For the Cowboys, things have been going right all year.


First, the coaching hunt. The battle eventually came down to Wade Philips or Norv Turner. Against all odds, Philips was hired. Well, Norv made a 14-2 Super Bowl favorite into an 11-5 longshot. Philips took a 9-7 team and made it a legit 13-3 contender.

Success? Check.


The Cowboys also hired Jason Garrett, who some saw as too young.

Success? Check.


The Cowboys passed on Brady Quinn, and stuck it out with Tony Romo.

Success? Check.


The Cowboys won 13 of 16 games, including one loss where their starters were basically resting, on their way to the NFC's top seed.

Success? Check.



But now, the wheels on the Cowboys bus that has been gaining steam since the playoff loss last January have finally appeared to tear free. The momentum and success the Cowboys have been having? It could be going into a free fall.


It all started with Bill Parcells being hired in Miami. All Cowboys fans knew that worry should set in. Parcells was sure to clean house in Miami and re-set, and he has several trusted ex-coaches in Dallas, among them Tony Sparano, the Assistant HC/ OC and Paul Pasqualoni, the linebackers coach.

When Parcells fired Miami GM Randy Mueller, I wasn't too concerned. Jerry Jones is the Cowboys GM, I thought! What is Parcells gonna do? Steal him away?

Not quite. Today, Parcells hired Jeff Ireland as his general manager. The same Jeff Ireland who has been the Cowboys' head scout and player personnel manager for the last several years. A pretty good one, at that.

And so that began my bad day, hearing that news. We are approaching a huge draft, one with two top picks and our future at stake. This draft can help decide if the Cowboys will contend the next 3 years, or the next 10. And Bill Parcells swwops in and steals away our head scout, who is SURE to bring many of his top scouts with him.


So now we could be screwed for the draft. Well, we can handle it. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!! Just checking the Cowboys site and I learn that not one, but TWO Cowboys coaches are in the process of interviewing for the Atlanta coaching job. Here the Cowboys arepreparing for their playoff opener in a week and a half, the biggest game of the year. They've been losing momentum rapidly, and need to regain confidence. And what is happening? Jason Garrett and Tony Sparano are off wining and dining in ATLANTA with Arthur Blank! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!?!?!? Our two best coaches are off being courted by other teams? Does either one realize this is the BIGGEST game either one has faced yet?!?!?!

And it doesn't end there!
Garrett's name is now becoming strongly linked with the Baltimore Ravens, who are sure to want a bright young offensive mind. And Sparano, a Parcells favorite, is being named as the leading candidate in Miami! Argh...


The wheels on the bus go round and round... and then collapse out from below... 


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