Dead Man Talking

The Wisconsin Badgers are a national powerhouse now in college sports, winning NCAA titles in various sports. The Green Bay Packers are a household name, NFL champions again, and will be a force for years to come. The Milwaukee Brewers have climbed out of the cellar, and have now become a respected franchise again, and Wildcard/Division champs the past few years.

Then we have the Milwaukee Bucks. In all appearances, a dead end road (not to be confused with my name!), and looking like road kill (you ever see how many deer carcases can pile up in a year on Wisconsin roads?) as far as anyone can tell. So what do we do with this team?


With the success of the other Wisconsin franchises (There's no guarantee it will last I know) to continue for the foreseeable future, why should anyone pay attention to a team who can't win? Who hasn't done much (made the playoffs, but never went back to the dance since the early 70's era) in the past 40 years. While the NBA waddles in the mire, and unsure if it wants a league in the coming year.....the Bucks fan base is subject to finding another outlet to get it's jollies off on. So why bother coming back to a team 1 year removed from basketball, and starting over from scratch?!


It's time to consider the inevitable, and that being the selling of the team to another city....perhaps Seattle! YES, Seattle! Then you can create history again by renaming THAT team the PILOTS! Just a The point? Milwaukee doesn't need the Bucks, and the fans will end up not wanting them back anyway.

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September 30, 2011  01:04 PM ET

I've read some of your other posts and have to wonder why your so negative towards WI sports teams? Go right ahead and be a fair weather fan and root for teams from other parts of the country.

LOL, your not even close. Not by along shot. True Wisconsin sports fans, Lombardi creedo men, KNOW exactly where I'm coming from, not to mention my writings don't necessarily mean anything. It's a topic, and you respond, nothing more. If you want to know EXACTLY what I'm thinking, then simply ask me to clarify my point.

One other thing. When your team (any sport) stinks up a game, or a year playing lousy, are you the kind of fan who says "Gee, We''ll get 'em next year, Yeaaaah!!!" Or are you a REAL sports enthusiast, who goes into detail what they did wrong, how they should improve, and who is to blame for their lousy performance?!

I have seen so many people here who claim to be Wisconsin sports fans, but act like the teams don't even exist. Never show up in the message boards, never show up in the chat rooms, never show during games to make comments......etc....etc....etc.

Ohhhh, but if anyone says anything BAD about their team, they accuse you of being a team hater and negative. They don't even realize how lame and ignorant that is. I live by the Lombardi creed, I've even been to his sons (Jr.) lectures, and as his father states repeatedly
that as soon as you except defeat, except losing, or perform poorly, you start to become a looser. I don't see ANYTHING wrong with a true fan pointing out the short comings of his team. That's what a concerned fan does, CRITQUE his team.

As for the Milw. Bucks blog, this was a subject from a FS/Wisconsin cable channel, and they were the ones discussing this very subject, and saying the exact same thing. So NOW YOU KNOW! LOL, have a great weekend of Wisc. sports!!

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October 7, 2011  04:03 PM ET

Move the Bucks to Cleveland. They don't have an NBA team right now.


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