The 10 Spot Tue, 09 Sep 2008 20:02:11 GMT A unique take on sports news, updated several times throughout the day. Caption this: Horn section (updated) <p><img title="Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images" src="" height="307" alt="Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images" width="425" style="width: 425px; height: 307px" /></p><p>Welcome to the latest edition of Caption This. That&#39;s French golfer <strong>Jean-Francois Lucquin</strong> posing with the winner&#39;s trophy of the Omega European Masters on Sunday in Crans, Switzerland.</p><p>Feel free to write a suggested caption in the comments section. I will post some selections tonight.</p><p>(<strong>UPDATED</strong>)</p><p>Here&#39;s a top-notch Sweet 16:</p><p>&ldquo;When the concert ended, the Swiss quartet simply folded their horns into their little knives and went on their way.&rdquo; (<strong>Martel</strong>)</p><p>&ldquo;All of Switzerland celebrates on that one day of the year when the weather is nice enough to play golf.&rdquo; (<strong>CavemanHC6</strong>)</p><p>&ldquo;The long run of futility for French professional golfers ended when Jean-Francois Lucquin&#39;s henchmen took out all of the other competitors with poison darts.&rdquo; (<strong>Tim in NY</strong>)</p><p>&ldquo;Unfortunately, the dramatic finish of this year&#39;s Omega European Masters broadcast was cut short by <em>Heidi</em>.&rdquo; (<strong>Mark G</strong>; also working off <em>Heidi</em> were Caveman and <strong>AF1</strong>)</p><p>&ldquo;Responding to complaints of his arrogance, Jean-Francois pointed to this picture as proof that he wasn&#39;t tooting his own horn.&rdquo; (<strong>Midvalley</strong>; the theme was also used by <strong>Lisa</strong>, <strong>The Cleve</strong> and AF1)</p><p>&ldquo;The Swiss demonstrate why they are on the cutting edge of neutrality -- the world&#39;s largest peace pipes.&rdquo; (<strong>KS Elwood</strong>)</p><p>&ldquo;Callaway Golf unveils their new &lsquo;Big Brunhilda&rsquo; line of drivers in style at the Omega European Masters.&rdquo; (<strong>Homicidal grad student</strong>)</p><p>&ldquo;Sure, now the Swiss are behind the winner. They refused to take a side when the tournament was still going on.&rdquo; (The Cleve)</p><p>&ldquo;In the ultimate act of subliminal advertising, Nike finds a way to insert four giant &lsquo;swooshes&rsquo; in Jean-Francois Lucquin&#39;s victory photo.&rdquo; (<strong>Zowie</strong>; <strong>Paul of Walnut Creek CA</strong> also mentioned Nike)</p><p>&ldquo;The Bush administration proudly unveils the early warning radar system sold to Poland.&rdquo; (<strong>Skooter</strong>)</p><p>&ldquo;These are just prototypes of new beer pong instruments tested for <strong>Matt Leinart</strong>&#39;s next party.&rdquo; (<strong>vgtwoomph</strong>)</p><p>&ldquo;Fortunately, Lucquin was not distracted by the Swiss yelling &lsquo;Vous l&#39;homme&rsquo; through their gigantic megaphones.&rdquo; (AF1)</p><p>&ldquo;The Swiss rock group &lsquo;The Gerunds&rsquo; play for the European Masters.&rdquo; (<strong>Rickapolis</strong>)</p><p>&ldquo;Trying to make sure they are heard, the Swiss tell everyone to &lsquo;GET OFF THEIR LAWN!!!!&rsquo;&rdquo; (<strong>manta</strong>)</p><p>&ldquo;Jean-Francois Lucquin flashes a sly smile because he knows he has shoved bananas into alphorns of the Swiss quartet.&rdquo; (Lisa)</p><p>&ldquo;Jean-Francois Lucquin proudly shows off his Ricola Invitational trophy.&rdquo; (<strong>Marshall K.</strong>; many others played the Ricola angle)<br /></p> Tue, 09 Sep 2008 20:02:11 GMT The 10 Spot Lunchtime laughs: Wie goes to school <p>Wow, <strong>Aaron Rodgers</strong> played so well last night that I&#39;ve forgotten all about ol&#39; <strong>What&#39;s His Name</strong>:</p><p>&bull; <strong>Michelle Wie</strong> will enter the LPGA&#39;s qualifying school. She&#39;s focusing her preparation on chipping, putting and the rest of the gerunds.</p><p>&bull; It&#39;s official: Patriots QB <strong>Tom Brady</strong> is out for the season with a knee injury. So far the team insists it hasn&#39;t brought in any veterans to challenge <strong>Matt Cassel</strong>, though the Pats did secretly film <strong>Chris Simms</strong> at home playing catch with his daughter.