Tue, 04 Jan 2011 22:45:33 GMT My personal analysis on the Bills, Yankees, Sabres, LSU Tigers, and the NFL, NCAA, MLB and more My BCS playoff system 2011 Bracket <p>Alright, about a year ago I posted a bracket up here for the BCS playoff.&nbsp; Here's the link to it: <a href=""></a></p> <p>Once again I'd like to remind you that outside of the 12 teams playing in the playoff, all of the other bowl games will still be in place for teams who did not make&nbsp; the playoffs (this might need some new bowl qualifications to be created.</p> <p>*Note: I would like to post this to expose the flaws of my past ideas and maybe make this even better.&nbsp; Instead of the ACC getting an automatic bid into this playoff I have decided to change this to the Pac 10.</p> <p>I'll Start with the seeds:</p> <p>1) Auburn (receives first SEC automatic bid)</p> <p>2) Oregon (receives first Pac 10 automatic bid)</p> <p>3) Oklahoma (receives first Big 12 automatic bid)</p> <p>(seeds 4-10 are all at-large bids)</p> <p>4) TCU</p> <p>5) Stanford</p> <p>6) Wisconsin </p> <p>7) Ohio State</p> <p>8) Arkansas</p> <p>9) Michigan State</p> <p>10) Boise State</p> <p>11) LSU (receives second SEC automatic bid)</p> <p>12) Missouri (receives second Big 12 bid)</p> <p>* Starting in 2011 Big 12 would only receive 1 automatic bid due to being a smaller conference.&nbsp; Instead the Big 10 would receive a second, or ACC would receive one.</p> <p>First Round:</p> <p>Game 1: Stanford .vs. Missouri</p> <p>Game 2: Wisconsin .vs. LSU</p> <p>Game 3: Ohio State .vs. Boise State</p> <p>Game 4: Arkansas .vs. Michigan State</p> <p>*Winner advances to round 2 and loser plays in a bowl game</p> <p>Round 2 (Quarterfinals):</p> <p>Game 5)&nbsp;Auburn .vs. Winner of Game #4</p> <p>Game 6)&nbsp;Oregon .vs. Winner of Game #3</p> <p>Game 7)&nbsp;Oklahoma .vs. Winner of Game #2</p> <p>Game 8)&nbsp;TCU .vs. Winner of Game #1</p> <p>*Winner advances to round 3 and loser plays in a bowl game</p> <p>Round 3 (Semi-Finals):</p> <p>Game 9) Winner of game #5 .vs. Winner of Game #8</p> <p>Game 10) Winner of game #6 .vs. Winner of Game #7</p> <p>*Winner advances to round 5 and losers advance to round 4</p> <p>Round 4 (3<sup>rd</sup> place game):</p> <p>Game 11) Loser of game #9 .vs. Loser of game #10</p> <p>Round 5 (CHAMPIONSHIP GAME):</p> <p>Game 12) Winner of game #9 .vs. Winner of game #10</p> <p>Obviously this would work out alot differently than the current system.&nbsp; I see my flaws as keeping the ACC out of this (VT would've been next at-large) and some might think the SEC having 3 teams is unfair, however I think it is completely fair.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Tue, 04 Jan 2011 22:45:33 GMT YanksBillsSabres College Football 2011 &amp;amp; Orange Bowl <p>So I'm thinking that good ole' Pac 10 Stanford team is gonna cover tonight against Virginia Tech, with VT&nbsp; being in a you know, sub-par AQ conference.&nbsp; -2.5 last I checked? come on what's the point of that kind of spread might as well just leave it straight up I'd give Virginia Tech 6 on this one.</p> <p>I'm liking the idea of some 16 team super BCS conferences to really make the postseason system a thing in the past.&nbsp; 2 teams from each 16 team conference into a 12 team playoff.&nbsp; Grant it they have three 16-team conferences they can give the other 6 spots to other teams and it would be perfectly fair.</p> <p>&nbsp;Top 4 teams bye out first week of playoffs, next 8 play, similar to the NFL playoff system just 4 teams getting the bye instead of 2.</p> <p>Keep all of the other bowl games and you got something going.&nbsp; If you want to keep the other BCS bowls then they could just be consolation games.&nbsp; In no way should the NCAA's maximum games played be 14 games when DII is playing 16+ a year.</p> Mon, 03 Jan 2011 20:12:45 GMT YanksBillsSabres Buffalo Sabres to Trade Ryan Miller? <p>I haven't seen this one in Truth&amp;Rumors yet but I heard its the word around Buffalo.&nbsp; Maybe trade up for some better offense?&nbsp; One could only hope they get something done with this massive trade.</p> Sun, 02 Jan 2011 05:34:38 GMT YanksBillsSabres Army v Navy preview + Big 12 North Bowl games <p>I have never paid much attention to the Army Navy Rivalry, so it would be unfair&nbsp;for me to dedicate more than a paragraph to it.&nbsp; Navy having the 3rd best rushing offense in the country is probably going to inch out ahead in this game.