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Is Tony the one to beat this year in the Chase?

What did  you think of the race?

Was the race worth watching in your eyes?

Who is surprising you so far this year in the Chase?

Who is crashing and burning in your eyes?

September 26, 2011  11:36 AM ET

Tony doesn't have that big of a lead. I can't see him keeping this pace up especially off of the performances this year.
It was a Loudon Race
I like to watch any race.
The surprise has to be Tony
Denny has crashed and burned in my eyes, it's a tough game and it plays no favorites.

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September 26, 2011  12:08 PM ET

It wasanother one of those days for Junior. like TT said he seemed to be gaining ground, his pit crew was putting him back on the track at least where he came in, if it weren't for those *&#!! flats he might have finished in the top 5.

Jimmie just can't seem to stop being stupid. He needs to go back to racing and leave the stupid stuff to Kyle.

I was switching back and forth between the race and the Pirates game. I saw most of the race and it was all right, the end was pretty interesting.

Real reversal of fortunes. Last year Tony runs out of gas and Bowyer wins, this year Bowyer runs out of gas and Tony wins.

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September 26, 2011  12:17 PM ET

heard Ricky Craven after the race, who I have grown to appreciate his insights, ...

Wait.. I only THINK it was Ricky.. not sure.

Anyway.. one of the post race commentators stated that he noted that tone of voice that Jimmie and Chad's radio conversations had taken. Apparently its no longer "I Love you, You Love me".

Just sayin.

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September 26, 2011  12:46 PM ET

Got to go to the race testerday. Not the worsy race i've seen. Sat in turns 3 & 4, jumpe right out of my seat when Kryle (trademarked by float) an JJ just about took each other out. Would have happened right in front of me. Looks like JJ has both busch bros. on his mind. Do you think it was a favor for his big brother?

September 26, 2011  12:46 PM ET

Sorry, worst

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September 26, 2011  01:21 PM ET

I think NASCAR has a quota on idiot moves and since Kyle isn't making his usual ones, Jimmy had to step in!

Tony usually has a late season push. This could be his year.

Kyle just doesn't seem to be Kyle, but maybe that's the plan.

Was kinda surprised this turned into a fuel mileage race too...

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September 26, 2011  02:42 PM ET

The race was pretty boring, but then again, it was Loudon. Brad K. and Smoke are impressing me. Hamlin is done. I got home after the race started, so I do not know what happened to Kurt Busch pre-race.

September 26, 2011  02:56 PM ET

1. I'm tired of the fuel mileage finishes and that playing such a large role this year. It's a part of racing, but it shouldn't be that big a part of it.

2. JJ's frustration is based on some of Chad's bad pit calls through the year. JJ had hovered around 5-10th all day on a track where there was very little passing. Around lap 171, Chad had JJ take 4 tires while everyone else took 2 (and some drivers didn't come in at all). JJ lost around 11 spots on the track and it went downhill from there. That's also the same time when a lot of drivers moved to the front by not pitting at all.

September 26, 2011  03:02 PM ET

Unlike others, I'm still not that impressed with Brad K. He's doing fine, but the majority of his good finishes are deceiving. He went from a car that was running in the low 20's all day yesterday to a #2 finish. He did it by yet another great call by his crew chief to not pit around lap 170 combined with the fuel mileage factor. Things have happened that way a lot for him this year, but they can't continue like that forever. Great crew chief calls, fuel mileage finishes, and pit road success are the biggest factors in his finishes....with his actual performance on track following those.

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September 26, 2011  03:30 PM ET

GASP. NASCAR not to allow WD40 on the bumpers at 'dega


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