</p><p>&bull; <strong>Brett Favre</strong>&#39;s opening-game performance has landed him on the cover of this week&#39;s <em>SI</em> (&quot;Brett the Jet&quot;), but critics note that one of his TD passes came on a Hail Mary-like toss. In fact, had he thrown the ball straight up in the air like that in the Pac-10, it would have been an automatic&nbsp;15-yard penalty. </p><p>&bull; The Astana cycling team says that if indeed <strong>Lance Armstrong</strong> makes a rumored comeback to the Tour de France, it won&#39;t be with them as had been reported. Can&#39;t say I blame them. I mean, nobody looks good in yellow.</p><p>&bull; <strong>Mario Chalmers</strong>, the Heat newcomer who was kicked out of the NBA&#39;s rookie symposium, is denying numerous reports that he was using marijuana. Kansas&#39;s championship game hero claims he was just burning the part of the net he cut down.</p><p>&bull; The Red Sox set a record last night by selling out Fenway Park for the 456<sup>th</sup> straight game. Of course, the franchise long ago set the mark for most consecutive tuneless sing-alongs to <em>Sweet Caroline</em>.</p><p>&bull; <strong>Ashton Kutcher</strong> is reportedly moonlighting as an assistant football coach at an L.A. prep school. So far he&#39;s been a big help, except he keeps demanding the team change its name to the Cougars. Apparently he has a thing for them.</p><p>&bull; Olympic champion <strong>Usain Bolt</strong> returned to a hero&#39;s welcome yesterday in his native Jamaica. Of course, he would have gotten there quicker if he didn&#39;t start celebrating early.</p><p>&bull; <strong>10 Spot Real World Gathering Reminder</strong>: It&#39;s this Saturday, Sept. 13. See <a href="/blogs/post/245656" target="_blank">this thread</a> for more details. Plenty of good seats still available. Don&#39;t miss the fun! Or I may have to hunt you down!</p> Tue, 09 Sep 2008 18:28:57 GMT The 10 Spot Questions for potential O.J. jurors <p>Jury selection began yesterday for <strong>O.J. Simpson</strong>&#39;s Las Vegas trial on robbery and kidnapping charges. The Juice, you might recall, says he was simply trying to retrieve some memorabilia that had been stolen from him. (By gunpoint, allegedly.) The prosecutors feel differently.</p><p>As a veteran of jury selection myself -- have I ever mentioned my six-month stint as a juror on the Tyco case? incessantly? -- perhaps I can shed some insight on the process. Here are some of the most likely questions asked by O.J.&#39;s lawyers during voir dire. (FYI, &quot;voir dire&quot; is from the French for &quot;Can you help us get this guy off?&quot;)</p><p><strong>10.</strong> Even if a defendant&#39;s obviously guilty, would you be willing to pin it on some half-baked conspiracy theory?</p><p><strong>9.</strong> Why do you think the police are forever framing innocent athletes?</p><p><strong>8.</strong> Haven&#39;t you ever felt like jumping in a white Bronco and just getting away from it all?</p><p><strong>7.</strong> Are you the real killer?</p><p><strong>6.</strong> Aside from <strong>Johnny Rodgers</strong> and <strong>Billy Cannon</strong>, can you name any other former Heisman winners to get in legal trouble?</p><p><strong>5.</strong> Is that you, <strong>Kato</strong>?</p><p><strong>4.</strong> Don&#39;t you agree that the best place to find a double-murderer is the golf course?</p><p><strong>3.</strong> Wouldn&#39;t you agree that just because you sold something doesn&#39;t mean it&#39;s not still yours?</p><p><strong>2.</strong> Hey, the <strong>Vice President</strong> shot a guy in the face and nobody said boo, am I right?</p><p><strong>1.</strong> Why on earth would <strong>Det. Nordberg</strong> commit a crime?</p> Tue, 09 Sep 2008 14:50:55 GMT The 10 Spot Lunchtime laughs: NFL's opening weekend <p>Let&#39;s step up like <strong>Matt Cassel</strong> and get this job done:</p><p>&bull; <strong>Brett Favre</strong> threw two TDs in winning his first game as Jets QB. His new team is now tied for first in the AFC East, but already holds a commanding lead in having fun.