my lesson from this experiment. And two, I don't like the other sports enough to try it. I do like other sports, except baseball, but I don't love them enough to keep doing this. I also do not have the time - this took up way more than I expected it to.

I appreciate all of the comments and honesty about my rankings. Perhaps next season, I will give them more than 5 minutes of thought. Well, I'll shut up now and let you find out where your favorite team wound up. Hint: the Steelers did not move up.

I think this sums up all of my previous rankings

This is what I'm sure FanNation thought of them:

This is what I'm sure people thought of them whose teams were not ranked where they thought they should be:

Finally, you thought your blogs were bad:

So without further ado (or further adon't)

  1. Sneaky Pete's middle linebacker - I'm a sucker for kids, what can I say. I love hearing the stories. You sound like a great dad.
  2. Megan (Debi's precious daughter, or should it be precocious) - Boy she can sure pick games. I need to learn her system for next year. Don't worry she'll grow out of her My Little Pony phase and move on to more expensive toys.
  3. Josh - I've tried to copy his style on occasion, but there is no way to compete with genius. You are a certified blog guru. Or is it just plain certifiable?
  4. Harry Callahan - Did I make your day, punk? I learned a lot about improving my blogs based on your many insightful comments.
  5. Oso en Dallas - The lighter side of sports is genius. Thanks for the laughs this season.
  6. Cassidy's House - Fannation just wouldn't be what it is without you.
  7. TIE: Cheezhead, Packbrew42, FavreFan, Curly Lambeau - How could I possible rank one of you over the other? Consider yourselves fortunate that you are four of the thousand or so Packers fans I like.
  8. TIE: Big Ben68, Dan TM, B0mb3rs - The least obnoxious Skins fan I know and the only Redskins friends that I have (that I know of), seriously.
  9. Stumpy - Your avatar just cracks me up.
  10. Sneaky Pete - You didn't think I was going to leave you off did you?
  11. Tracy00214 - I saved the second best for last. Well, maybe third or fourth, or even fifth best, but hey at least you're in the top 275. Besides, isn't #11 the only spot that really matters anyway?

On the verge:

Well, technically that would be everyone.

Thanks for reading everyone. Be on the look out for my new and improved NFL power rankings in roughly 216 days, but who's counting.

Be sure to check out my posts on the FanNation Community.

Thanks for putting up with this drivel for 17 weeks.


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