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What an exciting week 4 it has been for college football. Many teams are starting to show why they will be in New Orleans playing for it all in 2012. Does anyone get the feeling that the SEC will win it's 6th straight title after seeing Alabama and LSU go to town on their latest victims. Being a Gator, it is going to be a long saturday for me as Florida hosts Alabama.

1) Alabama won the slugfest with Arkansas. Alabama pulled away in the end just to let the Hogs know who is the boss. Saban made sure his team was not looking forward to the Florida game next week. In other SEC highlights, the LSU Tigers defense showed it can bend but not break. WVU QB threw for over 400 yards and it was still not enough for them to win. LSU took a commanding lead and as soon as WVU closed the gap, BOOM! LSU defense stiffened and special teams came up with a huge TD! With every game played by Alabama and LSU, the country salivates for there late season matchup knowing the winner will be holding up the crystal ball!

Being a gator I will drop this on on SEC notes. Gators have some speed on Offense. Rainey and Demps are so fast that they can make things interesting against Bama this week.

2) Oklahoma won, but struggled at first to get the win. I just hope in the process of Oklahoma winning, Ryan Broyles breaks every receiving record at OU! He is putting together a nice season.

3)Oklahoma State impressed me with their comeback win over Texas A&M. Someone needs to tell A&M that there is 60 minutes of football, not 30. Oklahoma State knew this and used it to their advantage. OSU passed a tough test and could cruise until Bedlam. The SEC is gonna be alot tougher and Texas A&M might wish they could be back in the BIG-12 after next season.

4) Wisconsin ate it's last cupcake on their schedule but now they have a huge piece of steak in the form of Nebraska coming to town. This is the true BIG RED game of the year. Will the Blackshirts show up to Madison? Will Wilson show he is great no matter who they are playing? I think this game is going to be awesome and one of the best atmospheres in college football this season. Also a shout out to the LSU vs WVU atmosphere. Amazing!

5) Oregon is cruising now but I can not take them serious because of the loss to LSU. Teams like LSU are who Oregon needs to beat if they want to win a national title. Oregon will probably be forgotten about until they play Stanford. Stanford will not be in the Top 10 by the end of the season. Luck is good but his "luck" will run out and Stanford will be a 9-3 kind of team at best.

6) South Carolina still has not impressed me. With every game they play it makes me think that the Gators have a chance to take the SEC EAST this year. the SEC EAST is a mess. Virginia Tech is also like South Carolina, winning but not impressive. VT will have their shot this weekend vs Clemson

7) Congrats to Clemson. What a game. They kept fighting and knocked FSU out anytime they tried to make it a game. FSU was playing short handed but to be a national title contender you have to bring it no matter who is on the field for you. I found the "It's our time" commercial funny to watch as FSU struggled. Guess they meant it was their time to let Clemson win their division. Clemson better come down off their high and get ready for VT. Tech is no joke and it will be a great game to watch. This could be an ACC Championship preview.

8) ASU had a great game vs USC but seriously, USC shot themselves in the foot. They kicked 3 fgs in the redzone and turned it over another 3 times in the redzone. You can not win games if you do that. ASU has a real shot to win their division and go 10-2. They have a defense and the offense can just click. Interesting to see how the PAC-12 South turns out.

9) Georgia Tech is still fun to watch. They should roll through their next 2 games. NC State and Maryland have not exactly been fun to watch. Temple made Maryland look like a JV squad.  Maybe the BIG EAST should invite back Temple now. Also do not over look the Michigan State vs Ohio State match up. Spartan is ready for this match up.

10) Finally the dust is settling on this conference expansion. It will be smart if the BIG-12 keeps itself together. The Big East has survived with 8 teams for so long. I am sure the BIG-12 can do it with 9 teams and will find teams more than willing to come aboard. What a mess. Money is ruining everything that we hold dear and love about college football.

 I will be excited to see how things shake out this week. Some major conference games are about to make an impact on the national title scene. Excited to see the Florida vs Bama game and also see Clemson handle the pressure against Virginia Tech.

Now onto some picks:

Clemson 35 Virginia tech 17 (hot Clemson offense keeps going)

Wisconsin 21 Nebraska 10 (night game at Madison no match for Blackshirts)

Alabama 31 Florida 20 (close game until the end)

Texas 28 Iowa State 14 (Texas finally gets it going)

Arkansas 38 Texas A&M 28 (Welcome to the SEC)

Michigan State 24 Ohio State 20 ( Spartans for real?)







September 28, 2011  02:14 PM ET

Got something to say?

September 28, 2011  03:09 PM ET

Nice blog. A lot of good insight.

I agree with #8 completley. USC continues to make stupid mistakes, and as a USC fan, I think it comes straight from the coach.

Do you think Florida has a chance to knock off Bama?

September 28, 2011  03:35 PM ET

I do. I wanted to pick it as my upset special. I feel Florida has a good offense and defense but has not faced a running game like BAMA yet. The game vs Bama will show how far along UF has come under MUSCHAMP or how much work MUSCHAMP has to do to catch up the TOP SEC teams. Bama overlooked South Carolina last year around this time....maybe expect the same thing.
Gators have athlets and a dangerous running game also. Keep Brantley safe and DO NOT RUN RAINEY or DEMPS UP THE them on sweeps and toss plays to the outside and we will have ourselves a great game. (which I will be at)

September 28, 2011  03:38 PM ET

Follow the blog for season updates and a few individual games. Good to see have some people appreciating the work done! Looking to become a Full Time sports writer!

September 28, 2011  03:43 PM ET

Muschamp brings a fire that was lost last season. Alot of fans appreciate having a Southern Coach leading the team now compared to a Northern Yank. (talk around the stadium on game day)

September 29, 2011  10:33 AM ET

I would also love to see Boise State get a shot at the title if they are there in the end. No one agrees with this but I think Kellen Moore just wins. Give him a shot if they are standing at the end of all this. TCU needs to go undefeated until their game vs Boise to help and also the SEC needs to be brital to LSU and BAMA....imagine a rematch of BOISE vs Oklahoma in the title game....finish what they started!


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