</p><p>&bull; Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis opened with a dud last night as the Colts lost 29-13 to the Bears. Apparently <strong>Peyton Manning</strong> could barely hear himself think above all the chants of &quot;Drill here, drill now!&quot;</p><p>&bull; The NFL didn&#39;t allow the former <strong>Chad Johnson</strong> to put <strong>Ocho Cinco</strong> on his Bengals jersey after all. Apparently Reebok is demanding to be paid off for the &quot;Johnson&quot; jerseys it&#39;s already produced. Wow, that&#39;s a switch -- a Bengal getting held up, rather than vice versa.</p><p>&bull; Cowboys WR <strong>Terrell Owens</strong> drew another celebration penalty yesterday, this time for getting down into imaginary starting blocks like an Olympic sprinter. Of course, you knew T.O. wasn&#39;t a <em>real</em> Olympic sprinter since it was airing live on network TV.</p><p>&bull; Browns WR <strong>Braylon Edwards</strong> reportedly bet fellow University of Michigan product <strong>Michael Phelps</strong> before the Olympics that he&#39;d score at least twice as many TDs this season as Phelps would win gold medals. So that, of course, would mean Edwards needs 16 TDs. I&#39;d say Phelps is going to eat Edwards for breakfast, but by now that&#39;s a clich&eacute;.</p><p>&bull; The 250,000<sup>th</sup> home run in MLB history will almost certainly be hit tonight since the tally is at 249,996 after Sunday&#39;s games, according to And here&#39;s a nice touch:&nbsp;Whoever slugs the lucky blast will win a lifetime supply of untraceable HGH. Mazel tov!</p><p>&bull; <strong>Programming note</strong>: Caption This will be held on Tuesday and Thursday this week.</p><p>&bull; <strong>10 Spot Real-World Gathering update</strong>: It&#39;s fast approaching this Saturday, Sept. 13. We&#39;re planning to hit the Sports Museum of American downtown in the afternoon (2:30ish)&nbsp;and Molly Pitcher&#39;s on the Upper East Side by evening. So far I&#39;ve had confirmation for 10 folks (<strong>Martel</strong>, <strong>SeanNJ </strong>+ 1, <strong>JMac39</strong> [in for Molly&#39;s, questionable on museum], <strong>Robbaty42</strong> + 1, <strong>Tim in NY</strong> plus <strong>Mrs. Tim</strong>, <strong>Anthony Verna</strong>, and myself). I am confident this is just the beginning; I know there are more of you out there. For instance, I heard directly from a number of non-commenting readers (I dislike the term &quot;lurkers&quot;) back when this issue was first broached in July. Now is the time to let me know you&#39;re in. Feel free to contact me directly.</p><p>FYI, Martel has graciously offered to shepherd anyone who might be a little queasy about taking the subway to the museum from Grand Central. The SMA is located at 26 Broadway at Beaver Street, right near the famous Wall Street &quot;Charging Bull&quot; statue that sits just north of Bowling Green. The closest subway stop is Bowling Green on the 4/5, but there are a number of stations nearby. (Including the 1/R/W to Rector Street, the 2/3 to Wall Street, the J/M/Z to Broad Street, and the PATH train to World Trade Center.) For what it&#39;s worth, I will be taking the 4/5.&nbsp;</p><p>There&#39;s more information on the outing <a href="/blogs/post/245656" target="_blank">here</a>. I will also be updating each day, including with a separate post/thread on Wednesday afternoon. Personally, I&#39;d like to have at least 20-25 folks.</p> Mon, 08 Sep 2008 18:56:01 GMT The 10 Spot What will the Pats do now? <p>Patriots QB <strong>Tom Brady</strong> went down with a knee injury in the season opener yesterday. The early speculation is that he&#39;ll be out for the season, which coach <strong>Bill Belichick</strong> likely wouldn&#39;t confirm until 2019 anyway.</p><p>If Brady is indeed gone for the year, though, what will the Patriots do? We have a few ideas:</p><p><strong>10.</strong> File trademark for &lsquo;8-8&#39;</p><p><strong>9.</strong> This season&#39;s illegal films now straight-to-video</p><p><strong>8.</strong> Remind Boston fans of their once-proud tradition as overly romantic losers</p><p><strong>7.</strong> Find a starlet for <strong>Matt Cassel</strong></p><p><strong>6.</strong> They&#39;ll simply have to cheat smarter</p><p><strong>5.</strong> Ask feds for same bailout as Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac</p><p><strong>4.