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What a start to 2008, I have been voted #1 in the Fannation top 25, #1 in GOAT's evaluation of the SIFS bloggers, and now I have been elected into the fannation Hall of Fame.

I would love to give a comical take on this speech, but we saw that in the last member to be elected.  So, I will take this as an opportunity to thank a few people that have made my rise to the elite of this site possible.

First and foremost I would like to thank each and every person that voted for me, not only here but in any Throwdown, or those of you that left comments on my blogs. As well as every person that has supported my by becoming a member of the group made to support me, as well as those that have chosen to show their support with "BS" after their names.

The first user I would like to thank is Detroitfan.  He took it upon himself to start a fangroup in my honor while I am away from my family and friends.  This group is currently has 93 members.  Detroitfan also came up with the idea of placing "BS" after his name to show his support. Unfortunately this has led to longer and longer screen names here. 

Next I would like to thank Hiya.  I used to really only blog when something really caught my attention, or there was really something that I wanted to write about.  But a short while ago Hiya asked me to write a weekly blog for the SIFS group.  This blog has received wonderful praise, it has also been a joy to write. 

Now I can't forget to thank my good friend Oso.  After seeing that some folks were taking themselves and this site a little too seriously I came up with the idea to start a group that had some fun around here.  Thus the "Lighter Side of Fannation" was born.  Thanks to Oso and his constant blogging this is now one of the most active groups on fannaion.

I have to thank the creators of this site. From the first time I went to look at SI's truth and rumors only to stumble onto, to my first throwdown about how overrated Notre Dame was, to my first blog which was about how the Broncos would be better than the Patriots in 2007 (HA-HA if only) I have loved every minute I have been on the site. Upon hearing that I would be out of the country a number of the moderators actually let me know that they supported me and were awaiting a safe return.

Then there are my fellow Broncos fans. It started out with Elway4Prez who loves this team as much as I do, and carries to Lynchisouttogetyou who says all of those homer Broncos comments I could never get away with.  I even have to show some love to the guys trying to get Shanahan fired, while I may not agree we are still cheering for the right team.  I am actually working right now to take over the Broncos fan club, we will see how that works out.

I also have to show some love for Da Masta seeing as this is who threw my name into the hat this time around.  Although it was not my first time being nominated, so a quick thank you to everyone that has at one point nominated me.

There are so many people to thank and so little time. From the second I received this honor I have gotten non-stop fanmails congratulating me.  I have to say that I respect and appreciate every single member here. While we may not agree on all of the issues it is all in good fun.  Not to mention, how boring would this site be if we didn't argue?

From myself to each and every one of you, thank you for this and every other honor that I have received.  Lets keep working to make this site better, because no matter how hard the admin works this site is nothing without the users.  And finally lets keep it about the sports, if there is one thing I would love to see stopped here are all of the petty arguments.


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