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After the novel I wrote last week, I am going to do a random thoughts of the football week here.


Victor Cruz, WR, NYG:

I wrote this in the comment section of Flambos Waiver pick-up, but feel it is worth re-writing in more detail.

Last season the Giants started the season with Steve Smith and Hakeem Nicks starting at WR, while having Kevin Boss at the TE. Manningham still managed 60 Rec, 944 yrds, 9 TDs, while only starting 8 games because of injuries to Nicks and Smith.

Fastforward, Smith and Boss are still gone. Hixon the #3 WR going into the season out for the year. Bring in Cruz, a 2nd yr WR that is finally understanding the playbook enough to get on the field. Nicks already almost missed one game against the Rams, and Manningham banged up.

Can't be any clearer on this. PICK HIM UP! He may not get it done this week, but he will over the season.

Antonio Brown, WR, Pitt:

Teams are starting to double Mike Wallace, and Hines Ward isn't getting any younger. In fact comparing Brown and Ward's #'s, indicate there already is a changing of the guard.

Brown- 10 Rec 156 yrds

Ward- 12 Rec 117 yrds

While Ward has been on the decline, Brown is showing to be the underneath go to WR Roethlisberger will start dumping off too.


This week this matches up to be one in the same recommendation. Go big with the Atlanta Falcons D. This isn't a prediction that the Falcons are going to win, despite going across the US and playing in QWest, that's for another discussion.

As long as T Jax is going to be the QB. I love the Sack total for the ATL to be high this week. The only person that has rivaled T Jax with be sacked more this season is Jay Cutler (both have 14, 10 more than whiney ass Vick).

John Abraham is the breakout DE of the game I'm going with. For those that remember my rules, he's a DE in a 4-3. Playing on a team where I think the O is going to be way ahead, and put the other team in a passing situation. Long term, I don't like Abraham, but he's going to be a stud this week.

Other DL, and D's to go with:

Carolina v Chicago- I know, Carolina? Ron Rivera used to coach for Lovie Smith before going to SD, and now the HC in Carolina. Rivera knows what to do to t-off on his former boss. As stated previously, Cutler tied with T Jax for most being sacked in the league, nevermind his turnover skills.

Those are my thoughts. take it or leave it!

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September 28, 2011  02:24 PM ET

Wow, not that's alotta reading.

September 28, 2011  02:24 PM ET

Wow, not that's alotta reading.

dammit...Now and not NOT

September 28, 2011  02:26 PM ET

See what I mean? I can't spell half the time so imagine how long it'll take me to read that.

Hey, is it on audio yet?

September 29, 2011  09:25 AM ET

See what I mean? I can't spell half the time so imagine how long it'll take me to read that.Hey, is it on audio yet?

I'm working being important enough for a pod cast, but not yet.

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