</strong> See if <strong>Brett Favre</strong> will un-retire (Wait, he already did? Scratch that then)</p><p><strong>3.</strong> At least there&#39;s no chance <strong>Randy Moss</strong>&#39;ll flake out</p><p><strong>2.</strong> Give Brady this Saturday off to attend <a href="/blogs/post/245656" target="_blank">10 Spot Real-World Gathering</a></p><p><strong>1.</strong> Come on, they&#39;re just playing possum</p> Mon, 08 Sep 2008 15:27:30 GMT The 10 Spot Lunchtime laughs: Return of the LOW <p>To those who say the Lock of the Week is the biggest laugh of all, I say: Ha!</p><p>&bull; The NFL has decided that the Bengals WR formerly known as <strong>Chad Johnson</strong> will be able to wear &quot;<strong>Ocho Cinco</strong>&quot; on the back of his jersey since that&#39;s now his legal surname. Personally, the 10 Spot thinks that&#39;s stupid. What an ego on that guy!</p><p>&bull; The Mets are selling seats from Shea Stadium, which is being torn down after the season, at $869 a pair. Of course, the seats might well collapse.</p><p>&bull; The Yankees&#39; <strong>Jason Giambi</strong> is sporting a shiner on his right eye because, he says, he banged into his bathroom door at the team hotel. Evidently he caught sight of himself in the bathroom mirror wearing that gold lam&eacute; thong. That&#39;d give anyone a fright.</p><p>&bull; The LPGA has backed off on its English-only rule. The tour decided it would be impossible to enforce given that nobody interviews LPGA players anyway.</p><p>&bull; A British bookmaker has laid 10,000-1 odds on a London businessman&#39;s bet of 10 pounds that <strong>Barack Obama</strong> will replace the current manager of the West Ham soccer team. Wait, is &quot;manager&quot; like a &quot;community organizer&quot;? I might want in on that action.</p><p>&bull; <strong>Lock of the Week</strong> -- The NFL offseason story that has provided the most 10 Spot fodder has, of course, been the <strong>Brett Favre</strong> Saga. Thus it&#39;s only right that we wade in on the gunslinger&#39;s return from retirement for the season&#39;s first LOW. (Question: Does it still count as a &quot;retirement&quot; when a player only misses the only part of the year when there aren&#39;t any games anyway? Maybe everyone else in the NFL was retired too, and we just didn&#39;t know it.) We&#39;re not sure how much magic Favre still has in his soon-to-be 39-year-old right arm, but we do think it&#39;s enough to enable the <strong>Jets to cover a 3-point spread at Miami</strong>, which will be quarterbacked by former Jet <strong>Chad Pennington</strong>. As SI wise man <strong>Peter King</strong> noted earlier this week, the Jets really need this one since they face the Patriots and Chargers (on the road) the next two weeks. New Dolphins poohbah <strong>Bill Parcells</strong> and coach <strong>Tony Sparano</strong> may well clean up the mess in Miami, but not in Week One.</p><p>&bull; If you&#39;re hoping to make the 10 Spot Real-World Gathering on Saturday, Sept. 13, please <a href="/blogs/post/245656">look here</a> to sign up.</p> Fri, 05 Sep 2008 18:49:03 GMT The 10 Spot 10 Spot Real-World Gathering <p>It&#39;s time to get serious about the impending 10 Spot outing. As you might recall, it&#39;s scheduled for next <strong>Saturday, Sept. 13</strong>. It&#39;s believed to be the first event of its kind for SI. (OK, I&#39;m just winging it on that one, but&nbsp;it&#39;s definitely a first for the 10 Spot.) </p><p>The plan is to visit the <a href="" target="_blank">Sports Museum of America</a> that afternoon. The SMA opened earlier this year in downtown Manhattan. It&#39;s the home of the Heisman trophy as well as a number of other exhibits and artifacts.</p><p>That particular Saturday, the museum will also be hosting a special exhibit of Super Bowl artifacts, including scheduled appearances by former Giants&nbsp;<strong>Harry Carson</strong> and&nbsp;<strong>Sean Landeta</strong> and legendary Jet <strong>Don Maynard</strong>. We may be able to get a little exclusive time with them for our 10 Spot posse. (Please don&#39;t ask Mr. Landeta about missing that punt in the &#39;85 playoffs against the Bears; it was very windy and I&#39;m sure he feels terrible enough about it as it is.)