Propain Power Fri, 05 Dec 2008 08:27:07 GMT No description Dallas Cowboys Bottom 10 Player Rankings Updated Bottom 10 Dallas Cowboys Player Rankings. 3/4 of the<br />NFL season is over, here is a list of the most disappointing Dallas<br />Cowboys, not the least talented. This list was a lot harder to make than<br />last quarter (thank god)<br /><br />1. Roy E Williams: I love number 11 but he only has 161 yards and a TD<br />for a first round pick in 2009, plus a third and sixth round pick. The<br />Cowboys could have signed him this offseason without giving up anything.<br />Previous #1 Adam Jones. <br /><br />2. Zach Thomas: I have no idea what happened to him, he was playing<br />great until the bye week, only 8 tackles in the past 3 games. Previous<br />#2 Offensive Line.&nbsp; <br /><br />3. Miles Austin: Started the season with a bang but dropped off in the<br />3rd quarter of the season. Only 2 receptions and a trip to the injured<br />list since the bye week. Previous #3 Roy L Williams.<br /><br />4. Mike Jenkins: I don&#39;t like putting rookies on this list but he did<br />not step up when Newman was hurt, now that T-New is back he&#39;s had only 1<br />tackle and a pass defection since the bye week. Previous #4 Brad<br />Johnson. <br /><br />5. Sam Paulescu: Is only averaging 42.5 yards a punt, Mat McBriar was<br />averaging a whooping 49 yards.&nbsp; Previous #5 Terence Newman. <br /><br />6. Marcus Spears: Only 4 tackles in the past 3 games, very disappointing<br />for a previous first round draft pick. Previous #6 Isaiah<br />Stanback/Sam Hurd. <br /><br />7. Anthony Henry: To be honest, Henry has not played terrible but<br />statically he has, only 4 solo tackles and 2 pass deflection since the<br />bye week. Previous #7 Anthony Henry.<br /><br />8. Cory Lekkerkerker: Until he changes his last name or cut he will be<br />stuck at #8.&nbsp; Previous #8 Cory Lekkerkerker. <br /><br />9. Bobby Carpenter: This guy is a joke and will go down as one of the<br />worst draft picks in Cowboys history, only 1 tackle since the bye.<br />Previous #9 Greg Ellis<br /><br />10. Greg Ellis: Has dropped off significantly since the beginning of the<br />season, only 3 tackles since the bye week (two of those were sacks)<br />Previous #10 Bobby Carpenter. Fri, 05 Dec 2008 08:27:07 GMT Hank Hill Dallas Cowboys Top 10 Player Rankings 3/4 of the NFL season is over, here is the new Top 10 Dallas<br />Cowboys Player Rankings:<br /><br />1. DeMarcus Ware: NFL leading 15 sack, 62 tackles and 2 forced fumbles,<br />could be this year&#39;s NFL defensive MVP. Previous #1 DeMarcus Ware. <br /><br />2. Jay Ratliff: Played outstanding against the 49ers and the Seahawks,<br />this former 7th round pick has accumulated 37 tackles and 6 sacks.<br />Previous #2 Jason Witten <br /><br />3. Marion Barber: MB3 has really stepped up this quarter (remember the<br />Redskins game) 870 yards and 7 TD&#39;s on the ground is not too shabby.<br />Hopefully his latest injury does not derail him.&nbsp; Previous #3&nbsp; Jay<br />Ratliff.<br /><br />4. Tony Romo: He&#39;s back! 103.2 passer rating and 7 TD&#39;s in his last 3<br />games have put the Cowboys back in the playoff hunt. Previous #4 Marion<br />Barber. <br /><br />5. Martellus Bennett: I don&#39;t think he is a better player than Witten<br />but has had a better 3rd quarter then him.&nbsp; Last three games he has 3<br />touchdowns but needs to work on his end-zone dance. Previous #5 Zach<br />Thomas.<br /><br />6. Terrell Owens: Is playing great and seems to enjoy having Romo back.<br />816 yards and 8 touchdowns for the season. Previous #6 Martellus<br />Bennett.<br /><br />7. Bradie James: Having a spectacular season and is playing better every<br />game. Last 3 games he has 26 tackles, 2 sacks and has been an unseen<br />defensive force. Previous #7 Patrick Crayton. <br /><br />8. Terence Newman: Completely changed the defensive mindset since coming<br />back from his injury. Newman has played great accumulating 12 tackles, 2<br />interceptions and 4 pass deflections since the bye week. Previous #8<br />Terrell Owens. <br /><br />9. Jason Witten: Until last week Witten had been less than spectacular<br />however; a 115 yard game and a TD quickly erased his past failures.