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Football Gods - how I loathe (and respect), thee...

Have I unfairly tempted you, this year? Sure.

 Last year, you were so kind. I could do (almost) no wrong. Fantasy Football Champion, check. City-wide picks champion, check. Consistant Bodog check-casher...well, you get the point. Even this year - as I stumbled out of the gates @ 8-8 (ATS), I still managed to put the right eight, into all of the right teasers.

So, I continued to push. Not, because I don't know the rules. Spit into the face of the "football gods", and it's only a matter of time before they sh(tcan you. I just couldn't help it. When you get on run like last years (and at that, I've never been terrible to begin with) you start to believe that not only can the "football gods" not take you down...but that you yourself, may actually be one of them.

So, week 2 rolls around...unfazed, despite the red flag of an 8-8 opening week, and crash...back to Earth.

Do I expect to win every week? Heck, no. I've been around this game far too long to be that ignorant...but apparently not long enough to be that arrogant. So much so, that until today (week 3), and mainly due to my brutal graveyard schedule, I haven't even been watching the games (outside of the Cowboys, whom I haven't missed in over 30 years).

Powers that be, or whatever NFL Diety that you choose to build your alter, too...I hear you loud and clear. 

I didn't post picks this week...but check out this weeks "big money" teaser:

Chiefs +15, Raiders +3, Green Bay - 4.5, Detroit -3, Indianapolis +11.5, Atlanta +1

A bet, that stood to win me...well...let's just say it would have been enough.

I hate you (right now) Michael Turner, but not more than I hate myself. Losing is part is of this game, but I can feel the tide shifting. And it is at this moment, that I've decided that I must repent.

I am sorry "Football Gods"...for I have sinned. I thank you, for your generosity in the 2010 season. I am unworthy.

Now if you'll excuse me, It's Redskins week, and I have a cardinal rule to break. Never (schmever) bet on your own team.


Quick parting shots on this week (3)

- Go Buffalo...if they weren't looking before, they will be now...good luck.

- Same to you, Detroit. Having had a few of you (Megatron, Pettigrew...who filled in admirably for "lost draft pick" Brent Celek, and Shaun Hill...who filled in for Drew Brees during the bye week.) last year, I saw this one coming. But it's nice to see it coming into fruition. 

- I don't root for the G-men, often...but good job...feel free to go back into self-destruct mode.

- Goodbye, Baltimore (You too, Hot-lanta) . I stand by you as my Super Bowl pick (at least, to get there), but I can see it'll be spread poison for me this year. Better just to stay away. 

- Break-up Seattle, or they just might fumble away that stellar draft position. 

- Sweet set of games this week (Very glad, that I finally watched them.)

- And last (but certainly not least), a "meaningful" game between and Dallas and Washington...on a Monday Night?

Never, would I ever directly spit into the face of the givers, of my freshly repentant breaking a direct commandment (i.e.: "Rule 3: Never - ever- bet on your own team")...but if I were to stoop to such cocky, and heathenous behavior...I'd be all over Dallas (-3.5).


Hope all is well, 




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