</p><p>I have not locked in a time for the museum visit yet, but I am thinking around 2 p.m. The regular cost is $24 per adult, though we will be able to get a group rate, which I believe will be $19. We may duck into a conference room at some point for a meet-and-greet.</p><p>For Saturday evening, I have reserved the back room at Molly Pitcher&#39;s Ale House on the Upper East Side (Second Avenue at 85th Street) beginning at 8 p.m. The USC-Ohio State game will be on at that time, and I&#39;ll see if we can get a feed for the even more anticipated LSU-North Texas showdown. It should be a great time.</p><p>I pledge to award a prize to the 10 Spot reader who travels the farthest. There may be additional surprises as soon as I think them up.</p><p>Anyway, I need to start getting a head count for both events. You can post directly on this thread or e-mail me directly at <a href=""></a>. Periodically until next weekend, I will post the running count on this thread. Obviously folks can decide to come at the last minute if they like, especially to the Molly&#39;s portion. But I do need to have an idea how many people to expect, since museum tickets must be purchased and Molly&#39;s needs to make staffing decisions.</p><p>Also, feel free to suggest anything that you think might make the gathering more fun.</p> Fri, 05 Sep 2008 16:33:17 GMT The 10 Spot Write Your Own Joke contest results <p>I&#39;m glad to see that the long layoff didn&#39;t dull the Peanut Gallery&#39;s rapier-like wit. Terrific work as always on the WYOJ contest. Here are September&#39;s results:</p><p><strong>Topic 1</strong>: </p><p>&quot;<strong>LeBron James</strong> was beaten soundly yesterday in two games of H-O-R-S-E by a warehouse worker on an outdoor court at Venice Beach. __________.&quot;</p><p><strong>Winner</strong>: &quot;And after the game, LeBron quietly bought the warehouse and fired the guy.&quot; (<strong>Skooter</strong>)</p><p><strong>Honorable Mention</strong>: </p><p>&quot;He also lost to <strong>Mario Chalmers</strong> and <strong>Darrell Arthur</strong> in a game of &lsquo;M-A-R-I-J-U-A-N-A.&#39;&quot; (<strong>Rickapolis</strong>)</p><p>&quot;LeBron was flummoxed by the union warehouse worker&#39;s insistence on 15-minute breaks between shots.&quot; (<strong>mgbode</strong>)</p><p>&quot;King James immediately said that his team needed better players.&quot; (<strong>Anthony Verna</strong>)</p><p>&quot;LeBron apparently thought they were playing Canadian Rules H-O-U-R-S-E.&quot; (<strong>Mark G</strong>)</p><p>&quot;Of course, that&#39;s the Douay version of events; the King James version ends differently.&quot; (<strong>Martel</strong>)</p><p>&quot;We haven&#39;t seen a defeat at H-O-R-S-E that bad since <strong>Catherine the Great</strong>.&quot; (<strong>manta</strong>)</p><p>&quot;LeBron then regained his self-esteem by challenging the worker to a game of B-A-N-K.&quot; (<strong>MotownHogFan</strong>)</p><p>&quot;He comforted himself with the quiet confidence that he aced the K-R-Z-Y-Z-E-W-S-K-I test.&quot; (<strong>Brian K Jones</strong>)</p><p>&quot;In other NBA news, <strong>Stephon Marbury</strong> was beaten by a female intern in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.&quot; (<strong>Zowie</strong>)</p><p>&quot;Apparently the warehouse worker&#39;s college degree enabled him to out-spell King James handily.&quot; (Martel; others&nbsp;including <strong>hemo</strong> also riffed on the college angle)</p><p><strong>Topic 2</strong>:</p><p>&quot;The IOC is investigating the silver and bronze medalists in the Olympic hammer throw, both from Belarus, for suspected doping offenses. __________.&quot;</p><p><strong>Winner</strong>: &quot;The tell-tale needle marks became evident when their pants, like those of many men who wield hammers for a living, slid down a bit too far.&quot; (<strong>Tim in NY</strong>)</p><p>&quot;Suspicion arose when the two athletes threw the hammer using only their teeth.&quot; (<strong>Midvalley</strong>)</p><p>&quot;The first clue was when the athletes threw their arms off with the hammers.&quot; (AV)</p><p>&quot;Initial reports indicate the two had high alcohol levels, but that&#39;s to be expected in &lsquo;White Russians.