<br />Previous #9 Ken Hamlin.<br /><br />10. Nick Folk: Last 2 games 6/6 on field goal attempts and 7/7 PAT, he&#39;s<br />still lacking on kickoffs with no touchbacks for the year. Previous #10 Tony Romo. Fri, 05 Dec 2008 08:26:14 GMT Hank Hill Dallas Cowboys Top 10 Player Rankings The first half of the NFL is over, here is the new Top 10 Dallas<br />Cowboys Player Rankings:<br /><br />1. DeMarcus Ware: 49 Tackles, team leading 10 sacks, 2 forced fumbles<br />and is one of the few bright spots for the Cowboys defense. Previous #1<br />Marion Barber. <br /><br />2. Jason Witten: Team leading 549 yards on 46 receptions and one of the<br />toughest guys in the NFL keeps his #2 position. The one blemish is his<br />lack of Touchdowns, only 2 for the entire year.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Previous #2 Jason<br />Witten <br /><br />3. Jay Ratliff: With 17 tackles and 4 sack&#39;s he has become a defensive<br />standout on a team with few playmakers this year.&nbsp; Previous #3&nbsp; Jay<br />Ratliff.<br /><br />4. Marion Barber: With his head first running style one would think he<br />would be one of the players out with injuries however; Barber has<br />managed to stay healthy and has rushed for 665 yards and 5 touchdown,<br />he&#39;s well on his way to a 1000 yard season. Previous #4 DeMarcus Ware. <br /><br />This is the part of the list were I have to stretch it a little, it&#39;s<br />been a tough second quarter for the Cowboys but here it goes:<br /><br />5. Zach Thomas: Team leading 49 solo tackles with 17 assists and 1 sack,<br />he has been consistent but not spectacular. <br />Previous #5 Felix Jones.<br /><br />6. Martellus Bennett: If anyone is getting sick reading this list I&#39;m<br />with you but in the last 3 game he has had 8 receptions 124 yards and a<br />touchdown . Previous #6 Flozell Adams.<br /><br />7. Patrick Crayton: It&#39;s a sad day for Cowboys fans when Crayton is at<br />number 7. He&#39;s stepped up to be a more competent punt returner (13 Avg)<br />than Pacman Jones (5 Avg) and looks to benefit with Roy Williams in the<br />lineup with 2 touchdowns. <br />Previous #7 Zach Thomas. <br /><br />8. Terrell Owens: Again I&#39;m stretching it here but I don&#39;t have a lot to<br />work with, Owens still leads the team with 6 receiving touchdowns and<br />has accumulated 467 yards.&nbsp; Previous #8 Terrell Owens. <br /><br />9. Ken Hamlin: Ummm he&#39;s played all 9 games and has an interception with<br />42 tackles, again he&#39;s been consistent but not spectacular. Previous #9<br />Miles Austin. <br /><br />10. Tony Romo: He&#39;s been hurt this quarter but without Tony Romo the<br />Cowboys are garbage, I&#39;ve been tough on Romo in my rankings but he is<br />the offense and the heartbeat the keeps the Cowboys alive. Previous #10<br />Nick Folk. Tue, 11 Nov 2008 22:09:25 GMT Hank Hill Dallas Cowboys Bottom 10 Player Rankings Updated Bottom 10 Dallas Cowboys Player Rankings. First half of the<br />NFL season is over, here is a list of the most disappointing Dallas<br />Cowboys, not the least talented. This list was very easy to make, the<br />hardest part of this list was who I was going to leave out.<br /><br />1. Pacman Jones: Seems like the Cowboys season started to go down the<br />toilet when Pacman was involved in a altercation with his own bodyguard.<br />It&#39;s disappointing he put himself before the team and is easily my #1.<br />Previous #1 Terence Newman. <br /><br />2. Offensive Line: It&#39;s hard to blame one individual for the offensive<br />line problems, so it was easier to lump them into one package and it<br />saves up space on this list for others who deserve to be on it. The<br />O-line started to break down against the Cardinals and have since lost<br />all discipline and will to protect whosever at quarterback.