&nbsp; Although a weak analysis of the game, I assure you my future ones will be better.<br><strong>Navy over Army - </strong>give or take 7 points.</p> <p>Living in Nebraska, I am exposed to the biased opinions of the crazed Cornhusker fans.&nbsp; It seems every loss, these fans have something to complain about.&nbsp; Whether it be blaming the refs or requesting the firing of a coach, this team's fans in no way have decency of losing.&nbsp; For this reason it is my nature to root against the Huskers.&nbsp; My favorite opponent: MISSOURI.&nbsp; Now as you all know Nebraska was passed up on an entry into the insight bowl.&nbsp; Who better to take that spot? MIZZOU!&nbsp; As you might have guessed the fans were furious.&nbsp; Blaming a Big 12 conspiracy because of the Nebraska entry into the Big Ten effective next year.&nbsp; But even worse, was the education of these fans as to what bowl they were going to.&nbsp; Some of them claimed that the Holiday bowl is better than the insight bowl.&nbsp; Well first of all the revenue from playing in the Insight bowl is higher.&nbsp; Even a better reason to support the Insight Bowl would be perhaps that Iowa, Missouri's opponent in the bowl is much better than Nebraska's oppenent in the Holiday bowl (Washington).</p> <p>Iowa Hawkeyes record = 7-5</p> <p>Washington Huskies record = 6-6</p> <p>Obviously by record the Hawkeyes are a better team. (and once they romp on Nebraska for the next 10 years Husker fans will realize this)</p> <p>Even though the Husker fans feel they have been screwed this bowl season, they are going to be in for a ruder awakening next year when a year in the Big Ten ruins there Bowl game eligibility streak.</p> Tue, 07 Dec 2010 22:36:06 GMT YanksBillsSabres Fantasy Football: Success at last <p>After a 1-2 start my fantasy season seemed to be in ruins.&nbsp; Then I finally paid attention, came back and beat the person who is now first in our league. </p> <p>Then I started to fade away and went to 4-5. My playoff hopes were diminished, but then I had hope when both Ladanian Tomlinsin and Frank Gore returned after being injured the entire season.</p> <p>After being 4-5&nbsp;I shifted my gear and headed to a 4 game winning streak making the playoffs as of this morning by a 20 point win.&nbsp; In a 4 way tie for 3 spots it came down to the final quarter of the packer game to determine some of the spots.&nbsp; </p> <p>So for the next two weeks I will be in a matchup with the person who is seeded first in our league.&nbsp; For some reason I've been pretty lucky against this guy so there is plenty of hope.&nbsp; Good luck to all who are competing in your playoff and wish me luck too.</p> Tue, 08 Dec 2009 22:04:26 GMT YanksBillsSabres Off for the night <p>Well I got a couple of TDs going tonight.&nbsp; It would be great to get some support from people on the voting.&nbsp; I'm very close on some and far off on the others.&nbsp; Other than that, I'm looking forward to the conference championships this weekend.&nbsp; thanks for your support and if I win alot of TDs I'll post my MASSIVE reorganization of NCAA conferences part 2 blog sooner than I am planning.</p> <p>TDs:</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Thu, 03 Dec 2009 04:12:06 GMT YanksBillsSabres LSU .vs. Arkansas Postgame Although LSU looked a little rediculous, performance and uniform wise this was probably one of the best LSU games that I have watched in a LONG time.&nbsp; Overall I liked the coaching of the game a little better than the coaching of last weeks game.&nbsp; Holliday looked a lot better at RB then the others usually do, something I would've liked to seen all year.&nbsp; Jefferson still doesn't look good enough to be the starting QB.&nbsp; I honestly wish Russel Shepard would be playing.&nbsp; Still the coaching staff should be canned.&nbsp; This was all around a great game ultimately decided by a field goal.&nbsp; But how about Chad Jones!?&nbsp; He was absolutely a beast today delivering the hits little kids dream of.&nbsp; My god, it might've caused the game to go to OT but it was definately worth it.&nbsp; I can't wait for the bowl game... Sun, 29 Nov 2009 04:24:35 GMT YanksBillsSabres The MASSIVE reorganization of the NCAA conferences Part 1 <p>Before I start with my reorganizing.&nbsp; This is for football only.&nbsp; I feel that since they have their own individual playoff system, that they should also have their own conference organization.