&#39;&quot; (<strong>Caveman HC6</strong>)</p><p>&quot;The IOC was tipped off when the commission received photographs of the Belarussians doing carpentry at <strong>Jose Canseco</strong>&#39;s house.&quot; (Tim in NY)</p><p>&quot;The Belarus throwers were later cleared of doping when it was determined the greater distances were due to throwing Chinese gymnasts rather than hammers.&quot; (<strong>RedWing314</strong>)</p><p>&quot;The IOC became suspicious when the two medalists had six ears between them.&quot; (Rickapolis)</p><p>&quot;The Swedish gold medalist, <strong>Thor</strong>, is not under any suspicion.&quot; (Martel)</p><p>&quot;The IOC became suspicious when they realized that all the hammers in Belarus had been recycled into plowshares years ago.&quot; (gill)</p><p>&quot;There was no comment from the gold medalist, who is from Belalugosi.&quot; (Rickapolis)</p><p>&quot;The gold medal winner was cleared of all suspicion, being Chinese.&quot; (Martel; Caveman HC6 and Midvalley also worked a similar angle)</p> Fri, 05 Sep 2008 14:29:47 GMT The 10 Spot Write Your Own Joke contest <p>After a two-month absence, the Write Your Own Joke (WYOJ) contest is back. As before, I will supply two potential set-ups. Your task will be to supply the punchlines.</p><p>Let&#39;s get right to it:</p><p><strong>Topic 1</strong>: &quot;<strong>LeBron James</strong> was beaten soundly yesterday in two games of H-O-R-S-E by a warehouse worker on an outdoor court at Venice Beach. __________.&quot;</p><p><strong>Topic 2</strong>: &quot;The IOC is investigating the silver and bronze medalists in the Olympic hammer throw, both from Belarus, for suspected doping offenses. __________.&quot;</p><p>Since it&#39;s been a while, let&#39;s review some ground rules. If you plan to submit a punchline to either or both set-ups, please don&#39;t read the other comments until you&#39;ve done so. My concern isn&#39;t so much that you&#39;ll swipe the ideas of your fellow posters, but that you&#39;ll try to avoid using the same lines/concepts as others. Honest duplication is a near certainty in an exercise like this. I&#39;m more concerned that you give your imagination free rein.</p><p>I will post a winner and some honorable mention selections for each set-up as tomorrow morning&#39;s post. Good luck, and have fun.</p> Thu, 04 Sep 2008 20:11:57 GMT The 10 Spot Lunchtime laughs: Retiring QBs <p>I can almost hear <strong>Usher</strong>, at the NFL&#39;s kickoff concert, from here:</p><p>&bull; After failing to draw interest from NFL teams, QB <strong>Daunte Culpepper</strong> has announced his retirement. Hey, it worked for <strong>Brett Favre</strong>.</p><p>&bull; Patriots coach Bill Belichick says he expects QB <strong>Tom Brady</strong> to play this week. Let&#39;s just hope Belichick&#39;s not &quot;misinterpreting&quot; the medical reports.</p><p>&bull; New Lions RB <strong>Rudi Johnson</strong> says the luggage swiped by the just-waived <strong>Tatum Bell</strong> mostly contained just &quot;socks and boxers.&quot; Well, sure. Johnson learned not to leave valuables around while with the Bengals.</p><p>&bull; MLB&#39;s new instant-replay system went into action for the first time last night when it confirmed a ninth-inning homer hit by <strong>Alex Rodriguez</strong> after the Yanks already had a comfortable lead. The only snag was that it took several minutes to make the call. Apparently A-Rod kept rewinding so he could watch his meaningless blast again and again.</p><p>&bull; Former Kansas stars <strong>Mario Chalmers</strong> and <strong>Darrell Arthur</strong> were sent home from the NBA&#39;s rookie transition program this week for reportedly being spotted in their hotel room with marijuana and women. Apparently once you show you&#39;re ready to be an NBA vet, you don&#39;t have to stay.</p><p>&bull; Oklahoma City&#39;s new NBA franchise will be called the Thunder. They&#39;ll be placed with the Heat, Sun and Blazers in the new Weather Division.</p><p>&bull; Yesterday&#39;s Marlins-Braves matinee drew less than 600 fans to Miami&#39;s Dolphin Stadium. Man, it&#39;s a good thing they started it early, then.</p> Thu, 04 Sep 2008 18:21:49 GMT The 10 Spot