&nbsp; Previous #2<br />Patrick Crayton.&nbsp; <br /><br />3. Roy Williams (S): In my last rankings (9) he was starting to creep<br />down and crawl out of my bottom 10 rankings, but after his season ending<br />injury and his overall production this year he lands #3 on my list. I<br />don&#39;t think any Cowboys fans expected much from Williams this year but<br />more than what he&#39;s accomplished thus far. Previous #3 Bobby Carpenter.<br /><br />4. Brad Johnson: Where do I start? 5 interceptions, sacked 8 times, 50.5<br />QB rating and only logged 427 yards all in 2 1/2 games. Johnson and the<br />O-line derailed the Cowboys offense even with M. Barber, T. Owens, J.<br />Witten and R. Williams. Thanks Brad! Previous #4 Tony Romo. <br /><br />5. Terence Newman: Still hurt and still hurting the Cowboys, even when<br />Newman was healthy he was getting burned by receivers. Previous #5 Mike<br />Jenkins. <br /><br />6. Isaiah Stanback/Sam Hurd (hurt). This will be the last time these<br />receivers will be on my list, Roy Williams moved Crayton into the #3<br />slot and M. Austin to #4. Thanks for nothing. Previous #6 Isaiah<br />Stanback/Sam Hurd. <br /><br />7. Anthony Henry: With Pacman and Newman out I thought Henry would be<br />the one bright spot in the secondary, however he was burned 3 times in<br />St. Louis and is being outplayed by a pair of rookies. Previous #7 Tank<br />Johnson. <br /><br />8. Cory Lekkerkerker: Until he changes his last name or cut he will be<br />stuck at #8.&nbsp; Previous #8 Cory Lekkerkerker. <br /><br />9. Greg Ellis: Started the season off solid but has disappeared in the<br />last two games, only 2 tackles, no sacks, no FF or tipped balls. Looks<br />like Anthony Spencer will be taking over OLB full time. Previous #9 Roy<br />Williams (S). <br /><br />10. Bobby Carpenter: The only reason he&#39;s dropped so far down the<br />rankings is because the Cowboys &quot;star&quot; players are playing terrible.<br />Barbie is still not in the linebacker rotation but starts on special<br />teams however, he only has 2 tackles for the season, wow! Previous #10<br />Adam Jones. Tue, 11 Nov 2008 22:08:24 GMT Hank Hill Dallas Cowboys Top 10 Player Rankings The first quarter of the NFL is over, here is the new Top 10 Dallas<br />Cowboys Player Rankings:<br /><br />1. Marion Barber: 395 rushing yards, 5 TD&#39;s and the workhorse for Dallas<br />Offense. Previous #1&nbsp; DeMarcus Ware. <br /><br />2. Jason Witten: 442 receiving yards, 2 TD&#39;s, caught the ball 35 times<br />and has been the safety blanket for Tony Romo when needed on 3rd and<br />long. Previous #2 Tony Romo. <br /><br />3. Jay Ratliff: With 12 Solo tackles and 3 sack&#39;s he has become a<br />surprising force for the Dallas Defense and a gigantic plug in the<br />middle. Previous #3&nbsp; Terrell Owens.<br /><br />4. DeMarcus Ware: This maybe a stretch to put him this low, but at least<br />two of his five sacks have came during &quot;junk time&quot; of a game. However;<br />you can&#39;t ignore 20 solo tackles. Previous #4 Flozell Adams. <br /><br />5. Felix Jones: Oh yes, everyone&#39;s favorite rookie. This young man is<br />incredible, 4 TD&#39;s, 244 rushing yards and 9 yards a carry, WOW!.<br />Previous #5 Marion Barber<br /><br />6. Flozell Adams: Haven&#39;t heard the TV game announcer&#39;s call his name<br />for false starts, so that&#39;s a plus. Previous #6 Terence Newman. <br /><br />7. Zach Thomas: I know that I had him in my bottom ten rankings last<br />time but he&#39;s leading the team with 23 solo tackles and 34 total tackles<br />that land him on #7 in my list, oh yeah add a sack to his stats as well.<br />Previous #7 Jason Witten. <br /><br />8. Terrell Owens: Great start but has been somewhat unproductive the<br />last 2/3 games. 