&nbsp; I am breaking this into parts so it isn't nearly as long.&nbsp; On average I will probably roll out&nbsp;2 conferences being converted into 3 conferences.&nbsp; Hopefully the reorganization would clear up room for a BCS playoff. (See blog for my proposed version of a BCS system.)</p> <p>&nbsp;Part I: Big XII and SEC</p> <p>Well with 12 teams in each conference I think this is an easy place to start.&nbsp; Both divisions are organized into 2 divisions, so not all teams in the conference championship making it almost impossible to pick out the best teams in the conference.&nbsp; So why not, instead of having 2 conferences of 12, how about 3 conferences of 8?</p> <p>Conference #1: Big VIII</p> <p>Teams: Nebraska, Iowa State, Kansas, Missouri, Kansas St, Colorado, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St.</p> <p>This would require all of these teams to play each other yearly, ultimately restoring the class rivalry between Nebraska and Oklahoma.</p> <p>Conference #2: South Western Conference (SWC)</p> <p>Teams: Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&amp;M, Baylor, LSU, Arkansas, Mississippi, Mississippi St. </p> <p>South Western Conference existed also when their was the big eight.&nbsp; All teams would play each other once again.</p> <p>Conference #3: South Eastern Conference (SEC)</p> <p>Teams: Auburn, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, South Carolina.</p> <p>Much like the existing SEC except the subtraction of the 4 teams given to the SWC.&nbsp; </p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>This was my reorganization of the two major conferences.&nbsp; Next I am going to do something with the Big 10, Big east, ACC, and the independents.&nbsp; Check my blog later for it.</p> Sat, 28 Nov 2009 23:35:59 GMT YanksBillsSabres LSU .vs. Arkansas preview <p>Before I came to fan nation I was blogging on Sportsnation profiles, ESPN's community pages.&nbsp; Every week I would do upset picks and previews, stuff like that.&nbsp; I am shifting my tradition over here and starting out with my previews.&nbsp; </p> <p>Saturday night #15 LSU will face off against the scrappy Arkansas Razorbacks.&nbsp; In a game that will probably determine bowl spots,&nbsp;a team that has scored 273 points in 11 games this season (LSU), will try to battle it out against a team that has scored over 400 points in the same amount of games.&nbsp; </p> <p>Lately in LSU I have noticed the coaching is, well it sucks.&nbsp; For some reason this season has made me HATE Les Miles.&nbsp; Not only is the timeout situation last week bad, but how about the play calling.&nbsp; NOW Russel Shepard the #1 Highschool prospect in the country is playing behind a&nbsp;SOPHOMORE that only got the start because the starting SOPHOMORE QB got injured.&nbsp; For some reason Les Miles is a blind donkey and doesn't realise that not only would most of the fan base wants him playing, but that the season is pretty much over and it would be great for the future for him to start Shepard.&nbsp; Honestly this might lose them the game tomorrow, but as of now I could give a rat's ass.</p> <p>Lets face it LSU's defence isn't what it was during Dorsey's days.&nbsp; Arkansas, having the 14th best offence in the country is going to give them a TERRIBLE time.&nbsp; Just by looking at the statistics I am pretty nervous for tomorrow night.&nbsp; Without a doubt, with the spread being 4 in favor of LSU, I am picking Arkansas.&nbsp; Hell, I might even pick em strait up.&nbsp; We might lose anyway, so we might as well lose with a purpose.&nbsp; That purpose being, giving the playing time to Russel Sheppard instead of Jordan Jefferson.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>On another note I lost my 8 game streak on streak for the cash tonight because of Pittsburgh.&nbsp; Rough weekend....</p> Sat, 28 Nov 2009 04:13:33 GMT YanksBillsSabres Bills lose <p>Well once again the Bills lost and for some reason I am finding myself almost rooting for them to lose.&nbsp; Atleast they can get a better draft pick if they continue to lose.&nbsp; Lee Evans does absolutely nothing in the game because Owens will **** if he doesn't get in.&nbsp; Luckily some of my other players will pick up the slack in fantasy.&nbsp; </p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Sun, 22 Nov 2009 21:50:26 GMT YanksBillsSabres