19 catches, 331 yards and 5 TD&#39;s is nothing to be<br />disappointed about. Previous #8 Ken Hamlin. <br /><br />9. Miles Austin: A surprise pick but has proven to be a clutch performer<br />when needed most, 172 yards and 2 TD&#39;s. Previous #9 Adam Jones. <br /><br />10. Nick Folk. Nick Folk is perfect 6 for 6 with his longest at 51<br />yards. Previous #10 Nick Folk. <br /> Tue, 07 Oct 2008 15:56:42 GMT Hank Hill Dallas Cowboys Bottom 10 Player Rankings Updated Bottom 10 Dallas Cowboys Player Rankings. First quarter of the<br />NFL season is over, here is a list of the most disappointing Dallas<br />Cowboys, not the least talented. So calm down before you grill me over<br />these picks :) FYI there&#39;s a&nbsp; lot of defensive players on this list. <br /><br />1. Terence Newman: Very disappointing year for him, he&#39;s been plagued by<br />injuries, has only 9 tackles and was embarrassed by Santana Moss last<br />week. Previous #1 Bobby Carpenter. <br /><br />2. Patrick Crayton. Still dropping balls in critical situations and has<br />virtually disappeared in the offense. Romo doesn&#39;t even look his way<br />anymore and I don&#39;t blame him. Previous #2 Patrick Crayton.&nbsp; <br /><br />3. Bobby Carpenter: This is now his 3rd season and has yet to make it<br />into the Cowboys LB rotation. I have a feeling he&#39;ll be on this list<br />until he&#39;s released. Only 5 solo tackles in 5 games. Previous #3 Roy<br />Williams. <br /><br />4. Tony Romo. I know I&#39;m going to catch some steam for putting him at #4<br />but his mistakes have almost cost the Cowboys two games and can be<br />attributed to the Redskins loss. He&#39;s lost that &quot;it&quot; that he had last<br />year, he&#39;s already thrown five interceptions and fumbled twice in key<br />situations. Previous #4 Terry Glenn. <br /><br />5. Mike Jenkins: I don&#39;t expect much from a rookie CB but when Orlando<br />Scandrick the fifth round CB is outplaying you something has to be said.<br />Previous #5 Marc Colombo. <br /><br />6. Isaiah Stanback/Sam Hurd (hurt).&nbsp; Who? My point exactly. They should<br />have stepped up as the number 3 receiver when Glenn was released,<br />instead they have been plagued with injuries and have combined for 24<br />yards and no TD&#39;s. Previous #6 Isaiah Stanback/Sam Hurd. <br /><br />7.Tank Johnson: This was supposed to be his breakout year, but the great<br />play of Jay Ratliff has accounted for Tank only registering 3 tackles<br />and looks winded during the last half of games.&nbsp; Previous #7 Marcus<br />Spears. <br /><br />8. Cory Lekkerkerker: Until he changes his last name he will be stuck at<br />#8.&nbsp; Previous #8 Cory Lekkerkerker. <br /><br />9. Roy Williams: He did not play terrible in the games he did play,<br />that&#39;s why he dropped to number 9. However with only 4 solo tackles and<br />breaking his arm on special teams, he has a long way to go to get off<br />this list and into the top 10.&nbsp; Previous #9 Brad Johnson. <br /><br />10. Adam Jones: He may not deserve this spot but he has been burned on a<br />few big plays during the season. One play that sticks out is the Green<br />Bay game. Jones had two dropped interceptions that went straight through<br />his hands during the Bengals game. However he has had 20 tackles, a<br />forced fumble and a fumble recovery. Previous #10 Zach Thomas. Tue, 07 Oct 2008 15:53:17 GMT Hank Hill CU football fans After living in Denver for a few years and being around CU fan&#39;s I have<br />came to the conclusion that CU has the worst fan base in the Big 12 and<br />maybe all of NCAA.<br /><br />CU had a &quot;gold rush&quot; T-shirt promotion for Saturdays game against Texas.<br />In the second quarter down 21-0 gold shirts were being thrown from the<br />stands down to the field. During the game you would see these shirts on<br />the field which looked very similar to the yellow penalty flags. Even<br />the FSN game announcers were announcing penalty&#39;s when actually it was a<br />gold shirt.&nbsp; <br /><br />I was reading the AP recap of the game and found this statement puzzling<br />&quot;fans threw dozens of their gold giveaway T-shirts onto the field in<br />frustration&quot; Frustration huh? In the forth quarter when CU was down by<br />double digits, FSN fan cuts showed CU fans cheering and dancing. You<br />would never see that from Oklahoma fans, Texas, Florida, Georgia ect.<br />Buffalo fans don&#39;t care about football the way other schools cherish<br />there teams, most are bandwagon followers who go to the game for a<br />social event.<br /><br />The Folsom Field Beer Ban was put into effect for Buffalo &quot;fans&quot; in<br />2001. It was so bad that they had a 3 strikes and you&#39;re out policy. CU<br />fans could not enjoy the game with a few beers, Nope they had to binge<br />drink themselves to the point that CU officials were forced to cut the<br />money making cash cow for the safety of players and fans.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Sun, 05 Oct 2008 13:17:22 GMT Hank Hill Funny Redskins Jokes <p>What do you call 47 people watching an NFL playoff game on TV?</p><p>The Washington Redskins. </p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>What&#39;s the difference between OJ Simpson and the Redskins?</p><p>OJ at least had defense!</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>What do the Redskins and possums have in common?</p><p>Both can play dead at home and get killed on the road. </p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>What do the Redskins and Billy Graham have in common?</p><p>Both can make 90,000 people stand up and yell&quot;JESUS CHRIST&quot;!</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Why was Jim Zorn upset when the Redskins playbook was stolen?</p><p>he wasn&#39;t finished coloring it in yet!</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>How do you beat the Washington Redskins?</p><p>Send&#39;em to Texas Stadium!</p><p>&nbsp;</p> Wed, 17 Sep 2008 10:29:58 GMT Hank Hill Bottom 10 Dallas Cowboys Player Rankings <br />1. Bobby Carpenter. Bust bust bust bust bust!!!.<br /><br />2. Patrick Crayton. Single handedly lost the Giants game last year. <br /><br />3. Roy Williams. Used to be my favorite player, now I just close my eyes<br />when QB&#39;s throw his way.<br /><br />4. Terry Glenn. If he doesn&#39;t play it wouldn&#39;t break my heart ;)<br /><br />5. Marc Colombo. Product of 4 Pro Bowl offensive line starters.<br /><br />6a. Isaiah Stanback. Its time to show what your made of.<br /><br />6b. Sam Hurd. Third season, its put up or shut up.<br /><br />7. Marcus Spears. Ok player but not worthy of being drafted in the 1st<br />round. <br /><br />8. Cory Lekkerkerker. Don&#39;t know him but his last name puts him on the<br />list :)<br /><br />9. Brad Johnson, Haven&#39;t seen him play other then preseason but if<br />Romo&#39;s hurt were screwed! <br /><br />10. Zach Thomas. I don&#39;t like this pick up, He too old and injury prone.<br />Once you open up Pandora&#39;s box (concussion) it&#39;s never the same.<br />Hopefully he&#39;ll drop of this list and into my top 10 but for now he&#39;s<br />here. Sat, 05 Jul 2008 08:15:17 GMT Hank Hill Top 10 Dallas Cowboys Player Rankings <p>1. DeMarcus Ware. Without question the #1 talent on the &#39;boys. </p><p>2. Tony Romo. Without him the offense would be in shambles (remember life w/o him). </p><p>3. Terrell Owens. Great Offensive player and the only real WR we have. </p><p>4. Flozell Adams. Have to show the big boy some love. </p><p>5. Marion Barber. Finally a Starter. </p><p>6. Terence Newman. He&#39;s the best corner in the NFC East. </p><p>7. Jason Witten. Arguably the best Tight End Dallas has ever had. </p><p>8. Ken Hamlin. The only real safety Dallas has. </p><p>9. Adam Jones. I know this is a reach but he is extremely talented and will be a gigantic asset to the Cowboy&#39;s D. </p><p>10. Nick Folk. In my opinion he is the best kicker to wear a star on his helmet. </p> Sat, 05 Jul 2008 08:11:00 GMT Hank Hill